Monday Open Thread: Greatest Album Titles

Earlier this month, I received a press release announcing Todd Snider’s upcoming set. Peace Queer, which will be released digitally on August 19. Snider’s a personal favorite of mine, as longtime readers know, and I always dig his album titles. This one’s certainly memorable, don’t you think?

While perusing other upcoming releases, I learned that Rodney Crowell will also be coming out with a new album this year, due for release on September 2. The title? Sex and Gasoline.

I can take a cosmic hint. Today’s open thread is Greatest Album Titles.

For my pick, I’m going old-school. Tribute albums are fairly commonplace, and some of them have cool names, like Pam Tillis’ tribute to her dad, Mel – It’s All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis. Others establish the personal connection between the artist and the subject, like Loretta Lynn’s I Remember Patsy and Willie Nelson’s To Lefty, From Willie.

But the tribute album that also carries my favorite album title was released by Merle Haggard in 1973: A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the World (Or: My Salute to Bob Wills). It would’ve been a great album title without the alternate moniker, but that little addition clinches it as my all-time fave.

What do you think is the greatest album title in country music history?

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24 Responses to Monday Open Thread: Greatest Album Titles

  1. CFNo Gravatar

    I also noticed the new Snider and Crowell titles and thought they were eye-catching.

    The old-school album title I really like is Willie Nelson’s hits album: Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be). It just seems kinda cocky, so I always found that funny. I always thought if I ever had a greatest hits album, it would be named something like that. Keith Urban’s Greatest Hits: 19 Kids is creative too.

  2. TomNo Gravatar

    back, when i bought dwight yoakam’s “population: me” i tought for a moment it would be quite cool to be able to look some years down the line and see the same album cover with the title: population: 945’601 – showing how many people had been joining him in the meantime by buying the cd.

  3. Paul W DennisNo Gravatar

    I always liked the title from K T Oslin’s Greatest Hits album SONGS FROM AN AGING SEX BOMB

    My favorite album title of all was by the venerable Irish folk group the CLancy Brothers & Robbie McConnell – OLDER BUT NO WISER

  4. LeeannNo Gravatar

    I liked Keith’s album title much better when it was Eighteen Kids, the fact that it’s turned into Nineteen Kids just annoys me on principle.:)

  5. LeeannNo Gravatar

    I like Toby Keith’s White Trash With Money, as inappropriate is it may be. I’m sure it’s fitting.

  6. Hard TimesNo Gravatar

    Can we have a thread on worst album titles?

    I nominate Toby Keith’s Shock’n Y’All. Wildly insensitive.

  7. PeterNo Gravatar

    “Did I Shave My Legs For This” Deana Carter; “Blame It On The Dog” The Thompson Brothers Band

  8. J.R. JourneyNo Gravatar

    Gotta second ‘For My Broken Heart’ and add Alan Jackson’s ‘Under The Influence’. I think that’s about the greatest title one could have for a country covers album. But the artist that really stands out and is consistently great at naming his records is Dwight Yoakam. I can think of several just off the top of my head like ‘Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room’, ‘South Of Heaven West of Hell’. Even Dwight’s 2 hits CDs, ‘Last Chance For A Thousand Years: Greatest Hits of the 90s’ and ‘Dwight’s Used Records’ have memorable titles.

    Also, I give a shout-out to Rosanne Cash’s “King’s Record Shop’ as well as her former hubby Rodney Crowell’s ‘Diamonds and Dirt’ – though that album certainly had more diamonds than dirt.

  9. Steve

    Dolly Partons “New Harvest… First Gathering” and “The Grass Is Blue”, I thought that was a really cool title, as well as her “Slow Dancing With The Moon”. Emmylous “Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town”, “Pieces of the Sky”, “Rose in the Snow” those are pretty cool too. I also like Martina’s “Waking up Laughing” and Brad Paisleys “Time Well Wasted”. Also Alan Jacksons “Drive” and Kenny Chesneys “Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates” … I like titles that are different and get you thinkin!

  10. LeeannNo Gravatar

    Speaking of Dwight, Under The Covers is a good title for a covers album too.

  11. LeeannNo Gravatar

    I kind of think it was cool how Garth came up with titles that weren’t derived from an album track. Then again, I find that it does make it a little harder to associate the correct songs with their respective albums at times.

  12. RainbowNo Gravatar

    I always thought the title for Trisha’s “Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love” was brilliant. Describes country as a genre.

  13. RainbowNo Gravatar

    “Waking Up Laughing” by Martina is also very sweet.

  14. It’s also cool when an album title captures the mood or theme of the record, even if it’s just a title borrowed from one of the album’s songs. I thought Trisha’s “Real Live Woman” was perfect like that. Mark Chesnutt’s “Saving the Honky Tonk” too.

  15. LJNo Gravatar

    “Trouble With The Truth” … Patty Loveless

    “Neck & Neck” … Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler

    “George Jones Sings Like The Dickens!” … George Jones
    (cuz ya just wouldn’t hear a title like that today)

  16. RickNo Gravatar

    Rodney Crowell’s new album title sounds like a rip-off of the Fred Eaglesmith album “Lipstick, Lies, and Gasoline”. Hmmm….

    One of my favorite album titles from a recent offering that is not a song title on said album:

    J.R & The Roadkill Choir – Bring A Shovel! (How’s that for appropriate?)

    or how about:

    Trish Murphy – Girls Get In Free (Also not a song title)

    I must say most country music album titles are typically not very interesting……

  17. They don’t make album titles like they used to:

    Dolly – New Harvest…First Gathering
    Hank Jr. – After You, Pride’s Not Hard to Swallow
    Johnny Cash – Johnny Cash and His Hot and Blue Guitar, also Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me
    Tammy – Tammy’s Touch
    Tammy & George – We Love To Sing About Jesus
    Buck Owens – Arms Full of Empty
    Crystal Gayle – We Must Believe In Magic

    Interesting album titles – even when the risk doesn’t quite pay off – make an artist infinitely more appealing to me. I almost bought Big & Rich’s debut, Horse of a Different Color, solely because of the title.

  18. Kent

    Corb Lund’s “Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland Steer”

  19. Erik NorthNo Gravatar

    HAND SOWN, HOME GROWN–Linda Ronstadt: This was Linda’s first solo album (after the demise of the Stone Poneys in 1968), and depicts Linda in a white shawl out in the boondocks (or Topanga Canyon). This 1969 album, which has C&W standards like “Silver Threads And Golden Needles” and “Break My Mind” mixed in with songs by Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, and others, is arguably the first alternative-country album by a female artist.

  20. As noted by others here, Dwight Yoakam has had some great album titles like:

    Buenas Noches From a Lonely Room
    Population Me
    Tomorrow’s Sounds Today

    I also agree that Drive and Under the Influence were great choices for album titles by Alan Jackson.

  21. LJNo Gravatar

    Trisha’s album is “Hearts IN Armor”.
    Still a great title.

  22. carsonNo Gravatar

    sugarland- love on the inside
    blake shelton- pure bs (so funny)
    miranda lambert- kerosene
    brad paisley- 5th gear
    brad paisley- time well wasted
    kellie pickler- small town girl

  23. Chris D.No Gravatar

    Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love

    Still a winner for me, I like how it’s kind of long. xD

  24. LeeannNo Gravatar

    I like the title of Jeffrey Steele’s album of songs that he’s written for other artists called Gold, Platinum & Steele