Discussion: Favorite Drinking Songs?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

As someone who is half-Irish, it’s something of a national holiday for me.  Unfortunately, I’m full-“working adult”, so the closest I’ll come to the sauce today is by listening to my favorite drinking songs.

I have some Irish favorites, of course, particularly “Drunken Sailor.”  Kind of a sentimental favorite, with my late father having been a Navy veteran. I’m also partial to “Seven Drunken Nights.”

But I have a few country drinking favorites, too:

  • Cal Smith, “The Lord Knows I’m Drinking”
  • Merle Haggard, “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink”
  • Willie Nelson, “Yesterday’s Wine” and “I Gotta Get Drunk”
  • Emmylou Harris, “Two More Bottles of Wine”
  • Alan Jackson, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”
  • Lori McKenna, “Monday Afternoon”
  • Keith Urban, “Nobody Drinks Alone”
  • Todd Snider, “Beer Run”
  • Dixie Chicks, “Tonight the Heartache’s On Me”
  • John Michael Montgomery, “Beer and Bones”
  • Brad Paisley, “Alcohol”
  • Toby Keith, “Get My Drink On”
  • Maria McKee, “Drinkin’ in My Sunday Dress”
  • Roger Miller, “Chug-a-Lug”

So, those are some of mine.   Add yours in the comments!


  1. Domestic, Light and Cold – Dierks Bentley
    Killin’ Time – Clint Black
    Pop A Top – Jim Ed Brown/Alan Jackson
    White Lightning – George Jones

  2. “There Stands The Glass” by Webb Pierce would be number one with me followed by

    2 “Seven Drunken Nights” – The Dubliners
    3 “A Pub With No Bear” – Slim Dusty
    4 “A Six Pack To Go” – Hank Thompson
    5 “Smoky The Bar” – Hank Thompson
    6 “Set Up Two Glasses Joe” – Ernest Tubb
    7 “Set ‘Em Up Joe (and Play Walking the Floor) – Vern Gosdin
    8 “I See Them Everywhere” – Hank Thompson
    9 “Wine Me Up” – Faron Young
    10 “The Wild Rover” – The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
    11 “Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down” – Merle Haggard
    12 “One For My Baby (and One More For The Road” Frank Sinatra or Johnny Mercer
    13 “Little Ole Winedrinker Me” – Charlie Walker or Dean Martin
    14 “Pop A Top” – Jim Ed Brown
    15 “Red Necks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer” – Johnny Russell
    16 “Bottle, Bottle” – Jim Ed Brown
    17 “Friends In Low Places – Garth Brooks
    18 “Drinking Champaign” – Cal Smith
    19 “Alcohol” – Brad Paisley
    20 “Red Red Wine” – Neil Diamond

  3. All Jacked Up — Gretchen Wilson
    Drinkin’ ‘Bout You — Big & Rich
    Thinkin’ Problem — David Ball
    Big Time — Big & Rich
    (not country, but one of my favorites — and it sounds country) It’s Saturday Night — The Proclaimers

  4. My favorite part of St. Patrick’s Day is the color green! However, though I’m not a drinker, I love a good drinkin’ song!

    In no particular order:

    * Sunday Morning Coming Dowm (Johnny Cash)
    * Friends In Low Places (Garth Brooks)
    * One MOre Last Chance (Vince Gill)
    * Straight Tequila Night (John Anderson)  
    * Chug-A-Lug (Roger Miller)
    * Tonight I’m Gonna Cry (Keith Urban)
    * Tonight I’ll just Stay Here And Drink (Merle Haggard)
    * Whiskey Lullaby (Brad Paisley/Allison Krauss)
    * Little Rock (Collin Raye)
    * Ten Rounds (Tracy Byrd)
    * Family Tradition (Hank Williams Jr.)
    * There’s A Tear In My Beer (Hank & Hank)
    * Cheap Whiskey (Martina McBride)
    * Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn)
    * Beer In Mexico (Kenny Chesney…it’s the horns; I’m a sucker for horns! I feel like I need to justify this one.)
    * I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home (David Frizzell)  
    * Beer Run (Garth Brooks/George Jones)
    * White Lightning (George Jones)
    * You Never Even Called Me By Name (David Allan Coe or Doug Supernaw/David Allan Coe)
    *Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye (Charlie Daniels)

    I know there are many others. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a lot.

