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grammys211:28 Kevin: Goodnight all. See ya at the ACM Live Blog!

11:26 Dan: You know what is a surprise? Krauss and Plant both giving completely lucid-sounding speeches. Love ’em both, but those are two of the loopiest public speakers I’ve ever heard.

11:25 Kevin: So Alison Krauss now has 26 Grammy awards, and has been thanked by Robert Plant for teaching him how to sing better. Wow.

11:24 Album of the Year: Raising Sand, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. Woah, no way.

11:23 Kevin: I want the new Green Day album more than anything else in 2009.

11:21 Kevin: Fun Fact – Robert Plant turned down millions of dollars to do a Led Zeppelin reunion tour because he wanted to tour with Alison instead.  I wonder if Zed Heads have taken to calling her Yoko?

11:22 Dan: Ah yes, the hand-clap section of the song.

11:20 Kevin: Hey, T-Bone. How about you don’t play the guitar so loud?

11:20 Dan: Awww yeah, “Gone Gone Gone”! But it feels unnaturally fast.

11:19 Kevin: I’m trying to remember when Alison Krauss became gorgeous. Lonely Runs Both Ways?

11:19 Dan: Plant & Krauss doing “Rich Woman.” Groovy stuff.

11:18 Dan: The guys in my room just said some unrepeatable things about Zooey Deschanel.

11:14 Kevin: Can they just toss Plant and Krauss the Album Grammy while they sing? I want to go to bed.

11:12 Dan: I’m with Kevin on that one, though Nettles’ was good stuff, too.

11:11 Kevin: I think Lil Wayne just gave my favorite acceptance speech of the night. Short but sweet.

11:10 Best Rap Album: Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne. As it should be.

11:10 Kevin: Apparently Obama was elected president. Who knew?

11:06 Dan: This is why I like the Grammys: amid all the Katy Perry fruit-dancing, you can still find some real soul in the final stretch. This fusion of rap and jazz feels so organic; what a wonderful tribute to the city.

11:02 Dan: New Orleans tribute with Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke, both of whom I quite like. Cool.

11:00 Dan: My Blink 182-loving roommate is already re-watching the clip of them presenting that award on YouTube. Crazy.

10:56 Kevin: Random Keith Urban is always welcome.

10:56 Dan: Alright, that was pretty cool. Some nice soloing there.

10:55 Dan: Bo Diddley tribute. Keith Urban, John Mayer, and…is that Buddy Guy?

10:54 Dan: Ooo, and Delaney Bramlett!

10:53 Kevin: I really wish they would add an “In Memoriam” to the CMA Awards.

10:52 Dan: In Memoriam. Really cool clips of Jerry Reed, Eddy Arnold and Eartha Kit so far.

10:51 Kevin: Neil Diamond is one of the all-time greats.  Love that song, too.

10:50 Dan: Is it just me, or is no one excited about this performance? It’s kind of like Macca doing a Beatles song earlier. We know it already, man.

10:48 Dan: Neil Diamond. Really can’t decide how I feel about him.

10:44 Dan: Gotta say, I’m having trouble imagining a scenario where Plant/Krauss don’t win for album, too. Kinda takes the fun out of it, though I’ll still be happy for them and all.

10:39 Dan: I friggin’ love Motown stuff. This is an awesome tribute.

10:37 Dan: Oh, there’s the relevance. Never mind.

10:37 Kevin: I am so tired of hearing “Yes we can” appropriated for everything.

10:35 Dan: I’m not making a political statement here, but how was that Obama bit relevant to the Music Cares foundation?

10:34 Kevin: Is it just me, or does the last hour always drag?

10:30 Dan: One of the guys in my room just said, “Dude, Justin Timberlake is such a pimp.” You gotta hand it to him for managing to craft a reputation like that coming out of maybe the wimpiest boy band in history.

10:28 Dan: Samuel L. Jackson.

10:26 Missed this one: “Chris Martin gets a tingly feeling every time he talks about Radiohead, and the same goes for his wife apparently.” – Blake, from the comments.

10:24 Dan: Shampoo commercials have gotten weird.

10:21 Dan: Radiohead’s not really my style, but this is a solid performance and I like that marching band they’ve got.

10:20 Dan: Dude, Gwenyth Paltrow is such a hipster with all her deadpan indie gushing for Radiohead.

10:18 Dan: These commercials have me wondering why Survivor still exists. Sorry if any of y’all are fans.

10:15 Dan: And if you throw in the love for Plant and Coldplay, it’s an even better night for ’em.

10:15 Kevin: Adele did well. Two Grammys for her, and one for Duffy. Not a bad night for the Brits.

10:13 Dan: OK, the Adele/Sugarland combination didn’t make sense, but at least they sounded nice. Jennifer Nettles could totally sing Adele-ish music if she wanted to.

10:11 Dan: Adele sounds like she’s holding back. Let’s hope she builds it up.

10:11 Kevin: To my ears, Jennifer Nettles has sounded better than anyone else tonight.  Even J Hud.

10:10 Dan: Man, I hate when producers make country acts truncate their story songs. Now the song doesn’t make as much emotional sense.

10:08 Dan: Heck yes, “Stay.” I’m kind of bummed they’re not singing together with Adele on something, though.

10:06 Kevin: I think Jason Mraz does a better John Mayer than John Mayer.  But I guess that Grammy prefers John Mayer 1.0

10:07 Best Male Pop Vocal: “Say” – John Mayer

10:05 Dan: Why is Best Male Pop Vocal coming after Record of the Year? I think I’m rooting for Ne-Yo.

10:02 From the comments: “Blake, you’re a young Paul W. Dennis. So much knowledge.:)” – Leeann.   Woah now!

9:59 Dan: Solid performance, but pretty by-the-numbers. Let’s get some Sugarland/Adele in the house, already!

9:57 Kevin: If Taylor Swift comes out and dances with Paul McCartney, I’m calling it a night.

9:55 Dan: Dude, I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t really get excited about Paul McCartney at the Grammys anymore. Bet Dave Grohl’s loving this, though.

9:54 Kevin: I remember Martina McBride singing “Independence Day” on the CMA Awards while very preganant. She wasn’t quite as mobile as M.I.A.  Then again, she was singing live.

9:53 Dan: How is her unborn child going to feel when he or she sees this for the first time?

9:52 Dan: Gotta say I’m a big fan of M.I.A.’s audacity. She looks completely absurd, and I love it.

9:51 Kevin: Swagga Like Us! Swagga Like Us!

9:45 Dan: Queen Latifah manages to make everything sound cool. Not that M.I.A. needs the help.

9:44 Dan: Anyone else feel like this has been kind of an uneventful show so far? Can’t say anything has really surprised me. I’d call JHud’s performance and Sugarland’s acceptance speech the highlights, and those were pretty low-key.

9:44 Kevin: Old voters rule.

9:43 Kevin: Gotta say I saw the Plant/Krauss sweep coming. It’s like the Dixie Chicks all over again, though I doubt anyone will be blaming politics in the morning.

