Review: Heartland, “Built to Last”


January 3, 2007

Heartland, “Built to Last”

A beautiful tribute inspired by a 50th Anniversary party, this is the kind of record that raises the collective dignity of country music. Not sappy, devoid of cliche – just honest, emotional sentiment, with a few flashes of subtle humor to boot. If this is a sign of where the new country acts are planning to take the genre, I’m on board.

Grade: A

Listen Now: Built to Last

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  1. Aaron HallNo Gravatar says:

    when dose new song Last Dollar come out

  2. Aaron HallNo Gravatar says:

    when dose new song Last Dollar come out?

  3. Nancy GriffineNo Gravatar says:

    Now here is a good indication of how reliable these reviews on this site are. He said this song is an A!

    Note to reviewer……..this song never charted, and is over.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Actually Nacy this song did chart, but it literally barely made the cut. It entered at 60, droped and re-entered at 60 then dropped for good again.

    I’m really sad this song was dropped. I’m afraid Heartland seems to be a one hit wonder

  5. No Gravatar says:

    I thought “charting was top 50″ Oh well……..I agree that they are a one hit wonder.

  6. T-Country says:

    I fell asleep listening to this song so i never got a chance to figure out what grade to give it… i guess C

  7. Lewis Tabor says:

    They have a new tune on the charts now, for all you 1 hit wonder people out there. It is currently 48 and is a John Rich written song. I think its got great potential. It moved 26 spots on the chart last week. D.J. in Houston

  8. StephenNo Gravatar says:

    How can it move 26 spots to 48 on the chart when they only record 60 positions? Does Billboard report 61-on-back in avenues outside their magazine? I’m not asking this sarcastically, I seriously want to know, since I didn’t know a song could be #74 anymore.

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