Eli Young Band, “Radio Waves”


July 6, 2009

eli young couchEli Young Band’s latest sounds like a hit from top to bottom, with crisp pop-rock production, likable vocals, and a brisk tempo that allows the song to breeze by pleasantly, even as the chorus just misses its intended melodic mark.

As I’ve said before, they’re basically just playing Rascal Flatts’ game with a little less drama, and the result here is pretty enjoyable, the kind of musical comfort food you expect from summer radio when it’s behaved.

If you enjoy the song, I have to recommend that you check out the Sugarland’s charming album cut “Tennessee”, which tells the same basic story with a similar beat and a little more personality. But “Radio Waves” will find a home where its title puts it, and it should.

Written by Blu Sanders & Mike Eli

Grade: B

Listen: Radio Waves


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  1. ToddNo Gravatar says:

    Dan your Rascal Flatts comparison is interesting because I think Of these guys as Rascal Flatts with some musical integrity. It will be interesting to see if EYB completely sells out in the future the way Rascal Flatts did.
    As for this particular song, it’s my least favorite single from the album. It’s not a terrible song just not as good as “Always The Love Songs” and especially “When It Rains”.

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