Discussion: All-Female Country Tour

This topic was suggested by reader “vp”, who figured that Country Universe would be a good place to discuss this quote from Carrie Underwood:

Meanwhile, Underwood has plans. Maybe these plans will even include Faith Hill. Underwood says she intends them to include Kellie Pickler, another Idol graduate tilling the same musical soil. “I want to have a girls-only tour and get some awesome chicks together, and have us all go out and,” Underwood beams a happy smile out toward this future, “kick butt.”

It’s been done a couple of times before, with the first major instance being the 1996 Kraft Country Tour with Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis & Carlene Carter.    I’d certainly be on board for a show featuring Carrie Underwood, and I’d put Trisha Yearwood and Miranda Lambert on the bill with her.

Of course, I’d be even more on board for a nineties ladies tour with Trisha, Pam and Patty.   Or Kathy, Suzy and Chapin.   Both mixes would be great.

What do you think of a 2009 All-Female Country Tour?  Who would you like to see share the bill with Underwood?  Any other women you’d like to see share a bill together?

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44 Responses to Discussion: All-Female Country Tour

  1. T-Ray

    Carrie and Kellie would be cool! i love them both, and Kellie is a friend of Carrie so she is in!

  2. LanibugNo Gravatar

    I can think of several women that I would love to see together – but however for me none of them include Underwood – their are any number of women out there that could join together for a great tour -

  3. lookingforFTNsNo Gravatar

    Martina, Reba, Trisha and Carrie. wont happen though… lol

  4. mimiNo Gravatar

    How ’bout a Ladies Decades tour or something. Reba, Martina and Carrie. The ’80’s, ’90’s and now!

    I wouldn’t mind Carrie and Miranda either. that would be a rocking show!!

  5. carlyNo Gravatar

    carrie should be the headliner, and tehn teh otehr girls should be kellie pickler and either miranda lambert or taylor swift

  6. KarinaNo Gravatar

    I would LOVE to see Kellie Pickler and Martina McBride wih her!!!=]]

  7. VickiNo Gravatar

    I would like to see Carrie, Miranda, and either Ashton Shepherd or if another Idol-Kellie or Kristy Cook

  8. JamieNo Gravatar

    Carrie, Kellie and Miranda because each has their own unique style. OR Carrie, Kellie and Reba or Martina. I also like the Reba, Martina and Carrie tour idea. Since this was started based on Carrie’s quote Lani it was kind of unnecessaru to post non of them should include Carrie. If you haven’t seen Carrie live you are missing out on a great experience.

  9. northtexasNo Gravatar

    On a recent GAC countdown show Emily West mentioned she would like to do an all girl tour that would include Underwood, Pickler, Lambert & Shepherd.

  10. vpNo Gravatar

    My ultimate line-up would be:
    -Miranda Lambert could rock with Gretchen Wilson
    -Faith Hill
    -Kellie Pickler of course that would mean Taylor Swift would have to go.
    -Martina or Reba because they both were major influences on Carrie so they could do a little something together.
    -Carrie Underwood

    I would love to see the earlier generation with the new generation of country it would be a good mix. But in all I think it is a great idea especially to get the women of country more touring exposure.

  11. vpNo Gravatar

    Forgot if any of them couldn’t make it I wouldn’t count out Leanne or Heidi Newfeild.

  12. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I read an earlier quote from Carrie where she mentioned having had conversations with Miranda Lambert about going out on tour.

  13. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    Oops, forgot to add… I’ll take both of the 90’s tours! Trisha, Pam, Patty, Kathy, Suzy and Chapin.

  14. vpNo Gravatar

    i had also read and heard interviews that they’ve both said that they call eachother and talk.

  15. Chris D.No Gravatar

    Lynn: “I read an earlier quote from Carrie where she mentioned having had conversations with Miranda Lambert about going out on tour.”

    I remember the exact same thing! That would be a very nice tour.

    That’s why I like Sugarland’s current tour (I wish I could go!), because it has some great female singers.

  16. MarcNo Gravatar

    Patty and Suzy, yes please.