9:42 Kevin: I remember Natalie Cole whuppin’ R.E.M. and not enjoying it

9:42 Record of the Year: “Please Read the Letter”, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss. The old voters have done it again!

9:41 Dan: Record of the Year. Oh man oh man.

9:39 Dan: I will say that this Kenny Chesney song has really grown on me, despite some weird parts in the verses. Probably one of his strongest singles, and this is a nice performance.

9:33 Blake: (Chris D. from the comments: You people all need to give Duffy a listen, I will say that till I am blue in the fingers from typing!!) Don’t allow this to happen to such young fingers. Give Rockferry (Best Pop Vocal Album) a shot.

9:31 Best New Artist, Adele. That kid is going places.

9:28 Blake: Kanye needs the afro to hide his big head.

9:27: Lynn: I love that Katy Perry used to be a Christian pop singer. Kinda like Jessica Simpson…

9:26 Blake: If she’s so smitten with the ladies, why is she dancing around a giant banana?

9:24 Blake: Hello, Katy Perry, our favorite teen trisexual. Country music has ripped off ’80s arena rock tricks and suburbia storylines from the mainstream, but I’m guessing that we’ll leave experimental lesbianism to the pop world.

9:16 Blake: British Justin Timberlake, right down to the outlandish Michael Jackson-esque jacket, accepts another Coldplay award. The Metallica album was pretty good, too.

9:15 Best Rock Album: Coldplay, Viva La Vida

9:14 Dan: My roommate is freaking out. Biggest Blink fan ever, right next to me.

9:13 From the comments:

Sheldon: oooooo-eeeeeee, the Jonas Brothers!! Good to see country music ain’t the only genre to throw the keys to the bus to the young ‘uns…drive on boys, drive on.

Cowboy Bleau:Gotta say though, their teaming with Wonder really brings this song to a new level…i’m actually enjoying it.

In all honesty I think ‘d have more respect for the Jonas Brothers if they weren’t so teen oriented.

9:12 Kevin: I can’t tell one from the other.

9:10 Dan: Wow, is there any way that Jonas bro is not lip-synching?

9:10 Kevin: This is my first exposure to the Jonas Brothers.  Not really my type of pop music, but they’re singing live and they sound good.  Doesn’t hurt to have Stevie Wonder backing you up.

9:09: Blake: Jason Mraz and Kristian Bush must have the same fashion adviser.

9:07 Dan: Well I’m glad we agree on someone’s singing, Kevin! That Miley/Taylor dissent was getting a little intense for me.

9:04 Kevin: It’s not just you, Dan.

9:03 Dan: Is it just me, or has Hudson actually learned to incorporate a little bit of restraint into her belting? She’s really impressing me.

9:02: Blake: She’s won a Grammy, an Oscar, sang the fire out of the National Anthem at last week’s Super Bowl, and she’s giving a fairly good account of herself tonight. But the most miraculous moment of her career so far remains being the only black person in the whole 2 1/2 torturefest called Sex and the City: The Movie.

9:02 Kevin: Gotta give it up to American Idol.  It found some darn good vocal talent.

8:59 Kevin: That makes three awards tonight and four overall (they won this category last year) for Plant & Krauss.

Total Plant Grammys: 5.  Total Krauss Grammys: 24.

8:58 Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, “Please Read the Letter”

8:56 Kevin: Wow. I think Miley sounds much better than her.

8:55 Dan: I will say this: Miley makes Taylor sound really good live by comparison.

8:54 Kevin: Miley’s a good singer.  I’m not sure if I should be surprised by that.

8:53 Dan: I’m not gonna lie; I really, really like this Taylor Swift song. Hope they can do it some understated justice.

8:53 Kevin: Oh, if only Taylor Swift could match that stage presence and songwriting talent with actual vocal chops.

8:45 Blake: When “Bawtidaba” was released ten years ago, did anyone think that Kid Rock would have such a long shelf life?

8:45 Kevin: I could do without ever hearing “All Summer Long” again.

8:43 Kevin: Thoughts about what I missed earlier:

I liked Carrie Underwood’s performance.  I thought she interacted wonderfully with the guitarist and she sounded strong.   As always, band was too loud, but that’s a tough song to sing without running out of breath.   Cool performance, and she gets double props for showing up at the pre-telecast and collecting her Grammy.

Jennifer Nettles is as charmingly frazzled as Underwood is charmingly poised.  I still favor the nineties women, but these two ladies are a few steps above the Gretchen Wilson/Martina McBride days of yore.

I can’t tell the difference between sober Whitney and not sober Whitney.

8:42  Song of the Year: Coldplay, “Viva La Vida.”   KC: Cool to see a band win this. (Cooler when it was the Chicks, but this is a good song, too.

8:41 Kevin: This must be Duffy, winner of Best Pop Vocal Album.

8:40 Kevin: Hey, y’all.  Kevin here.  Big props to Blake for kickin’ this off strong.

8:34 Blake: Jennifer and her fedora-ed friend are freakin’ out! “Stay” also won Best Country Song earlier this evening. Leann Rimes and Sheryl Crow could join Jennifer in one hell of a country trio.

8:30 Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals: Sugarland, “Stay”

8:29 Blake: Miranda Lambert is back in Oklahoma, polishing her shotgun, finished a fifth of Jack and shaking her head. This is a tacky, out-of-control performance from Little Miss Sunshine.

8:25 Blake: &*%$ yeah. “Viva La Vida.” You go, Chris. Be a king. Rule the world!

8:24 Blake: Chris Martin is much more appealing when he’s trying to be a rock god. The plaintive balladry doesn’t work for me. Neither does Jay-Z’s superflous rhyme.

8:21 Blake: Simon Baker. My mom says he’s dreamy. (Hi, mom!) I’m not sure how she feels about Coldplay, but I’m a fan.

8:18 Blake: Is Justin sleeping with a NARAS committee member?  I never thought the sole star of N*Sync would become such a staple with the recording academy.

8:16 Blake: Keith Urban, R & B king. Nothing like an unnecessary (and short) guitar solo to showcase his supreme talent.

8:14 Blake: Justin’s high pitch demonstrates that he’s also struggling with the transition from boys to men.

8:12 Blake: I’ve heard the Justin Timberlake “When I was a little boy in Memphis” shtick a few times too many. Also, Boyz II Men seems to have lost one member of their quartet in the transition from boys to men.

8:08 Blake: Spare a prayer for the terrific Jennifer Hudson. Her album was a worthy winner, and the honor surely serves as comfort during a difficult time in her life. She now owns a Grammy to go with her 2007 Oscar.

8:06 Blake: I eat my words. Clive Davis receives a well-deserved, ill-timed shoutout. What category is she presenting again?

8:05 Blake: Welcome back, Whitney. Leave the crazy at home.

8:02 Blake: Grammy gods U2 lead the proceedings with a performance of their brand-new single, “Get on Your Boots,” a preview of their upcoming disc, No Line on the Horizon.  That living, breathing embodiment of peace Bono is so much better tortured than trying to inspire.

