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60″ />Recently, a commenter confessed his affection for Lorrie Morgan’s cover of the Tammy Wynette classic, “Another Lonely Song.” I share that affection, and it got me thinking about Morgan’s music as a whole. She’s not mentioned much when the women of the nineties are discussed, and it’s a shame. She’s such a stylist, and can handle a pop melody as effortlessly as a country torch ballad.

One of her strongest albums is 1996’s Greater Need. Tonight, I’m recommending the title track. It’s a confessional ballad that has her confronting the fact that she’s needing the man she’s in love with a lot more than he needs her: “It seems like I want you around me a little more than you want to be. So I guess I’m the one with the greater need.” By the chorus, she’s making the stark realization that this isn’t exclusive to the current relationship, since “it always seems to be that I’m the one with the greater need.”

If you check out the album, pay close attention to the masterful “I Just Might Be” and the biting “Good as I Was to You.”

What’s your recommendation tonight? Got another gem from another underrated artist?

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  1. I’ll pick “Devil On The Left” by Jamie O’Neal from her album Brave.

    The song actually sounds country, and has a great story of redemption. It’s about a stripper who finds a new life, and the song has some great meaning about her inner emotional conflict, and some amazing imagery and symbolism.

    I highly recommend you check out this track!

  2. this week I must recomend “I wish I were The Rain” by SHeDAISY.
    so brilliantly written ^^ :D
    plus, it has a great sound!

  3. Earlier this week, I met a radio DJ (Stepbrother of a friend) and he recorded a CD of new artists that I might enjoy. Since, I’ve been listening to that CD and there are a couple of songs that I absolutely love. The first was Hoss Howard’s (Sounds like Trace Adkins) “Twang Thang.” It was just a great rockin’ country song. Another favorite was “Cold” by Jeremy McComb, which I’ve had stuck in my head for a few days.

  4. Greg,

    “Cold” is McComb’s current single. It reminds me of a country-ish Train song. Want a fun song? try Todd O’Neill’s “Cajun Queen.”

    Take a listen to Jason Matthews’ “The Education of a Wandering Man.”

  5. Just to respond to the original post about Lorrie Morgan….
    ITA how she is too easily overlooked and easily put her in that category with Pam Tillis. Both women have such incredible histories in country music but are probably all but unknown by the “newer” “country music” fans.
    I love that both ladies are consistent visitors to and respectors of The Opry and have such great appreciation for their genre and especially their legend fathers who paved the way.

    Hope that wasn’t too off topic… but had to give a shout-out. :-)

  6. I’m not a huge fan, but two of my favorite Lorri songs are “Good As I Was to You” and “if you came back from heaven” I know they were both singles but they are fantastic.

  7. Matt,

    Just heard that Cajun Queen. Not bad. Also, are these discussions based on tracks not normally singles? If that were the case, than I’d recommend Alan Jackson’s “The Sounds” I might have recommended it before, but after listening to Drive more, I really wish that album had more of an impact than it ended up. It seemed to get lost in the shuffle except for “Where Were You…”

  8. That record had a lot of impact. “Drive” was particularly a HUGE single for AJ.

    The thing that I like about Todd O’Neill is the voice. There’s something there.

  9. I’m gonna keep with Kevin’s Lorrie Morgan theme and even the same album. I would have went with ‘I Just Might Be’ but Kevin picked that one too. So I will recommend ‘Standing Tall’ by Ms. Morgan. The lyrics are cutting and Lorrie’s delivery is precise. It’s on her first BNA Greatest Hits album.

  10. Zach, that is one of my favorite SHeDAISY songs! I think I recommended it here a few months ago, it really is brilliant.

  11. probably, lorrie morgan’s amazing talent to make a more pop-leaning country tune sound really catchy overshadowed the even more amazing ability to make even the most classic country song sound as if her version was the definitive one.
    i just love underrated artists when they sound as good as that.

    listen to “where do i go to start all over” – a traditional country-weeper by wade hayes, if you like underrated.

  12. After getting Jason Aldean’s latest album, I wasn’t nearly as impressed as I was with his first, and I didn’t give the album as much of a chance as I should have.

    When Relentless was released, I was shocked to find that I no longer thought it was boring monotonous song song that my first impression led me to believe. I also bothered to listen to Back In This Cigarette again, which is the track I recommend.

    The verses are pretty dull melodically, but I love the chorus. It’s much more interesting, and it’s one of those melodies that I just love, and he even injects some passion into it. Lyrically, it’s pretty good, with a hook that suggests that putting passion back into a dying relationship “is like trying to put smoke back in this cigarette”.

    I have a hunch that the label will be pushing Not Every Man Lives as the next single, which admittedly is one of the best on the album, but I hope they can give this song a shot at radio too.

  13. “Mr. Radio”, a track off of Trisha Yearwood’s 1993 album THE SONG REMEMBERS WHEN. This song, a story song about the cathartic power of the radio in a rustic setting, is actually a reworking of a song off of Linda Ronstadt’s 1982 album GET CLOSER. And given Trisha’s unabashed love of Linda’s music, it’s not surprising that hers should sound similar to Linda’s.

    What a pairing those two women would make (IMHO).

  14. Still with Lorrie Morgan…I was never a huge fan but I loved Half Enough, a moderate (?) hit that I never seem to hear anywhere anymore

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