1. Thanks, Kevin. I can’t wait for this album to come out. I love how Saguaro is really promoting it and Patty. Her last couple of Epic albums were not promoted at all and a lot of people I know didn’t even know she had new music out.

  2. I think Patty does an amazing job with these classics. She not only reinvigorates them, she revitalizes and resurrects them to something even more trancendent and timeless than the originals.

    What a golden Midas voice…Patty Loveless has a pure, magic-making Country voice that seem to get better and better with age.

    And these songs, they reach deeper and deeper with each repeated listening!

    Roger, you are so right about Saguaro doing justice by our girl! Very refreshing indeed.

    -Steve from Boston

  3. Oh, and on the song SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, that is Vince Gill singing harmony vocals..Patty and Vince together again!

    I read this in Patty’s cut by cut commentary on each song, but I don’t see any or the background vocalists in the studio videos.

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