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408 Responses to Grammy Live Blog

  1. 53 minutes and counting …

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  3. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Rock music…driving beats…electric guitar…fog…flashy lights…bad sound…..HEY! IT MUST BE THE CMA’s !!!!!!!!!

  4. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Oh Whitney Houston, what on earth is going on with you???

  5. God, I miss Being Bobby Brown. Whitney Houston talking is always hilarious.

  6. StephenNo Gravatar

    Remember the famous moment?


    Whitney is such an eloquent speaker.

  7. Whitney looked great. She looked like she was feeling pretty great too …

    Jennifer Hudson is the first person to thank God tonight.

  8. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Was Whitney high? Or going through withdrawls?

  9. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I heard Jennifer Hudson killed it at the MusiCares event the other night singing Neil Diamond’s “Holly Holy.” Standing O and best of the night (except for the man of the hour himself).

  10. This confirms that my appreciation for Justin Timberlake is almost 100% confined to his appearances on Saturday Night Live.

    Way to work that 5-second guitar solo, Keith Urban…

  11. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    Was Boyz II Men actually there? Are they jumping on the recent boyband comeback bandwagon? Sadly, I still know the words to many of their songs.

  12. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I read that Justin may be filling in for the recently umm…in trouble Chris Brown. Was this that performance? A last minute replacement?

  13. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    When you write “N*Sync” like that with the asterisk, I feel the need for “jazz hands”!

  14. @Lynn: I also heard Whitney held her own last night during her performance.

    @Jonathan: If only “Dick in a Box” would’ve received a little Grammy love. Am I allowed to use the word “dick” at Country Universe?

  15. 8:18: Is Justin sleeping with a NARAS committee member? I never thought the sole star of N*Sync would become such a staple with the recording academy.

    Someone at NARAS received a very special gift:

    (1) Cut a hole in a box…

  16. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Hey y’all, sorry I’m late! Let me know where I need to make my live blog comments when it’s my turn!

  17. @Jonathan: lmao

    That’s one stylin’ piano Chris Martin(?) is playing.

  18. So, Coldplay are dressed like The Wiggles. A version of The Wiggles who look like they probably smell bad.

  19. Log in to G-Talk, Dan. We’ll take care of you there.

  20. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Who’s live blogging? Kevin, did you make it back in time?

  21. Kevin J. CoyneNo Gravatar

    Alright, y’all. I’m here!

  22. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Ewwwww, “Last Name.” Lame.

  23. There’s Keith Urban introducing Carrie Underwood.

    ‘Last Name’ … She doesn’t sound so great tonight.

  24. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Is she singing this slower than the record?

  25. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    Join the club Dan!

  26. sry I’m late to the party guys, k so far sound is way off tonight and thank God Hudson won her award, she deserved it.

  27. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I’m not diggin’ this performance from Carrie.

  28. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Hey, Cowboy. Welcome!

  29. I’m embarrased for Carrie Underwood right now. What does this say about country music when the academy gives this song the best female performance award?

  30. Oh and I sang along to Viva La Vida, Coldplay is one of the best music has today.

  31. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Ladies and Gentleman, this is your winner of “Female Country Vocal”

    We appologize for the vocal being off. Classy song though huh?!?!?!

    Sooo Dissappointed right now.

  32. Chensey has a blonde with him tonight. … and here comes LeAnn Rimes in a butt ugly dress.

  33. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I liked Brenda’s gospel duets CD.

  34. And the winner is…….

    Stay score 1 for me baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Kevin J. CoyneNo Gravatar

    Very happy with the Sugarland win. Seems like the Grammys have replicated the CMA’s. Interesting.

  36. Kevin J. CoyneNo Gravatar

    I thought Carrie did a great job. The band was too loud, though.

  37. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    LeAnn is probally thinking “Yearwood screwed me right here on this stage 11 years ago”

    Haha good times, what was up with that dress though?

  38. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Jennfer looks great. Who’s that guy in the hat?

  39. aww … Jennifer’s date is her mama. I love it.

  40. Kevin J. CoyneNo Gravatar

    Loved Nettles on the podium. Too funny.

  41. The catagories they’re throwing out here are kinda random. Don’t they usually do the same award all the way through for every genre?

  42. StephenNo Gravatar

    I’ve read comments that love Underwood’s performance and some that hate it. I’m so lost.

  43. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I didn’t like Carrie’s vocals. It kinda sounded like she was singin’ a soul song rather than a party/got drunk country song.

  44. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Carrie was definitely entertaining. It was probably her best performance I’ve seen of that song, the band aside.

  45. Underwood’s garish performance did not make me any happier that she beat Trisha, LeAnn, and Lee Ann. Her stage presence still leaves a lot to be desired. Unless you equate scrunchy-faces and Jo Dee Messina style pantomiming-the-lyrics hand motions with stage presence, in which case she could probably win an award for that, too.

    Nice acceptance speech from Sugarland, though.

  46. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    I just cant figure out who Carrie is?? I feel like before interviews and performances she is playing out 100% what some artisitc coach has lectured her.

    None of her perfomances really fit together for me, just no identity. I thought her vocals themselves along with her band were pretty off tonight.

  47. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    “Leann Rimes and Sheryl Crow could join Jennifer in one hell of a country trio.”

    Really? I can’t see those three singers blending at all. Crow would undersing everything, while Nettles would oversing it all, and Rimes would be in her own little world.

  48. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    haha Duffy cracks me up,

  49. And the Grammy goes to……

    COLDPLAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yee ha. Love that song too.

  50. This is one of Kid Rock’s very best. I don’t care how preachy or dramatic it is, it tells it like it is. AMEN!!

  51. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I don’t know how long she’ll be around, but I do like Duffy. The slightly irritating high-pitched little girl voice eventually grew on me.

  52. I don’t think Kid Rock will be sending this tune to country radio …

  53. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Sheryl Crow said on the red carpet she wants to do an entire country album with Kid Rock.

    Just sayin.’

  54. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    What song is Kid Rock singing?

  55. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Really, Kid Rock?

  56. Oh, a Kid Rock medley … just what I wanted.

  57. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    if I hear “Summertime” one more time………

  58. J.R. he already did. “Amen” was a single before “All Summer Long” but the later recieved an advantage from the timing that made it a big hit.

    “Amen” became a huge video hit for him though.

  59. nenciaNo Gravatar

    Geez, some of you are some whiny bitches…just enjoy the show!

  60. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I actually liked the country song Crow did with Kid.

  61. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    just throwing it out there, the Duffy album is EXCELLENT. Give it a chance!

  62. oh let us have our fun nencia

  63. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the friendly advice, nencia.

  64. DiamondNo Gravatar

    I liked the Kid/Crow collaboration as well. You never know what duo combinations will work. But I won’t hold my breath when Miley and Taylor do their acoustic song. We shall see.

  65. I didn’t know Kid Rock released the song ‘Amen’ to country radio, Cowboy. Thanks for the info!

  66. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus coming up!!!!! wow…this is much more exciting than when Loretta, Dolly, and Tammy nailed “Silver Threads and Golden Needles” on the CMA’s back in ’93…i expect a similar vocal performance…hope i’m not disappointed!!!

