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Eric Church, “Guys Like Me”

January 12, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 7

Eric Church, “Guys Like Me” Before listening, I was wondering if this was a cover of the Gary Allan album cut from a few years back. It’s not. It’s another tired retread of the “rich,

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John Anderson, “A Woman Knows”

January 12, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 8

John Anderson, “A Woman Knows” After hearing a Bucky Covington record, listening to new music from John Anderson is a ritual cleansing – musical purification, if you will. This is a great song about what

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Bucky Covington, "A Different World"

January 12, 2007 Kevin John Coyne 52

Bucky Covington, “A Different World” Okay, that’s enough. I’m sick of this crap. The song is terrible. He’s too damn young to legitimately have nostalgia for the days before video games, unleaded paint and remote

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