Review: Lance Miller, “Bacon Frying”

Lance Miller, a Nashville Star contestant in 2004, has won the favor of traditional fans with his plain-spoken songs and rich, rugged voice.  His new release, “Bacon Frying” is a down-home heartbreaker about a lover’s quarrel and the fear of morning-after consequences, and Miller delivers with his deep baritone and a sense of understanding that eludes lesser vocal talents.

Searching for reassurance that his relationship has survived a tense night, Miller notices his flame cooking up  breakfast in the kitchen, her way of saying “everything’s O.K.”  With a cup of coffee and a little commitment, he’s hoping to restore their devotion to each other.  The steel guitar wraps itself around the chorus, lending a traditional tone to this testament of love’s survival.  Production is sparse, letting the message speak loud and clear. Miller sings in the style of a modern-day Merle, leaning into the lyric with a mix of regret and relief.

Grade: B

Listen: Bacon Frying

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6 Comments on Review: Lance Miller, “Bacon Frying”

  1. He does sound a little like John Conlee and I like it.

  2. His album is actually pretty good, I’m surprised Warner Bros. let him release it on another label.

  3. J.R. JourneyNo Gravatar // November 16, 2008 at 1:16 pm //

    Is it just me – or does this guy look too cross-eyed to tie his own shoes?

  4. Jordan,

    He and his new label bought the album from WB. Kinda like what Joanna Cotten did and what Toby Keith did back with “How Do You Like Me Now.”

  5. Yeah I’m just surprised they let it happen, i wonder how much it cost.

    P.S. Matt B. do you know if Julie Roberts and Blaine Larsen are still with their labels?

  6. jaymee LoftinNo Gravatar // June 8, 2010 at 5:10 pm //

    like always he sounds amazing…where has he been lately

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