  67. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Sheldon, disappointed wont be the word for what you feel lol

  68. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Love the sarcasm, Sheldon.

  69. vpNo Gravatar

    I agree with Kevin. Thought that was her best performance of that song and that female guitarist was awesome. in the rehersal news they said it was going to be a vamp up Last Name, and apparently she got a standing O after performing it 3 times early in the morning perfectly. I guess there are just some people who won’t ever like her and some that always will. I can admit I am the ladder.

  70. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I liked “Picture” (the Crow/Kid duet), too. The Duffy album is a little scattershot, but she’s got plenty of talent. I would’ve voted for Crow in Pop Album, though.

    Carrie was typically gracious when receiving her Grammy, but sorry, that rendition of “Last Name” was a little wild. I really liked her perf of JAD at the CMAs (I noted it in my show review), but she was a little out of breath there, too. That’s something that a splash of vocal training can fix. “Jesus, Take the Wheel” at the ACMs and the “Make the World Go Away”/Eddy Arnold tribute are two of the best perfs of the past decade at country awards shows. She can (and has) done better, in my opinion.

  71. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Thanks Leeann…I actually wish them the best…just yearning for the good ol’ days …

  72. AndieNo Gravatar

    i found carrie quite entertaining, and ahe rocked the house!!!

  73. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    After Swift’s stellar Grammy nomination show performance, it’s no wonder they invited her back to the real thing.:)

  74. So, one of them is tone-deaf, and the other has a goat-like vibrato. I can’t believe no one thought of this inspired pairing before.

  75. Okay … Miley makes Taylor sound good.

  76. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Fifteen. The name of this song or the number of minutes of fame that Miley Cyrus deserves?

  77. Now here’s a are fit for each other in todays musical world.

    I have to say, respectable song and Taylor’s actually on for once, but Miley’s trying a little to hard

  78. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    VP, I for one am not gunning for Carrie. I’ll admit when I think she does a good job. I just didn’t enjoy this one. It’s not a simple matter of blanketly disliking or liking her.

  79. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    what on earth am I listening to?

  80. I take that back. They’re both tone-deaf.

  81. This is the first time I’ve really heard Miley sing … wow, she’s bad. Even worse than Taylor, who was actually on-key tonight.

    Aww … Miley said: “my best friend Taylor wrote …”

  82. I like Taylor, I really do…but I can’t help but wonder who she knew that got her where she is…..

  83. Plant and Krauss, classic Grammy winners right there.

  84. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Wow, I’m actually surprised Krauss/Plant won this one!

  85. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Finally a decent moment

  86. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    4 Minutes. The name of a Madonna/Timberlake/Timbaland collabo or the amount of fame that Miley Cyrus deserves?

    Props to Plant/Krauss. Long live Led Zeppelin. And bluegrass.

  87. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I’m sad I can’t comment on the Swift/Cyrus performance. I got side tracked.

  88. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Jennifer, sorry, you have to sing after Miley and Taylor. Try to live up to it.

  89. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Man, what happened to Hudson really just turns my stomach.

  90. DiamondNo Gravatar

    And Ms. Hudson looks awesome, by the way. Good for her!

  91. See Hudson is a great example of what should come from American Idol!!!

  92. Gotta love the contrast between the Taylor / Miley contempt-for-pitch performance and the a capella opening of J-Hud’s performance. Almost makes you wonder if the producers were trying to make a point…

  93. AndieNo Gravatar

    the whole swift/cyrus duet hasd good parts( a few), but im really looking forward stay by sugarland, is so stripped down that it totally compliments carries rocker performance showing how wide country music is

  94. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Hudson just made herself a Grammy moment that should live on for a while

  95. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Impressive that Hudson came from AI.

  96. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I love how Plant/Krauss can win Grammys in multiple genres.

    I am looking forward to seeing the Miley/Taylor duet and have been since it was announced. What does that say about me? Of course I’m expecting a train wreck much in the way of Britney’s first VH1 comeback, but both of these girls have waaaay too much self-confidence to be thrown by a little universal panning of their performance to make it painful to watch.

  97. I’d just like to say I reallt feel for Hudson after what happened and I respect that she payed homage to them when she won her award and managed to keep it simple and clean.

  98. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I was not a fan of Jennifer Hudson on American Idol. But I’ve liked most everything she’s done since.

  99. damn, more over rated teen sensations.


  100. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    that younger Jonas kid aint got too bad of voice. I aint crazy about the material but their pitch is alot better than some other teens this evening

  101. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Lynn, I felt the same way about the Swift/Cyrus performance. Sick, huh?

  102. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Miley may have sounded halfway un-bad, but she’s definitely been overplayed in the media.

  103. SheldonNo Gravatar

    oooooo-eeeeeee, the Jonas Brothers!! Good to see country music ain’t the only genre to throw the keys to the bus to the young ‘uns…drive on boys, drive on.

  104. Gotta say though, their teaming with Wonder really brings this song to a new level…i’m actually enjoying it.

    In all honesty I think ‘d have more respect for the Jonas Brothers if they weren’t so teen oriented.

  105. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    So…these are the Jonas Brothers, huh? This is literally my first time hearing them. How out of touch am I?

  106. Wo LeeAnn get with the times, jk

  107. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Srry, I just take back every word I just said about the Jonas brothers

  108. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    9:10 Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one, Kevin.

  109. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas seem made for each other. Somebody should reconsider.

    Stevie Wonder was probably told he was performing with U2, and now it’s too late to get out of this jungle gym. He’s one of the legends of all time.

  110. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Hey, hey, Cowboy. It ain’t just me.:)

  111. Leeann WardNo Gravatar


  112. Best Rock album goes to Cold Play….

    Wow, I used to be all about country and now that I’ve branched out I can’t believe how much respect I’ve learned to show for guys like this…..good for them.

  113. My first exposure to the Jonas Brothers too … pretty much what I expected.

    Bring on Sugarland already!

  114. Coldplay wins…

    If anyone was wodnering the guy with the arm in a sling is the guy who survived a planecrash last year.

    “We’re Limestone” classic….

  115. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    J.R., they’re what I expected too.

  116. I didn;t know Kenny was doing this too….that should be interesting and, if i know myself, it should be the first time I might have some disagreements on here tonight.

  117. Blake,

    Every male artist in pop/rock has that fashion sense these days, that is except for Coldplay…

  118. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I’ve fully accepted that the Jonas Brothers are this generation’s New Kids on the Block. A pin-up boy group who caters to the hysterical tween crowd. I still remember when my next door neighbor had the NKOTB posters, sheets, dolls and trading cards. I can only hope the Jonas Brothers’ career is just as long.

  119. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    One of my sisters was obsessed with NKOB too. She even had the Barbie dolls.

  120. So, Lynn, you’re already planning the JoBros’ comeback album in 2017?

  121. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @Cowboy: Kenny’s performing “Better as a Memory.” I liked his rendition on the ACMs and actually think it’s one of his better songs of the last five years, although some would argue with that.

