Get a Grip – Faith was joking!

I knew it must be bad when the pop stations in New York City were chattering about Faith Hill being a sore loser at the CMA’s. CMT has even written a remarkably serious news story about the controversy. Am I the only one who could tell she was kidding? I laughed my ass off when she did her obviously tongue-in-cheek diva reaction to not winning. She’s going out of her way to play to the camera:

The idea that Faith, who has lost far more at the CMA’s than she’s won, would suddenly be sensitive to not winning this year, and have such an over-the-top reaction to losing, is beyond ridiculous. Part of the problem is that the camera moved away quickly, so the audience couldn’t see any follow-up, but she is clearly laughing and then putting on a performance for the camera. There must be something better to talk about post-CMA than this inflated controversy. Perhaps the dire need for a balancing out of the BMG vote?

Update (4:50 pm): Faith has responded to the silly controversy.

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4 Comments on Get a Grip – Faith was joking!

  1. Paul W. DennisNo Gravatar // November 7, 2006 at 4:36 pm //

    I’m not that sure she was kidding, Kevin – I had recorded the show and went back and looked at the footage several times. Even if she was kidding, she deserves reproach for her bad judgment

  2. … Yeah. I don’t buy the “botched joke” defense from John Kerry, and I don’t buy it from Faith Hill, either, because that’s not the point. She very well may have been kidding, but it’s not about execution of a joke, it’s about piss-poor judgment and a bloated sense of self importance.

    The camera certainly shouldn’t have lingered on Hill for any follow-up explanation– she’d already succeeded in making Underwood’s moment about *her*, so to continue to let her display the kind of acting chops she displayed here (and, of course, in her typecast role as a Stepford Wife) would’ve only further stolen Underwood’s thunder.

    And I say this as someone who thinks Carrie Underwood is nothing more than diminished returns on Faith Hill anyway.

  3. Paul W. DennisNo Gravatar // November 7, 2006 at 7:02 pm //

    By the way – there really isn’t anything wrong with Faith being angry or disappointed at not winning. That’s just human emotion at work.

  4. Maybe Faith is responsible for the Dem’s win. The base was too busy worrying about Faith to get to the polls.

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