Deals Aplenty This Month on Amazon MP3

There's something for everyone this month at Amazon. The ever-thoughtful editors there have marked down 50 prime MP3 albums to $5 apiece for the duration of May. Among their choices:

Kenny Rogers, The Gambler:  Something of a concept album revolving around the iconic title track. It's regarded as one of his best full albums.

Jamey Johnson, That Lonesome Song:  Nashville's critical favorite of 2008 if you don't count Taylor Swift's Fearless as “country.”

Neko Case, Middle Cyclone: A well-received rock-leaning outing from the alt-country favorite. Has a very weird and very cool album cover.

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Dolly Parton, Backwoods Barbie: Parton's most recent album, which finds her embracing contemporary country styles more fully than she has in recent years. There's some fluff in this package, but some very solid songwriting, too.

Grateful Dead, American Beauty: Supposedly, it's one of the best country-influenced rock albums ever. I haven't heard it yet myself because a few sources have insisted it I make a proper experience of it.

And the page is well worth checking out for the non-country deals, too. Amazon even has the stereo version of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, universally acknowledged as one of the best, most important albums ever, for $1.99 here.

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4 Responses to Deals Aplenty This Month on Amazon MP3

  1. RussNo Gravatar

    Yea, the first time I heard American Beauty, I was floored. I’m amazed it doesn’t get more recognition for its Bakersfield influences, the way the Byrds and the Eagles are for country-rock. Obviously the Dead have been remembered as a hardcore rock jam band, but their country influences are numerous. American Beauty is the first album I believe Garcia plays on the pedal steel as well. Definitely give yourself a proper listening experience for it haha.

  2. Steve from BostonNo Gravatar

    Russ, I used to watch the Bluegrass channel when music choice still had it in it’s lineup, and I was amazed to see Jerry Garcia’s name pop up on some of the songs they featured. I never realized the leader of the Grateful Dead dabbled in Bluegrass as well.

  3. RussNo Gravatar

    Yup, Old and in the Way with Vassar Clements

  4. I think I’ll end up getting Backwoods Barbie sometime in the next few days…

    I highly recommend Middle Cyclone, it’s fantastic.