  122. SheldonNo Gravatar

    I’m throwing on “Coal Miner’s Daughter”…who wants to ditch the Grammys and come over and watch it with me??

  123. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    9:10 Haha, Dan!

  124. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Blink 182, werent they the ones who used to run around nekkid in their videos??

  125. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    I havent been able to look at Craig Fergeson since his skit on the his show where he dirty talked with Betty White

  126. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I really like the sound of that Chesney song. I think the lyrics are kinda arrogant though.

  127. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    No, Sheldon, don’t leave us!

  128. Craig Ferguson .. the guy who comes on after Letterman, I like him.

    “Lesbians ARE totally awesome”. Right on, Craig.

  129. So the giant banana and Carmen Miranda get-up are supposed to distract us from the fact that Katy Perry is actually a worse singer than Taylor Swift? Because seriously: Girl can’t sing.

  130. SheldonNo Gravatar

    my ears hurt, Leeann…might…not……make…….it…..

  131. I couldn’t really get past the visual Jonanthan … She has a bad voice huh?

  132. So when will Taylor Swift be covering that song on the CMA Awards?

  133. Another person who can’t sing…

  134. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I always end up enjoying the Grammys more than I think I will. I always think I won’t enjoy it because country isn’t much represented, but they remind me that other music is fun too.:)

  135. Kanye West … he got ‘kicked in the teeth’ on the charts by Reba last year.

  136. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Katy Perry was singing?? I didnt notice, I was wayyyy too busy watching :)

  137. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Moments earlier, Kanye was spotted tossing his Vince Gill T-shirt in the clothes hamper back in his dressing room

  138. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    “I’m guessing that we’ll leave experimental lesbianism to the pop world.”

    I dare Taylor Swift to give it a shot on her next album. Let’s test her popularity. I have a feeling her young fans won’ care. She shares a lot of fans with Katy Perry.

  139. So Katy Perry’s ruse was successful, is what you all are telling me?

  140. Yep, me too, Cory. You and I think alike.

  141. Kanye really has the MJ hair going doesn’t he? Thankfully he’s sticking to rapping here instead of autotuning…er singing.

  142. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    9:24 I’m thinkin’ you’re right, Blake.:)

  143. wow..i missed a lot for a few there, lol.

    I think Kenny’s song is good, and arrogent might be a little far there LeeAnn

  144. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    rooting for Duffy!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Haha, Sheldon!

  146. Adele…Makes sense. That record was/is really, really good.

  147. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    J.R. It turns out my girlfriend was talking to me during that performance as well, opps oh well…..

  148. Again, the New Artist goes to someone I’ve never heard of…no I had never heard of Winehouse before last years undeserving win.

    I can’t judge Adel though cause I’ve never heard her, but I’ll have to be sure to listen in and see how she is.

  149. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Ha, Cowboy. My reasons are in my review of the song, which I’m assuming you read and disagreed with.:)

  150. Lady A was the only artist whose work I am familiar with. I need to get with the times.

  151. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I will say that it’s one of the few Chesney songs I own.

  152. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    you people all need to give Duffy a listen, I will say that till I am blue in the fingers from typing!!

  153. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I think Winehouse always sounds better live than on record.

  154. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    9:27 Really, Lynn?

  155. I’m surprised how much I know of all the different genres this year compared to last.

    I remember the review LeeAnn, it was back when we disagreed with each other all the time…those were the days.

  156. For the Duffy fans who keep trying to gain some support here

    you have it, I actually like her stuff too, although the was a little annoying at first, but she grew on me

  157. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Fun times, fun times, Cowboy.

  158. Nice, Kenny gets a shout out from one of the world’s greatest actors….appropriate.

  159. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    So Morgan and Chesney are friends, huh?

  160. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Morgan Freeman introduces Kenny. Cool.

  161. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I will say another thing for Chesney here. He actually does sound sincere on this song.

  162. I’d like to say I love Kenny’s guitar, and he’s actually doing really good, way to respresent Kenny.

  163. Chesney’s spot-on and I like the stripped-down performance on this Sunny Sweeney approved song.

  164. Kenny does really good on these ballad’s live, he should do them more often.

  165. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I like Freeman, but I think I remember him saying, a few years ago, that there isn’t much racism in Mississippi. I didn’t know if he was being nice or out of touch.

  166. Kenny just showed why he’s the biggest ticket seller in the house!

  167. Kenny did okay … head tick and all.

  168. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Cory D, Blake, Cory D haha

    Thankyou for supporting my fingers!

  169. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Kenny Chesney with one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen him give. The Morgan Freeman endorsement must’ve done him wonders. (You’re the man, Morgan!)

  170. And the Record Of The Year is: Coldplay.

  171. BillyNo Gravatar

    I have Bleeding Love or Vida La Vida wins.

  172. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Please read *this* letter? noo!

  173. got that wrong…
    Oh the Grammy loves Plant and Krauss

  174. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    *@$#! Sorry, Cory! Too many C.D.’s here.

  175. Record of the year……………

    Please Read The Letter……deserving, but I was routing for Cold Play, that’s just an awsome song. Like I said before this is classic Grammy right here.

    I have a feeling this Adel girl really deserves a listen, she got quite a few noms huh

  176. BillyNo Gravatar

    And…of course, Please Read the Letter (NOT THIS LETTER) wons.

  177. Glad I talked my editor into sticking with the Plant/Krauss sweep for our official predictions!

  178. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yay Krauss/Plant again!!

  179. Yeah Blake, I didn’t say that! I saw you quote me and I thought “I never said that, but I would!”

    Rockferry is an amazing album. I’m just sad that Trisha Yearwood and Jazmine Sullivan are walking away with nothing tonight. Besides that, I’m happy.

  180. That’s how many Grammy’s for Alison Krauss now?

  181. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    How many Grammy’s does this place Krauss at now? whew

  182. who else is in the performance line up?

  183. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    wow again JR? freaky haha

  184. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I don’t think believe that Robert Plant meant to say “Nashville touch.” I didn’t hear any crashing guitars and wailing vocals on “Please Read the Letter.”

    I would’ve voted for “Viva La Vida,” but the Brit rock god and the bluegrass queen have the brooms out.

  185. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Hey Alison – quit hogging the damn mic…let someone else talk! (Musta learned that from her ol’ friend Dolly)

  186. vpNo Gravatar

    I was on hiatus for a few so I need to play catch up. Okay I aready forgot about MC/TS, Jonas Bros. (they look like the mario Bros. game) Katie Perry not so great, WTG AK/RP, oh here they get another. Jennifer Hudson I thought it was good I had trouble hearing some of her pronunciation, and I have never been to keen on artist who try to emulate Whitney and Mary J. but it was good, she is a better actress though. I actually liked Kenny I prefer him like this instead of a reggea impersonator.

  187. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    All the Duffy lovers out there had me confused. Krauss owns 25, and Album should be #26.

  188. Yes, anyone else who thinks like me is scary, Cory …

    How long till Sugarland?

