44th Annual ACM Awards Nominations Announcement


The Academy of Country Music announced nominees for their 44th annual awards ceremony this morning at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Julianne Hough, Kellie Pickler, Leann Rimes and Jessica Simpson were on hand to present this year’s nominees. More analysis to follow.

Entertainer of the Year

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Brad Paisley
  • George Strait
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Keith Urban

Top Male Vocalist

  • Kenny Chesney
  • Toby Keith
  • Brad Paisley
  • George Strait
  • Keith Urban

Top Female Vocalist

  • Miranda Lambert
  • Heidi Newfield
  • Taylor Swift
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Lee Ann Womack

Top Vocal Duo

  • Brooks & Dunn
  • Big & Rich
  • Joey + Rory
  • Montgomery Gentry
  • Sugarland

Top Vocal Group

  • Lady Antebellum
  • Little Big Town
  • Rascal Flatts
  • Randy Rogers Band
  • The Lost Trailers

Top New Female Vocalist

  • Sarah Buxton
  • Julianne Hough
  • Ashton Shepherd

Top New Male Vocalist

  • Jamey Johnson
  • James Otto
  • Jake Owen

Top New Vocal Group/Duo

  • Eli Young Band
  • The Lost Trailers
  • Zac Brown Band

Single of the Year

  • “Gunpowder and Lead,” Miranda Lambert
  • “In Color,” Jamey Johnson
  • “Johnny & June,” Heidi Newfield
  • “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley
  • “You’re Gonna Miss This,” Trace Adkins

Song of the Year

  • “I Saw God Today,” George Strait (Rodney Clawson, Monty Criswell, Wade Kirby)
  • “In Color,” Jamey Johnson (Jamey Johnson, Lee Thomas Miller, James Otto)
  • “Johnny & June,” Heidi Newfield (Deanna Bryant, Heidi Newfield, Stephony Smith)
  • “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley (Don Sampson, Wynn Varble)
  • “You’re Gonna Miss This,” Trace Adkins (Ashley Gorley/Lee Thomas Miller)

Video of the Year

  • “Johnny & June,” Heidi Newfield
  • “Just a Dream,” Carrie Underwood
  • “Love Story,” Taylor Swift
  • “Troubadour,” George Strait
  • “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley

Vocal Event of the Year

  • “Another Try,” Josh Turner/Trisha Yearwood
  • “Cowgirls Don’t Cry,” Brooks & Dunn/Reba McEntire
  • “Down the Road,” Kenny Chesney, Mac McAnally
  • “Life in a Northern Town,” Sugarland/Little Big Town/Jake Owen
  • “Start a Band,” Brad Paisley/Keith Urban
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18 Responses to 44th Annual ACM Awards Nominations Announcement

  1. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Wow, I’m really stoked that Randy Rogers Band got such a big nod, even though I don’t like their current album much. I thought maybe they had an outside shot at Top New Group (hey, if Jack Ingram can do it…), but I never would have called them slipping into the overall group category. Bummer that the Trailers beat ZBB there, though.

    Here are my knee-jerk reactions:

    Entertainer of the Year – Wish Sugarland was here again, because I’d pick them. Keith Urban hasn’t had new music out in forever, but whatever, he’s my favorite of those five, so him. Good for Carrie being nominated, though.
    Male Vocalist – Strait.
    Female Vocalist – Lambert, with Womack a solid second. Wow, the Academy is really loving on Heidi Newfield, huh?
    Duo – Sugarland.
    Group – LBT has been kind of boring me lately, as much as I hate to say it. Out of these I say Randy Rogers Band.
    New Female – Shepherd. How did Sarah Buxton manage to sneak in there again? Lyric Street must have more push than I realized.
    New Male – Johnson.
    New Group – ZBB!
    Single – “Gunpowder & Lead”
    Song – “In Color”
    Video – Paisley, although I really like Swift’s, too.
    Event – “Life in a Northern Town”! I want it to finally win something!

  2. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Oh yeah, where’s album? Did they just abolish the category or something? Even the official release doesn’t have it.

  3. Blake BoldtNo Gravatar

    The Album nominees will be announced in March, according to the official release (that little tidbit is tucked at the bottom). I’m assuming that it will coincide with the announcement of the Best New Artist nominees, but maybe the ACM is waiting another couple weeks until Jamey Johnson sells 300k. Heh.

  4. vpNo Gravatar

    Over all the predictions were pretty good for CU, of course not without some surprises.

    EOTY – Sugarland or Rascal Flatts should’ve been there instead of George, I think he makes it on his name alone most of the time. Congrats to Carrie breaking into the boys club, its great for the woman of country>

    TMV – This one is pretty good, although I thought we might have seen one or two young bloods in there.