  17. I could see a “Ladies” tour with SBMG artists Kristy Lee Cook, Kellie Pickler, Crystal Shawanda, Gretchen Wilson, Miranda and Carrie being packaged together. Or perhaps 2 separate tours.

    What about a Lady A/Sugarland/Little Big Town tour?

  18. AaronNo Gravatar

    Matt B…I would die if Lady A, Sugarland, and LBT did a tour!! That would be one heck of a show!!!!

    I would love to see an all female tour with Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and either Julianne Hough or Ashton Shepard. Or Carrie, Miranda, and Martina. But I think Carrie and Miranda touring together would be awesome!!

  19. wow, I forgot Martina from the SonyBMG female troupe.

  20. LanibugNo Gravatar

    Jamie, you did not read me correctly – I said for ME none of the women I would want to see touring together would included Underwood – if she did this, it would be great accomplishment, I think it would be a great thing, but that does not mean I have to attend. I can think of several women that I would love to see touring together.

  21. JaneNo Gravatar

    It would be cool to see Carrie, Martina and Reba touring, maybe with some other singers who are not as well known. It would be great way to introduce people to different kinds of female singers in country. Martina and Reba have done have similiar tour with the Girls Night Out tour back in the 90’s.

  22. ScottNo Gravatar

    Carrie, Martina, Reba, Patty, and Trisha. You’d get just about every different sub-genre of country music there is.

  23. carrie and miranda…yes please

    carrie and trisha…my ultimate country tour fantasy

  24. J.R. JourneyNo Gravatar

    The Girls Night Out Tour was actually in the summer of 2001. If featured Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Jamie O’Neal, Sara Evans (before Born to Fly took off), Martina McBride, and of course Reba. Killer show – and at an outdoor venue too, gotta love that. So, I could go for a similar line-up again, totally. Um, but let’s swap Martina for Trisha Yearwood.

  25. MichaelNo Gravatar

    Reba, Martina and Carrie would be so cool. The Queen, The Diva and The Superstar! Only in my dreams, but hey you never know.

  26. CaeNo Gravatar

    Kellie,Martina,Reba,Faith,Thrisha Y, Miranda,Carrie…1st Group

    Kristy Lee,Danielle Peck, Julianne, Shania,Carrie..2nd Group

  27. ZachNo Gravatar

    Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, Martina McBride, Sara Evans, Wynonna Judd, Trisha Yearwood, Miranda Lambert, LeAnn Rimes, Dixie Chicks!!!!!!!!!! :D
    too many LOL :)
    basically all the female power hitters. (I KNOW there is more but that is my top 12-ish..)

  28. Cory

    put Trisha on it and im on board. Not much of a fan of Carrie but I would go to see Trisha. Reba-Trisha-Carrie kinda along the 80s 90s and 00s theme. But my dream team without Underwood, Reba-Trisha-Patty!!!!

  29. ZachNo Gravatar

    be awesome if all of the 12 I mentioned did this and they performed together on songs and had some solos!!!!!! :D
    my real top 6 for the tour:
    -Carrie Underwood (the NEW generation)
    -Faith Hill (the early 2000s group)
    -Martina McBride (the 90’s women)
    -Reba McEntire (the 80’s group)
    -Shania Twain!!!!!!! (The whole female 90’s country thing!!!!!!!!)
    -Sara Evans (same as Hill)

    but of course I’d be happy with any of my choices with Underwood. But it would totally rock with Twain!!

  30. ZachNo Gravatar

    sorry to say I dont agree with Pickler. -.-
    I like the idea of Hill with her, maybe Underwood and Lambert with like 5 of the fabulous 90’s country women?
    my choices:
    Underwood & Lambert with
    -Shania Twain
    -Faith Hill
    -Martina McBride
    -Yearwood or Evans -.- (mine would be Evans..)

  31. KennyNo Gravatar

    Shania would never do a tour with anyone. She is the biggest touring country female of alltime and everyone else is an opening act to her.