  189. BillyNo Gravatar

    I need to give Duffy a listen, I liked Mercy…

  190. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @Jonathan: Thanks for keeping the genre alive over there. I hope one day you can teach Sal and Eric a thing or two about country music. haha

  191. DiamondNo Gravatar

    I miss Al Green. Who gave him the hour off?

  192. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I think last year’s show did have more energy.

  193. BillyNo Gravatar

    And now the rappers take the stage.

  194. No pregnant woman should wear an outfit like that.

  195. so who’s the pregnant chick?

  196. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Not liking this…

  197. BillyNo Gravatar

    I like M.I.A. Kanye, Lil’ Wayne not so much. Jay-Z and T.I. are decent though. I don’t like this “song” though.

  198. I like that Queen Latifah. She does make everything sound cool, doesn’t she?

  199. I love that M.I.A. is actually due today.

  200. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    what is going on? my tc screen went black and white and the music got reallllly odd lol

  201. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    M.I.A. looks like a bloated ladybug.

  202. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Somebody watch the pregnant lady during this performance. I’m having labor pains just listening.

  203. BillyNo Gravatar

    Jonathan (9:51): It would be an interesting twist if the baby came now…

  204. Whats with the black and white effect……..random and maybe uncalled for…

    Does anyone else get the feeling the rap pack is glorifying themselves just a little bit

  205. You’re not missing anything right now, Cory.

  206. Cowboy,

    That’s what hip-hop/rap ALWAYS does.

  207. BillyNo Gravatar

    Cowboy Bleu (9:52): The entire song is about how great they are. It’s very annoying.

  208. wow…due today….damn
    that would have been interesting

  209. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    this reminds me of a comment made by Megan Mullally on “Will and Grace”

    “Its only acting for god’s sake, how hard can it be? Kate Beckensale can do it!”

  210. SheldonNo Gravatar

    The Country Music Association Awards producers are home as I write, giddy as a bunch of schoolgirls with all the new ideas the Grammy show is giving them for this falls annual CMAs…can’t wait to see what they come up with!

  211. oh i know thats how it always is…i just didn’t want to feed any flames with rude comments about how much i hate that music.

  212. Random note: I love Karen on Will and Grace.

  213. Couldn’t Ringo have played drums and Grohl could’ve been out in front?

  214. McCartney…show em how it’s done

  215. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Believe it or not, Cowboy, I like some rap music. Not very traditional, huh?:)

  216. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    McBride was seven months pregnant at the 1994 CMAs.

    Kate can act however she wants, but I love that British accent.

  217. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    9:55 I agree with you, Dan.

  218. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    alright J.R. thats one too many similarities!!!

    Im going to go make a martini in honor of Karen on W&G!

  219. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Blake, you’re a young Paul W. Dennis. So much knowledge.:)

  220. well there is some that is respectable. I’ll take “Where Is THe Love” or anything newer by Nelly any day, but if you give me Little Wayne or Kanye West I’ll rip my ears off….no ofence to them or they’re fans, but man I hate them.

  221. Did they just say “Sugarland AND Adele” like they were going to perform together?

  222. BillyNo Gravatar

    I hope Jason Mraz wins best Pop Vocal.

  223. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I love Karen too.

  224. yes, they’re performing together.

  225. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    I really wanna find a video of Martina at the CMAs

  226. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    You love McCartney. I love McCartney. We all love McCartney (and scream for ice cream). But what in the hail did he have to do with popular music this year? (Yes, I know, he’s nommed in Pop Vocal.)

  227. I don’t do martinis … but I’ll have a shot of whiskey with you as I wait for Sugarland, Cory.

  228. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yeah, J.R.

  229. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Not about the whiskey though, JR.

  230. Oh, did you want a drink, Leeann?

  231. Oh … well, you can’t say I didn’t offer.

  232. I’d like to say I’m so excited for the next Survivor…love it

  233. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yeah, that’s how I feel about it, Blake.

  234. Blake, McCartney released a pretty terrific rock album called Electric Arguments under the guise of “The Fireman” (his collaboration with Youth, bassist for the band Killing Joke) late last year.

    Which only a handful of people heard, so it’s hard to say “relevant,” but he did release some quality new material.

  235. Uh-oh. Can someone close my italics tag?

  236. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Thanks…not a drinker, even though I love those drinkin’ songs.

  237. I get told I kinda look like Jack Black and I’d NEVER wear a hat like that. He shouldn’t either.

  238. I probably should have known Sugarland and Adele are performing together … again, I’m out of touch.

  239. AndieNo Gravatar

    i want some sugarland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Grammy so John Mayer.

    Hell Yeah.

  241. BillyNo Gravatar

    Say, John Mayer…Good choice.

  242. John Mayer was the obvious choice there, if Paul McCartney wasn’t going to win.

  243. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    John Mayer gets to go home to Jennifer Aniston, so I’m a little pissed that he won this prize, too.

  244. Sugarland and Adele huh….wow

  245. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @Matt B. : You don’t look like Jack Black.

  246. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Hmmm whiskey, im fresh outta that, I just got vodka so I do what I can do haha

  247. BillyNo Gravatar

    Stay & Chasing Pavements…At the same time?

  248. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Never like John Mayer. Boring.

  249. Blake, I know, but that’s what some people have said…must be the rotund figure and big foreheads.

  250. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar


    Guess its not the sound system that has been the problem tonight

  251. Jennifer nails it every time. I thought they would perform ‘Love’ tho.

  252. Classy….Now I wonder if Adele will record that song and release it in the UK.

  253. Jennifer is a master at what she does, now I get to see who this Adele girl really is.

  254. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    Leeann- See Mayer in concert sometime before you write him off completely. He can be drippy on record, but he’s a great live performer.

  255. I’m with you on the John Mayer front, Leeann. He sings like he needs a hit of Albuterol.

  256. a combination of casual and a little intimidated……she’s good though, i’m impressed

  257. Jennifer made country music proud tonight.

  258. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    10:06 I like Jason Mraz.

  259. AndieNo Gravatar

    it was a greeat performance by jenn nettles!!

  260. J.R. I’d argue that Chesney did as well.

  261. And Nettles comes in….this is a show people

  262. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @Jonathan: That album’s pretty decent (I’ve heard about half of the tracks, I think), and kudos to Paul for still making good music, but his perf spot could’ve been spent somewhere else.

  263. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Okay, Lynn, I trust you.

  264. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    My girlfriend is yelling at me to come to bed, but I keep expecting to see something exciting happen tonight

  265. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Welcome, Andie. Are you new here?

  266. Well the country world was a little shaky by their first two offerings to the show, Carrie was a surprise loss tonight.

    Kenny and Jenn definalty showed what we can really offer though.

  267. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Adele was supposedly a bundle of nerves in rehearsals, but she just blew the roof off the joint. Those two trophies were quick boosts of confidence.

    Jennifer Nettles was in fine form, too. If casual country observers were listening, they would be under the impression that the genre was still churning out cheating songs sung by great singers.