    TFV – Its good I’m fine with Martina out but Hiedi that’s out of left feild, where’s Rimes?

    Single, Song and Video – The only thing that confused me was again Hiedi, I like her but not enough for those noms, vid she looks like an aged rock star, it would have been better with John and June clips, it shouldn’t be there. And Just A Dream was such a bigger and better song and single and should have been in there like your predictions said.

  5. Steve from BostonNo Gravatar

    I’m delighted to see Jamey Johnson nominated for multiple categories. I hope he wins theme all. Also happy for Zac Brown and Joey+ Rory..

  6. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    I’m surprised that Newfield got so much recognition. Female vocalist over Yearwood or Rimes? Wierd. I don’t have time for other thoughts right now, but they’re coming.

  7. AaronNo Gravatar

    So did anyone see five nominations for Heidi Newfield coming?? That’s crazy! I’m disappointed they nominated “Johnny and June” as single and song over Underwood’s “Just a Dream.”

    On the other hand, it’s about time there’s a solo female in the Entertainer race! Congrats to miss Carrie Underwood for nabbing her first, of many, nominations! If this is award is partly fan voted, I’d be scared if I was Kenny Chesney.

    To me, these are some good nominations. The new artist categories are pretty much what I expected (yay Sarah Buxton!) but like someone said earlier, this is Julianne’s to lose. I’m a bit disppointed Sugarland didn’t get another Entertainer nomination but they’ll walk away with Duo this year.

  8. AndieNo Gravatar

    i was surprised with Newfield too but whatever, in female vocalist itsm a close race with carri eand miranda, i got used to see martina always nominated so its wierd not seeing her there

    EOTY i want brad to win he deserves it, congrast on carrie for the nom its great to see a woman in

  9. Canadian BoyNo Gravatar

    Lets, see who got snubbed this year.
    Sugarland in ETOTY, I would trade anyone of the 5 nominees for them.
    LeAnn Rimes for Female Vocalist, I just love how Taylor Swift beats out peope who can actually siing.
    Just a Dream for song of the year.
    Once again ‘Every Other Weekend’, how the hell did ‘Start a Band’ manage to beat out EOW?

  10. Cory DeSteinNo Gravatar

    Now that Trisha Yearwood is with Big Machine Records I can assure you that you wont be seeing her name on the ACM or CMA Female Vocalist Ballot again sadly. It just wont happen on that small of a label, especially one with the selling point of being able to laser beam their focus on one artist……sadly that artist is Taylor Swift.

  11. Maureen McColeNo Gravatar

    Guys, Taylor Swift stinks vocally. She may write decent songs (for her age group), but come on, Female Vocalist of the Year?

    Trisha Yearwood is a vocal powerhouse and she’s no where to be found. Martina is wonderful too.
    Ashton Shepherd is the best country singer to come our way in a long time.

    What’s happening to the Country Music world? No one can come near King George.

  12. Maureen McColeNo Gravatar

    I agree that Start a Band is not worthy of “vocal event of the year”. Maybe, guitar playing event – but not vocal event.

    Brad Paisley is not a good vocalist either.

  13. Maureen McColeNo Gravatar

    Never considered Keith Urban a “country singer”. He has always been too much a “rocker”.

    The only song that I loved from him is “Tonight I Wanna Cry”.

  14. Maureen McColeNo Gravatar

    Sorry, I’m just venting. But honestly, guys, no one deserves the EOTY award more than George Strait. True, his concerts are fewer and gross less than the other performers and he doesn’t produce videos like the other country guys/girls but these factors should not be the reason for choosing the EOTY. King George has got that true country emotion and has never wavered from the true meaning of country music.

  15. vpNo Gravatar

    After reading Maureen’s venting it made me think where are your guys predictions and discussion about each category before the show like you usually do?

  16. Leeann WardNo Gravatar

    They are a comin’.

  17. vpNo Gravatar

    Thanks Leeann they always are so interesting!!

  18. Music ManNo Gravatar

    Entertainer of the Year

    George Strait

    Top Male Vocalist

    George Strait

    Top Female Vocalist

    Carrie Underwood

    Top Vocal Duo


    Top Vocal Group

    Lady Antebellum

    Top New Female Vocalist

    Ashton Shepherd

    Top New Male Vocalist

    Jake Owen

    Top New Vocal Group/Duo

    Eli Young Band

    Single of the Year

    “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley

    Song of the Year

    “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley (Don Sampson, Wynn Varble)

    Video of the Year

    “Waitin’ on a Woman,” Brad Paisley

    Vocal Event of the Year

    “Life in a Northern Town,” Sugarland/Little Big Town/Jake Owen