  32. KennyNo Gravatar

    I just want to say that you have to take into consideration the level of the artist and who are the big hitters.
    Shania of course is the biggest hitter of all and is the biggest touring female country act of alltime.
    So she is the big headlinder.
    The rest would be opening act to her.
    I don’t think you would be able to get a big star like Shania to do something like this, it would cost the promoters millions of dollars to snag Shania.

  33. KennyNo Gravatar

    Zack,I agree that it would be great if you can get a big star like Shania but there is no chance she would ever do it.
    Lets get realistic here, the rest of the acts named on this thread can’t compete with a massive touring act like Shania.
    She is the biggest country female of alltime.

  34. KennyNo Gravatar

    but if you you truly want a dream female country line up then it is best to get the 5 woman who have won entertainer of the year in country music. And frankly I don’t see anyone in the next 20 yeasr winning the EOTY again for a female unless Shania does another world tour soon.
    These 5 woman would make the best tour ever and have all won EOTY award

    Shania-biggest touring and selling country female of alltime and global icon.
    Dolly-country legend
    Reba-country legend
    Barbra Mandrell- a great entertainer


  35. Carson

    I’m gonna go with


    Carrie Underwood/Kellie Pickler/Taylor Swift tour

    or a

    Taylor Swift/Kellie Pickler/Julianne Hough tour

    I actually think both are possible due to the fact Kellie, taylor and Julianne did the CMA Fest thing, and also a People magazine article about being such good of friends.

    And Carrie, Kellie and Taylor have all been spotted with the famous hockey game photos and are all great friends.

    Taylor has confirmed, however, that she will be touring this next year, so I wouldn’t doubt a Hough/Swift/Pickler tour.

  36. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Kenny (aka Jake/George/Paul/ETC)–

    I believe we have been more than patient with you. Four consecutive posts about Shania is only disruptive to this blog. Please put all of your shania rants that essentially say the same thing into one comment per thread. Otherwise, we will have to delete all of your excess comments. Again, we do not appreciate you clogging this blog with your incessant comments about Shania.

  37. vpNo Gravatar

    does Kenny ever not mention Shania. We get the point you love her she the greatest blah, blah, blah

  38. JarheadDadNo Gravatar

    Aw, I was just gettin’ ready to ax him who the 5th woman was? He listed Shania twice in his list of the 5 Female ETOY winners! :-o

  39. KennyNo Gravatar

    No, Barbra Mandrell actually won it twice. I meant to say 4 country solo females have won this award.

  40. Paul W DennisNo Gravatar

    Not really interesteed in an all-female country tour as I tire of female vocalist after a bit.

    Of course if you could put Dolly, Loretta, Tammy, Connie, Jean and Kitty on a package that would be something else entirely !

  41. Five solo females have won the award: Loretta Lynn (1972), Dolly Parton (1978), Barbara Mandrell (1980, 1981), Reba McEntire (1986) and Shania Twain (1999.) One other female act has won: Dixie Chicks (2000.)

    Women nominated without winning: Faith Hill, Kathy Mattea, The Judds, Crystal Gayle and Olivia Newton-John.

  42. MarcNo Gravatar

    A Country Lillith fair. Trading out the unwashed hippie female fans, of course. :)

  43. MichaelNo Gravatar

    Kenny, I have to make a correction you posted earlier about Shania being the biggest selling female in country music. No, I am sorry that title belongs to REBA! 50 MILLION WORLWIDE! Shaina has sold more on a particular album, but REBA holds the record for selling the most albums overall.

  44. No-showNo Gravatar

    Has Kellie Pickler done anything other than dance with Taylor Swift on Brad Paisley’s ‘Online’ video?
    Seriously, I can’t think of a single thing, other than displaying her blondness on ‘Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?’ (She’s not!)

    Carrie Underwood and Pickler are stepping into Dixie Chicks territory – alienating the perennial country fan base of hunters, farmers, ranchers, by declaring their allegiance to and support of HSUS(entwined with domestic terrorism group PETA) and proclaiming their forays into the unhealthy cult of vegetarianism.
    I won’t be buying any of their stuff – and I’ll change the station if I hear ‘em come on the radio. I hope Miranda Lambert stays well away from the two of them.