  268. Dan @ 10:13:

    Jennifer Nettles could sing Kanye West songs (ones he “sings”) and make them sound good.

  269. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Cory – hit the hay…nothing on this show can top Taylor and Miley, so turn in, Boy.

  270. @ Matt B. Chesney was pretty good, and I do like the song he sang. But he ain’t got nothin’ on Jennifer Nettles’ performance. She kills that song. Every time.

  271. I think Adele has a lot of promise. She was deserving of that New Artist Award.

  272. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Blake – you’re right about that…but I wish Ms. Womack could have hit the stage and showed them city folk a thing or two about a lyin’ cheatin’ honky tonkin’ song…

  273. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    I keep waiting to see if that chicks water breaks and she has her baby on the Grammys

  274. Kevin J. CoyneNo Gravatar

    It’s gotta be tough to sing “Stay” and nail the vulnerability and the notes each time.

  275. AndieNo Gravatar

    country music was well represented tonight
    from keith urban jamming the guitar
    to carrie rocking out LN
    to a very poised kenny chesney
    to a emotional jenn nettles

  276. And it’s Mrs. Chris Martin, Mother of Apple and Moses Martin.

  277. People forget that Radiohead made a hell of a lot of money off of “In Rainbows,” the record they ‘gave away.’ I think they made close to 100 Million $ off it. Who needs a record company?

  278. AndieNo Gravatar

    leaan ward@ yeah for a feew weeks now

  279. Is it sad that the country artists on the Grammy’s, all five of them (even taylor) made the entire CMA show look just awful??

  280. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Chris Martin gets a tingly feeling every time he talks about Radiohead, and the same goes for his wife apparently.

  281. vpNo Gravatar

    Sugarland was good as they alway are with that song, but I really dislike that song more than any other, but I listened to the whole thing and she was great, could of did with less of the weird facial expressions.

  282. VP,

    I guess you don’t like ‘cheatin’ songs or the lyrics about her being ‘the other woman?’

  283. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Alright guys, im being forced to bed, nice chatting with you all!

    The live blog/chat was alot of fun, need more excuses than just award shows to do it!

  284. vp, the weird faces are a singing tactic.

    She sings with her mask and she distorts her face to get the sound etc. that she needs, as well as show a little feeing.

  285. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I like Radiohead; they’d made some odd twists in the ’00s, but this album is on par with OK Computer or Kid A.

  286. vpNo Gravatar

    No I’m not a fan of the person who cheats or the one that cheats with. I’ve never been cheated on, but I dispise liars and there is no bigger one than a cheater.

  287. the man who’s in every frigain third movie you could think of

  288. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Re: the Chris Martin comment—I wanted to say “Chris Martin has a major hard-on every time he talks about Radiohead,” but this is Country Universe and I need to represent with class.


  289. BillyNo Gravatar

    Oh look, T.I.’s back.

  290. TI and Timberlake: AKA the Chris Brown slot.

  291. I’m not watching the Grammy’s I’m recording it for the performances.

    Adele + Sugarland = heaven for me.

    Can’t wait to hear them rock out to “Chasing Pavements”!

  292. Wow…whats with the hat..

  293. Nobody likes cheaters, VP. But you shouldn’t let that keep you from appreciating a truly great song.

  294. That Timberlake fellow is sure talented…, even if we gotta see him with TI.

  295. AndieNo Gravatar

    STAY its probably one of the best COUNTRY songs in recent memory its just beautiful

  296. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @vp: In my view, “Stay” is a harsh indictment of cheating. I think Nettles does a nice job of showing how much misery the cheatee can be in, while exposing how misguided the cheater is. From past interviews, I’ve heard Nettles say that fans have told her they’ve ended such behavior in part because of the song. While I don’t condone the action, that choice is between the parties involved, and I still like “Stay” for explaining the pain in a cheating story.

    Mr. Dick-in-a-Box is back! More falsettos! He’s still not transitioned from boys to men.

  297. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I’m a fan of uncensored Blake.

  298. BillyNo Gravatar

    I like Justin’s voice, not so much his material though.

  299. Kevin J. CoyneNo Gravatar

    There has got to be a better name for Justin Timberlake than that.

  300. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Excluding cheating songs from country music doesn’t leave awhole lot left to enjoy.

  301. ok, this whole Stay conflict is really taking the fun outta this guys, relax

  302. Dan,

    The rest of the world would argue that Westlife was the ‘wimpiest boy band in the world.’

  303. way to bring Obama into the picture…interesting.

  304. AndieNo Gravatar

    leeann@ that would left patriotic songs, little town songs and love songs

  305. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yeah, that skit was pretty hillarious though.

  306. “Yes We Can” speech? Obama should sue for Copyright infringement.

  307. time for the inspirational part of the show

  308. Matt, my dear old eps WOT friend, I think the South Koreans might argue that Super Junior has a claim to that title.

  309. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    10:30 It’s always amazing how Timberlake always comes out looking good after each of his relationships.

  310. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Cheaters are humans like everyone else, and they often have extremely poor self-esteem that worsens after they make the choice to cheat. They deserve justice, but also sympathy.

  311. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @Lynn: Uncensored Blake? Please elaborate.

  312. DiamondNo Gravatar

    One of the original “Tops.” Awesome.

  313. Did Smokey Robinson get his Botox from Kenny Rogers’ supplier? Because holy God.

  314. haha..Super Junior… My students loved that group, all boy/girl groups for that matter. Do Asian boy/girl ‘bands’ ever rise above cheese? ;) Nice weaving of the eps WOT into the conversation…

  315. this years Grammy’s has been more about the beaty and less about the entertainment…still a good show though

  316. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Number of CMA Awards handed out during last November’s ceremony: 9
    Number of Grammys handed out during tonight’s ceremony, for all genres of music: 10

  317. Blake,

    The Grammy’s have always been (at least the last decade or so) more about the entertainment than the actual reason they’re there.

  318. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    @Blake: Your comment at 10:29. :)

  319. AndieNo Gravatar

    cowboy… the producers did say they were looking for some more viewrs so that explains some of the performers and beauty over entertaiment

  320. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    PR device…yada yada…sales tool….yada yada…self-congratulatory lovefest…pander pander. Yeah, I get it. I still would’ve liked to see Best Hawaiian Music Album presented in the live telecast. Tia Carrere won. Wayne’s World, party time, excellent!

  321. Haha I saw that and almost commented here about her winning a grammy….Like, Totally!

  322. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    @Lynn: Well, I have a bottle of gin and a carton of expiring orange juice on the table and I’m dreading Monday morning work, so yeah, I’m a little irreverent right now.

  323. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Okay, things are dragging.

  324. And the show obviously knew to put the oldies in to keep the older people interested. I love Neil Diamond but, right after Motown? Yikes!


  326. Glad I’m not the only lush tonight …

  327. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Neil is sounding a little lounge-act tonight. Oh well.

  328. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yeah, me either, Dan.

  329. DiamondNo Gravatar

    Thanks for coming out, everybody. Try the veal. Good night. Next time you’re in town…

  330. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I dated a Caroline once; she was pretty sweet.

