Discussion: Faith on Christmas

Soundcheck is an original live music series that features top artists in a variety of artists, and their recent feature revolved around Faith Hill.  From a Soundcheck news release,

Deck the halls. Soundcheck celebrates the holidays with country superstar Faith Hill. Watch Faith perform exclusive tracks from her new record, including “The Little Drummer Boy” and her brand new single, “A Baby Changes Everything.”  Plus, we chat with the Nashville star about Christmas in the Hill-McGraw household, and her first holiday album, Joy to the World. Check it all out now at Soundcheck.

We are giving away a free copy of Faith Hill’s Christmas album, Joy to the World.  To be entered into the contest, answer the following question:

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Entries will be considered until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 23.  Best of luck!

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36 Responses to Discussion: Faith on Christmas

  1. I’m not a big fan of Christmas Music in general, but I do like one or two from Mary Chapin Carpeter’s new album. “Come Darkness, Come Light” in particular.

  2. Soul Miner's DaughterNo Gravatar

    Hard to beat Kathy Mattea’s take on “Mary, Did You Know”.

    I also love Trisha’s “Take A Walk Thru Bethlehem”.

    One thing about country music is that it sure makes for some fine Christmas albums.

  3. Chris D.No Gravatar

    I love “A Baby Changes Everything”, actually. It’s fresh and creative, but still inspirational.

  4. LynnNo Gravatar

    It’s nearly impossible to think about Christmas when it is 85 degrees outside! But…

    When it comes to traditional Christmas songs I’ve always loved the beautiful rounds in “Angels We Have Heard On High.” I also re-fell in love with “Silent Night” last year. I spent Christmas in Austria, and after hearing it sung in its original German in a candlelit cathedral at midnight with nothing but a guitar, it might now be my all-time favorite.

    When it comes to the contemporary stuff, I’ll take Brad Paisley’s sweet Christmas album (don’t ask me why but I love the penguin song), and for some reason, it’s not Christmas without Adam Sandler’s Chanukah song. lol!

    (btw. I’m not entering this contest!)

  5. LynnNo Gravatar

    I will definitely second Trisha’s “Take A Walk Thru Bethlehem.” Beautiful song.

  6. GavinNo Gravatar

    Martina McBride Oh Holy Night (A Capella)


    My favorite version of my favorite Christmas Song.

  7. MarcNo Gravatar

    If I had to pick a single Christmas song to take with me to the proverbial desert island.. hands down it would be SHeDAISY’s Deck the Halls.

    I usually disdain Christmas albums (bah humbug?) but that song was such a twist, so well capturing their harmonies, and still so authentically Christmas.. I don’t know that it will ever be topped.

  8. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I too can’t enter this contest, but I can’t resist discussing Christmas music.

    My favorite classic Christmas songs are “Oh Holy Night” and “O Come, O Come Emanuel.” I love that Yearwood song too.

    I’ll be writing a special FSBFA for Christmas songs in December. So, I’ll have to save my other favorites and who sings them until then.

    I agree that country music seems to turn out the most quality Christmas albums. I have friends who aren’t really into country music, but embrace Christmas albums from country artists.

  9. RainbowNo Gravatar

    I’m a huge fan of Christmas music, and I already have the album, so don’t count me in.
    My favorite Christmas song right now is “Little Drummer Boy”, and Faith’s version has actually become my favorite.
    I am also a big, big fan of the LeAnn Rimes’ original “Different Kind Of Christmas”.

  10. MartoneNo Gravatar

    I’ll go where few have traveled and suggest a little Yule Humor. Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park Troubadors and their CD “Merry Christmas From The Trailer Park. http://cdbaby.com/cd/antsymcclain2

  11. My favorite Chrismas song is “Away In A Manger” but I also love “Mary Did You Know” and Skip Ewing’s “Christmas Carol”

  12. Oh, I don’t want the contest copy either :)

  13. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    A Christmas song that I love that isn’t sung by a country artist, as far as I know, is “Welcome To Our World.” It was written by Chris Rice and my favorite version is sung by Michael W. Smith.

  14. Mike M.No Gravatar

    I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, but the non-traditional “Merry Christmas from the Family” by Mongomery Gentry cracks me up everytime I hear it. I also love “Belleau Wood” by Garth.

  15. Doc BrowneNo Gravatar

    What a delightful question! My tastes range from the Hallelujah Chorus of the Messiah
    (G.F. Handel) to “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer.” I suppose the latter song is best described as country.

  16. MartoneNo Gravatar

    Actually Mike M. “Merry Christmas From The Family” is by Texas music legend Robert Earl Keen, but MG did a decent version of it, (except changing the lyrics to make it “radio friendly”) If you like the REK song you’ll probably like Antsy McClain too.

  17. O Holy Night is my favorite. John Berry’s version is probably my favorite rendition. Merry Christmas from the Family is another fave.

  18. Trailer:

    John Berry and Collin Raye both have very good christmas albums (Collin has a new live recording of his album out now).

  19. JosephNo Gravatar

    I really like “It Wasn’t His Child” by Trisha Yearwood.

