Looking Back as Country Universe Turns Three

It’s been three years since I was bored during a technology workshop,  and decided to start a blog.  What began as a way to kill time has evolved into a way of life. Throughout all of the personal and professional changes I’ve gone through, Country Universe has remained constant. With so many great country music blogs surfacing since I started doing this, there’s a fantastic community that I’m proud to be a part of.

Before I head out of town for the weekend, I thought it would be nice to indulge in a little nostalgia. Here are some of my favorite posts and features, what I’d personally consider the best of Country Universe. Thanks to all of you for reading and responding!


Interview: A Conversation With Pam Tillis

Yesterday’s Songs: July 20, 1991

Carrie Underwood Joins the Five Million Club

Grammy Flashback: Best Country Album

Best Country Albums & Singles of 2006

Taboo: Alzheimer’s Disease

Essential 80’s Singles: #25-#1

Taboo: Prostitution

400 Best Contemporary Country Singles: #25-#1

Top Twelve Songs About America

Top 12 Songs of Faith

Single Reviews

Amy Dalley, “Let’s Try Goodbye”

Brad Paisley, “Online”

Carrie Underwood, “I’ll Stand By You”

Vince Gill, “What You Give Away”

Rodney Carrington, “Show Them to Me”

Craig Morgan, “Tough”

Rascal Flatts, “Stand”

Toby Keith, “Stays in Mexico”

Album Reviews

Toby Keith, Big Dog Daddy

Miranda Lambert, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Pam Tillis, Rhinestoned

Alison Krauss, A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection

Todd Snider, Peace, Love & Anarchy

Lee Ann Womack, There’s More Where That Came From

Concert Reviews

Olivia Newton-John, North Fork Theatre, 11/8/06

Dixie Chicks, Madison Square Garden, 8/1/06

Rants, Raves & Other Miscellaneous Musings

On Blogging & Censorship

Upon Rascal Flatts

The Never-Ending Grief I Get For Being a Dixie Chicks Fan

You Heard it Here First

Hold the Cheese

Toxic People

Age Like Wine

Contributions by Paul W. Dennis

How Big is Your Tent?

Ten Best Buck Owens Albums

Classic Albums: 1986

Mining the Catalog – George Jones: Part 1 & Part 2


  1. Congrats on making it to three years, Kevin. From the looks of your list here I’ve got a lot of reading material to catch up on. Bye, bye productivity.

  2. Big props on making it to three years, Kevin. I definitely wouldn’t have even made it as long as The 9513 has been around by myself, so I have respect for you keeping this place going on your own. Here’s to another three years.

  3. Congrats Kevin! CU is my favorite country music site to go to because I enjoy reading what your opinion is on different songs and finding out new things and lots more. I haven’t been going online as much lately and when I have, I’ve been stuck using dialup (or right now, going to the library for high-speed), so I haven’t been able to blog or read any blogs as much, and whenever I go back here, there’s aways tons of stuff to read and I have way too much stuff to catch up with haha. Keep it going, man!

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