Bargain Hunter: Keith Urban’s Brand New Album


March 31, 2009

keith_urbanSuperstar, Keith Urban, is offering his much anticipated brand new album Defying Gravity for the bargain price of $3.99 on Amazon today. Reviews so far have been mixed, but here’s a chance for you to decide for yourself without breaking the bank. Grab it quick, because this deal won’t last forever.

Downloading Instructions:

Click on the big “Play” symbol to play the clips. When they start playing, a little box with information about the track will appear at the bottom of the box. Click where it says the album’s name (Defying Gravity) to reach the full album. Alternatively, you can click the yellow “Buy MP3″ button to go to the page of the individual song that’s playing, from which you can also reach the full album’s page.

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  1. Tony CNo Gravatar says:

    Just bought this, can’t beat $3.99. Need to gather my thoughts, nothing blew me away first listen though.

  2. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar says:

    Shoot, this means I gotta get my review up soon! Alright, time to buckle down!

  3. AndrewNo Gravatar says:

    The album’s nothing special, but for the price I can’t really complain.

  4. GailNo Gravatar says:

    I gotta have the CD! I have to read all the liner notes…that’s my thing!

  5. Greg DowNo Gravatar says:

    too bad it’s not avail. in canada

  6. Razor XNo Gravatar says:

    Even at such a bargain price, I can’t get get enthused enough about a Keith Urban album to actually buy it.

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