New Site Launching Wednesday, March 18

The good people at Brady Mills Graphics have redesigned Country Universe, and the new site will be launching the morning of Wednesday, March 18.

Things may get a little wonky as the kinks are worked out, so bear with us. The end result will be more than worth it!


  1. I am afraid of change…every time something in the country music industry changes, it involves teen-age girls lamenting about their latest “crush” or renaming Fan Fair.

    The only thing that will calm my fears about all these changes to my favorite country blog is if you feature Dolly’s new video “Backwoods Barbie”…its a little over the top, but man, I love the way she looks..I mean writes…..

  2. It seems like you might have a bit of tweaking to do (like Leeann’s new post not being featured). Still pretty simple to use otherwise…

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