Review: Mark Chesnutt, “Rollin’ With the Flow”

He remains one of the genre’s finest male vocalists, a true honky-tonk legend in his own time.   Don’t let those strings scare ya.  Waylon and George never feared a string section either, and it didn’t mess with their twang.   A nice outlook on life, a great steel guitar track and a voice that puts the current hat crop to shame.   Not a bad combination for one little single.

Grade:  B+

Listen: Rollin’ With the Flow

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7 Responses to Review: Mark Chesnutt, “Rollin’ With the Flow”

  1. jimmy guajardoNo Gravatar

    Mark’s new single “Rollin with the Flow” is a very impressive song. It made me think—–What happedned to Mark Chesnutt? Why is this guy not a permanent fixture on the country charts like he used to be? I really hope this song brings him back, because he has one hell of a voice!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stephen

    I wish all of country radio was like WLJE in Valparaiso, Ind. They played the heck out of “… That Good That Bad,” as well as the last two Gretchen Wilson songs (they still frequently play “Come To Bed”). Corporate radio sucks.

  3. NatalieNo Gravatar

    I miss hearing Mark on the radio as well. I have called my local station to hear this song and they never play it. How frustrating. I hope that he does well with this new CD. He definitely hasn’t lost it !!!!!

  4. KKNo Gravatar

    I miss Mark being on the radio, too. I agree with Natalie – he definitely hasn’t lost it- he sounds just as good as he ever did. He is the best!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    You know that Mark is gonna come with a PURE country song before his new cd has been released.Keep it coming Mark,You are pure Honkeytonk.

  6. David Lovell

    Great cover of a song Charlie Rich took to no.1 30 years ago. It seems to have fizzled out of the charts now, after barely scarping the top 30. Shame.

  7. D.A."Brady" BaylisNo Gravatar

    Mark disappeared from radio while corporate,crypto-fascist Cheap Channel played
    crap by that reactionary redneck Toby Keith!!!!!!