Review: The Road Hammers, “Girl on the Billboard”

With their song, “Girl on the Billboard”, The Road Hammers manage to create a sound that contains a bit of Garth Brooks and a little Dwight Yoakam to create an overall feeling of the good aspects of country music from the nineties.

The run-on lyrics about a man who is infatuated with a picture of a scantily clad girl on a Billboard may very well be silly, but it’s nearly impossible to avoid a smile when hearing this refreshingly energetic song.

Written by Walter Haynes and Hank Mills

Grade: A-

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8 Comments on Review: The Road Hammers, “Girl on the Billboard”

  1. Paul W DennisNo Gravatar // June 30, 2008 at 5:46 am //

    This song is a cover of huge Del Reeves hit from 1965. Del’s version had a more country feel to it (and was considerably more tongue-in-cheek), but this version isn’t bad

  2. Paul, thanks for the info. For some reason, I wondered if it was a cover. I don’t know much about this group or song. It just caught my ear on GAC one day.

  3. I agree that this song is clever, and it’s hard to hold back a smile to this song. But coming from a person that has heard this song countless times, it’s just hard not to find this song monotonous after a while. It’s a little dull melodically. Still, it’s a good choice for a single.

  4. It was a hugh hit for them up here in Canada back in 2006 so I’m guessing the label is hoping for the same success in the U.S.

  5. Jason McCoy, the singer of the Road Hammers is also a huge star in Canada.

  6. Well, it better be a hit. I have it from an inside source that Montage is putting all their cookies in TRH cookie jar.

  7. I like this.

  8. Matt B: Yeah his solo albums are pretty good too, especially his latest one.

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