  5. Oh yeah again, “You Ain’t Much Fun” by Toby and “Get Drunk And BeSomebody” (It’s the horns again).

  6. I prefer the obscure! (As longs as its good “real” country that is….)
    Dave Cox – Alcohol of Fame
    JR and the Roadkill Choir – That’s Why Sometimes Daddy’s Need a Drink
    Lane Turner – Happy Hour
    Jamey Johnson – The Beer Song
    Doug Supernaw – Honky Tonkin’ Fool
    Adam Harvey – Beauty’s In The Eye of the Beerholder (Australian)
    Rebecca Lynn Howard – I’m Not Who You Think I Am
    (See, I told you I like the obscure…..)

  7. Glad someone else out there likes Cheap Whiskey by Martina and I love Dry Town by Miranda as well but one of my favorites is

    The Bottle by Trent Tomlinson

  8. Well, Jamey Johnson, Garth Brooks, Miranda Lambert, Martina, et al are all of my favorites covered already. Hmmmmm! That only leaves one left:

    Jimmy Buffet – Let’s Get Drunk and S***w! :-o

  9. Here’s a few more:

    The Derailers – “Cold Beer, Hot Women, & Cool Country Music”
    Dwight Yoakam – “This Drinkin’ Will Kill Me”
    Eleven Hundred Springs – “Thunderbird Will Do Just Fine”
    Gary Allan – “Don’t Tell Mama”
    Gary Allan – “Bourbon Borderline”
    Gary Allan – “Wine Me Up”
    Jason Boland – “Can’t Tell If I Drink”
    Joe Nichols – “Let’s Get Drunk and Fight”
    John Anderson – “Something to Drink About”
    John Anderson – “Brown Liquor”
    Roger Creager – “The Everclear Song”
    Toby Keith – “Get Drunk and Be Somebody”
    Townes Van Zandt – “Talking Thunderbird Blues”

  10. Neal McCoy – Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On
    Blake Shelton – The More I Drink
    Toby Keith – I Love This Bar
    Shelly West – Jose Quervo
    Joe Nichols – She Only Smokes When She Drinks

  11. Dear Blank – Hedley

    The first line is “Dear blank / I’m sorry I blanked your blank / But’d you’d understand if you knew how much beer that I drank.”

  12. Tap the bottle and twist the cap -YBT
    One burbon, one scotch, and one beer- John Lee Hooker
    Irish Drinking Song- flogging Molly
    Cold Beverage- G. Love and Special Sauce
    chuchulian’s theme- various artists
    Big Girl You are Beautiful- Mika

  13. Nobody Drinks Alone= Keith urban
    Drinkin Bone= Tracy Byrd
    10 Rounds With Jose Cuerve= Tracy Byrd
    Drinkin Me Lonely= Chris Young
    Two Pina Coladas= Garth Brooks
    Drinkin Songs And other logic= Clint Black
    Beer Thiry= brooks and Dunn
    I Love This Bar= Toby Keith

    and oh so many more i could go on and on

  14. George Jones:

    “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me”
    ” The King is Gone” (and so are you)
    ” Wine colored Roses”
    and many more……

    How about Waylon and Willie, “If I can Find a Clean Shirt”

    Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound – Hank Jr.
    Dwight Yoakam – Two Doors Down, Since I Started Drinking Again

    Whiskey Lullaby is one of my favotites songs ever, but is really a “drinking song”?

    Great thread!

  15. There’s a lot of great ones listed so far, but I feel that I gotta mention:

    “The Lord Loves the Drinkin’ Man” by Mark Chesnutt (or Kevin Fowler for those who prefer his version).

  16. Billy Yates – “Alcohol Abuse” “Blinded by the Bud Light,” “I’m Just Drinkin’,” “Longneck Connected To The Beer Joint,” “Better Every Beer”
    Aaron Lines/Joe Nichols – “Let’s Get Drunk And Fight”
    Blake Shelton – “The More I Drink”
    John Rich / Gretchen Wilson – One Bud Wiser
    Bob Schneider – Lubricate The Death Machine –
    Aaron Lines – Just Drunk Enough
    Pop A Top – (by any artist)
    Alison Krauss/Brad Paisley or Jon Randall – Whiskey Lullaby
    David Lee Murphy – “Dust On The Bottle”

  17. Yeah, I’d say that “Whiskey Lullaby” is a drinking song…it’s the drinking that killed them. Not a party drinking song, but I’d argue that it’s a drinking song…a suicide song too.

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