Mark Chesnutt, “When You Love Her Like Crazy”


March 21, 2008

Mark Chesnutt has one of the purest voices in country music. It seems that he can breathe emotion into a ballad with very little effort. After a string of cover songs, it is nice to hear Chesnutt give us something new with “When You Love Her Like Crazy.”

“When You Love Her Like Crazy” covers the same well trodden ground of a man extolling the many virtues of his woman. Everything she does sends him into a glorious tailspin. The singer tells us that “when you love her like crazy, that’s just what you are.”

The thing is that while this song doesn’t cover new lyrical or melodic ground, Chesnutt’s vocal performance, especially in the verses, is simply wonderful to hear. The production is good as well, though leaving out the synthesizer would have made it even better.

Grade: B

Listen: When You Love Her Like Crazy

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  1. MattoBNo Gravatar says:

    I think the synth was added in because of Lofton Creek’s budget. Let’s face facts with this label, despite trying hard to sign and promote artists, they’re living off of “I Loved Her First” and hoping Mark has enough fans to help sell more records.

  2. BradyNo Gravatar says:

    Weird, I was working on a review for this song at the same time. It looks like we pretty much agree about the song , though.

  3. LeeannNo Gravatar says:

    Cool! I really respect the opinions at The 9513. Often times, it’s me who’s like “Dang! That’s what I would have said.”

  4. HollyNo Gravatar says:

    Just saw Mark Cheasnutt perform this song live and think it’s one of his best!

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