  20. JaneNo Gravatar

    I love Amy Grant’s “Winter Wonderland”, and Martina McBride’s “Silent Night”. Both are beautiful songs… One’s about the fun in Christmas time, and one is about the reason for Christmas!

  21. Steve from BostonNo Gravatar

    Patty Loveless’ Blue Grass & White Snow is incredible. A Mountain Christmas indeed, this album is saturated with down home hospitality…I listen to this wonderful album all year round, (I consider it Patty’s Bluegrass follow up to her wonderful Mountain Soul album) but I am really looking forward to listening to it “in Season”, lol.

    Patty’s friends Trisha Yearwood, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Amy Grant and Rebecca Lynn Howard among others join in and make this a very festive and reverent occasion. An incredible array of talent all lending their unique brand of magic, and blending perfectly on one thematically unified album.

    Patty sings to the Heavens in a very down to earth manner, and her Christmas album brightly reflects all that is warm and wonderful about the Holiday.

  22. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I don’t like the MG version of “Merry Christmas From the Family”, too placid. I love the version by Rosie O’Donnell and The Dixie Ch liveicks on Rosie’s Christmas album, minus the annoying talking crap at the beginning. They really have fun with it and it’s as funny as hell.

  23. Tony CNo Gravatar

    I love christmas music! My favorite Christmas song in general is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” my favorite version is probably Judy Garland’s original or maybe Ella Fitzgerald’s. Some of my other favorite tunes – “This Christmas” (Donnie Hathaway), “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Mariah Carey), “O Holy Night” (Martina McBride), “Hard Candy Christmas” (Dolly Parton), “O Come O Come Emmanuel” (Trisha Yearwood), “The Christmas Guest” (Reba), “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” (Darlene Love), etc. I could go on and on!

  24. Rodney in South CarolinaNo Gravatar

    I absolutely love “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.”

    My favorite version is Sixpence None the Richer’s take on it…a very funky, Celtic kind of spin. Selah and Barlow Girl’s versions are also enchanting.

  25. ChadNo Gravatar

    My favorite relgious themed is O Holy Night (Wynonna or Martina).

    My favorite secular is Santa Claus is Back in Town (Dwight Yoakam).

  26. MarcNo Gravatar

    I prefer Cartman’s “O Holy Night” myself. :)

  27. I also like “My Favorite Things” and Trisha Yearwood recently did it and is giving it away via Sears.com


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  29. William WardNo Gravatar

    Leeann has only posted three times? I have to say I am shocked. Maybe she is upset she can’t win… of course she has this Christmas Album and every other Christmas Album already so perhaps not.

  30. MartoneNo Gravatar

    Yes Marc, nothing like some Cartman and Mr Hankey the Christmas poo for the holiday’s. I would also add “Holy $#!^ it’s Christmas!” by Red Peters.

  31. Soul Miner's DaughterNo Gravatar

    I really love me the Roches version of “We Three Kings”!

    And my fave version of “Merry Christmas from the Family” is, I think, the only one that hasn’t been mentioned…
    my introduction to the song by Jill Sobule.
    I actually thought she wrote it cuz it sounds like she could have. She’s still one of the best show’s I’ve ever seen at the Bluebird.
    But I digress….

  32. PeterNo Gravatar

    Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem – Patty Loveless with Jon Randall and Carmela Ramsey (?) from Bluegrass White Snow. Oh and don’t accept any other version of Merry Xmas From The Family///REK’s is the best. Hate that Chicks/Rosie version….

  33. @William: Hilarious. If I start humming Christmas hymns anytime soon, I have Leeann to thank blame. :) Is the Christmas tree up yet?

  34. Steve from BostonNo Gravatar

    Peter, that is Carmela’s harmony vocals on Patty’s “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” Great choice, beautiful rendition.

    Also, I should have been specific about my favorite Christmas songs, instead of praising Patty’s album in general terms in my previous post.

    In that case, I would have to choose Patty’s version of “The First Noel” with harmony by Claire Lynch and Trisha Yearwood…that would be my favorite from the first part, the “carol” part of the album. Patty and company sound like down-to-earth angels in that song especially. Truly awe-inspiring.

    From the more Bluegrassy 2nd part,(which includes some wonderful original material penned by Patty and Emory), I love “Christmas Time’s a Comin'” and “Santa Train”, in which Patty honors the Santa Train tradition of bringing presents via rail to poor children of Appalachia.

    The whole album is infused with sincerity and authenticity…wonderful vocal harmonies, and richly textured acoustic instrumentation. And on every song, the carols included, Patty brings her Mountain/Bluegrass influence to bear on the Christmas tradition, with all the warmth and vitality inherent in that musical style. This is, in effect, a Christmas blessing to and for all who listen. It is a rare treasure well worth repeated listens, in and out of Season!

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  36. CynthiaNo Gravatar

    i like the a Capella version of “O come Emmanuel” by a male country artist with a very deep voice and has a female chorus backing him up. i cannot remember the artist and would like some help with that if possible.