Discussion: My Kind of Country

I’m really excited to announce that regular commenters J.R. Journey, Rainbow and Chris D. have launched their own blog: My Kind of Country.

All three  writers have been invaluable in their contributions on the comment threads here, and there’s something beautiful about three fans of country music – two from Ohio and another from Norway – finding synchronicity after meeting in the country music blogosphere.

When the country music blogs started surfacing a few years ago, they were voices in the wilderness.  By that point, there were few print magazines left that focused solely on country music, and there weren’t many online alternatives to them.  Today, there are a diverse crop of writers with varying points of view, and they’re talking to each other and sharing their knowledge and insight.

In my view, the philosophy behind their blog moniker captures the entire purpose of country music blogging: “My Kind of Country.”  All of us love country music, but we have our own take on what makes it worth listening to.    With the launch of their site, new readers will soon be discovering that J.R., Chris and Rainbow’s kind of country is their kind of country, too.   Pretty soon they’ll be commenting, and maybe will start a blog of their own.

It’s a beautiful thing.

In honor of J.R., Rainbow and Chris joining the family of must-read blogs, I ask you:

What kind of country do you call, “My kind of country?”


  1. My kind of country music is the stuff that has been cultivated right here in California over the decades, from the Bakersfield sound of Merle and Buck, to the Los Angeles country-rock movement that spawned the Eagles, Poco, Gram Parsons, and Linda Ronstadt; the 80s alt-country of Maria McKee’s band Lone Justice; and last, but by no means least, Mr. Dwight Yoakam.

    I really feel that the California style of country music has something to it that differentiates itself from other approaches, and that is in not only its laid-back approach to things, but also a willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of country music, with less of an emphasis on heartbreak anthems and more on (gasp!) social commentary.

  2. Congrats to all three of you, best wishes for much success, and thank your for helping to spread the voice of Country music even further!

    To answer Kevin’s question, my kind of Country is Bluegrass/Mountain flavored Country, (As Ralph Stanley said, “you just can’t beat that Mountain sound..”) and Traditional/Neotraditional Country. That is probably obvious from my comments here on Country Universe, so it follows that my heroes are Patty Loveless, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill, Sara Evans, Brad Paisley, Clint Black…but my absolute favorite, and the best of the bunch by my reckoning, is Miss Patty Loveless….SHE’S my kind of Country!

    Again, Congrats and best wishes to JR, Rainbow and Chris!

  3. Congrats to the three of them and I’ll be visiting the site regulary.

    My kind of country is the traditional stuff, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Kitty Wells, they’re country to me. I love the new stuff but to me it’s the old stuff that truly country.

  4. You know, it’s hard to say for me. I can really get into any kind of country that I think is done well, but I suppose the style that tends to grab me the fastest is the gritty country-rock stuff – old Steve Earle, Texas stuff like Wade Bowen and Reckless Kelly. It’s not always very traditional, but there’s an urgency to the best of that material that I really dig. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I’m a huge sucker for Appalachian-influenced acoustic stuff, too. If even one quarter of the stuff country radio played was as sparse and rootsy as Rattlin’ Bones (I know, dream on), I’d be a happy man.

  5. This little feature is a real help when launching a blog. Thanks alot guys!
    As Chris said, you will pretty soon find out what “my kind of country” is.
    The name of the blog is actually a shout out to Reba’s 1984 album “My Kind Of Country”. We will be writing about our kind of country, just like Reba sang her kind of country.

  6. My kinda country is:

    George Strait, Alan Jackson, Patty Loveless, Lee Ann Womack, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Johnny Cash etc.

    It is really varied, but leans heavily on traditional/neo-traditional stuff. I grew up in the ’90s, so those sounds stick close to me.

  7. I like mainstream country music, i.e. what’s played on the radio. I enjoy rooting for someone that lots of people also like. And the mainstream singers are the ones who have news that’s easily assessible. I don’t need to look very far to hear about so-and-so having a new album out or what so-and-so has been doing. And they’re the ones who make TV appearances. So to sum it up, mainstream country music is easily assessible. Music with a good melody.

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