    I would normally argue against a Neal Diamond perf, but I friggin’ love this song.

  331. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Does this go until 11:30?

  332. A tribute to who we lost.

    God blass George Carlin, we miss you man

  333. Eddie Arnold too, can’t forget him

  334. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I have a Neil Diamond GH.

  335. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I’m happy that George Carlin won. I’m happy that Diamond made a good joke about the veal. I’m happy for Gordon’s London dry gin.

  336. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I kinda like the Diamond country album I have, Tennessee Moon.

  337. Keith, Mayer, this is a great end of the night right here…these are some of the best guitarists/singers around. Like Paisley’s Play album without Paisley

  338. Love ya, George Carlin. I hope God is laughing with you tonight … :)

    And just so everyone knows … Carlin won Best Comedy Album tonight. Well deserved. Sorry, Kevin.

  339. And Keith Urban shows up with guitar gods….Hopefully Rolling Stone won’t ignore him the next time they do a guitar gods issue. He so deserves to be on that list (as do Vince Gill and Brad Paisley). Play it Lucille.

  340. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    I love George Carlin too. My kind of humor. If I wasn’t supposed to represent, I’d post a Carlin video here in the comments.

  341. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Now, I liked that!

  342. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    You can video whatever post you want, Lynn.

  343. SheldonNo Gravatar

    Too bad the fine folks that run the CMA’s went to bed already – they would have seen that its OK afterall to feature a legend singing a legendary song…CMA policy; Nobody over 45 may take the stage at any one time during the broadcast. Hall of Famers must wave from the audience (tucked behind the cheerleaders who, on cue, scream at the latest hottie in a hat), and Dolly is no longer permitted in the building. OK, OK, I made that policy up, and this isn’t about the CMA’s but all this talk about whiskey and gin got me nippin’ out of the liquor cabinet and I am lamenting my former favorite night of the year, CMA night…
    P.S. GO ALISON!!! YEE HAW!!!

  344. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I’m much more of a Griffin person than Carlin. I expected that he would win though. I was kinda disappointed in her album.

  345. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    Shockingly, the only Grammys videos currently uploaded on YouTube are the Jonas Brothers and the Taylor/Miley duet … multiple times. Unfortunate.

  346. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Sheldon, I remember being so excited about CMA night as a kid too. Not so much anymore.

  347. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    @ Blake: “You can video whatever post you want, Lynn.”

    Thanks. Has that gin gone to your head yet?

  348. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yeah, Urban was awesome.

  349. JB and Taylor/Miley…who coulda seen that coming….

  350. SheldonNo Gravatar

    The Loretta Lynn video is on youtube where she wins Country Album for Van Lear Rose. It is well worth watching – she is such a hoot..

  351. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I have an 8:30 sales meeting and a 9:00 interview. This glass is my last glass. Pinky swear.

  352. I’m not representing so here’s my favorite Carlin routine:


    And one from the winning album tonight:


  353. SheldonNo Gravatar

    I’m with you Leeann – I used to call in sick for night-shift when the CMAs were on a night I was supposed to work – got all them taped since the late 80’s…except for the last few – I’m choosey what I put down on tape now…

  354. well guys, i’ve had fun, but I gotta be off..this was fun. Enjoy and I’m routing for Cold Play on album.

  355. haha…you’ll ace that interview…. Robin Thicke sighting…. Wonder if Marc Broussard wasn’t available…

  356. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Rick Astley’s joined Lil’ Wayne! Wicked awesome!

  357. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    Dan – Blink is a local band. My brother used to party with them in high school.

  358. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    10:53 A show that excludes the HOF inductees certainly won’t pay tribute to those who have already passed.

  359. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Lynn, that’s cool!

  360. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Thanks for joining us, Cowboy.

  361. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Nice use of props. Ella, ella, ella, eh, eh.

  362. AndieNo Gravatar

    it was a great blog guys!!!
    i guess ill be back for the acm nominations

  363. Is it just me, or is the live blog way more interesting than the show itself?

  364. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Good, Andie.

  365. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    J.R., I’m sure we at Country Universe would kinda like to think it’s not just you.:) Just kidding.

  366. AndieNo Gravatar

    see you guys!!! you always make the best blogs of live show i enjoy the comments a lot

  367. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    Kanye is calling for a recount!

  368. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Kanye is a big Lil Wayne fan; he positively gushed about him when I saw him in concert.

  369. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I was suggesting that Kanye was expecting to win. He wasn’t nominated. It was a joke. Lil’ Wayne, from the CMAs to Grammy winner. Props.

  370. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Ha, love Kevin’s Plant/Krauss comment.

  371. DiamondNo Gravatar

    From the LA Times live blog:

    “Sad – that the Female Country Musician of the year Rocks harder than Coldplay”

  372. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    11:14 hahaha! Agreed.

  373. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    If they ever make another Pulp Fiction film, we’ve got ourselves the perfect soundtrack.

  374. CherylNo Gravatar

    Carrie was incredible tonight! She rocked that performance and kicked major bootah. I also loved Sugarland’s performance as well. Taylor was her usual dreadful self, and even Miley outsang her which is not saying much. The girl should not be on that stage. Period.

  375. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Cool fun fact…cool to me anyway.

    Yay Plant/Krauss again!!!

  376. Great live blog guys! I’ve had fun … Good luck in the morning Blake!

    See you guys at the ACM live blog … my Reba will be hosting. Can’t wait.

    Good night.

  377. Kevin,

    The ZedHeads do call her Yoko…

    Great blog y’all. ’twas fun….

  378. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Good night, y’all.

  379. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar


  380. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar


  381. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    I was eating at an Indian buffet in Nashville one day, and Alison was in front of me in line and she dropped the ladle in the silver serving dish. Judging from her 26 Grammys, she’s much more comfortable with gold.

  382. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Yeah, I agree, Dan. I remember Alison giving a rambling speech back when she won for “When You Say Nothing At All” at the CMAs. I think the music came on and she said something like, “oh they’re playing the ‘shut up’ music now”, but continued a little longer anyway.:)

  383. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    We’ve reached…400!

  384. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    Nice try,
    Blake! I’ll make it happen.:)

  385. Lynn DouglasNo Gravatar

    and one.

    Great job guys!!!!

  386. Leeann WardNo Gravatar


  387. Janie CrawfordNo Gravatar

    All I can say is Carrie rocked the house tonight and was one of the best performances of the night. Boy can that girl sing and perform and looks great doing it. She sounded great. Loved the rocked out version.

  388. Joe RayNo Gravatar

    I agree!! Carrie is awesome! She was definitely the most entertaining tonight…Glad she won too! Looking forward to her making it 4 in a row for Country FV performance next year…

  389. I have to say that Whitney’s come back was a little disappointing, was expecting a little more from her but I have to say she is looking good. Don’t you just love Kid Rock, and I just love his song “Sweet home Alabama all Summer Long”, its just such a feel good song and when I hear it the radio goes up to the loudest it will go.:)

  390. spaNo Gravatar

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