Happy Veterans Day

ArmisticeDayHappy Veterans Day, formerly Armistice Day.  In memory of my father, a veteran of the United States Navy, I share his favorite song. When the video came on, he stopped whatever he was doing and just watched:


Share your favorite soldier songs in the comments.

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  1. I always liked the Jimmy Webb song Galveston made famous by Glen Campbell. But the song that was the most popular during the Viet Nam war was “We gotta get out of this place” by Eric Burdon and the Animals. It was obviously not written as a soldier song but the title made it fit the situation.

    Of more recent vintage, I like “Sparrow” solely written and performed by Hal Ketchum from his “Father Time” cd. The setting for this story song is the Civil War. Then there’s the big Big & Rich song “8th of November”, a very realistic protrayal of a horrific battle.

  2. There are a lot of great soldier songs. A current one that I love is Trace Adkins’ “When the Last Shot’s Fired.”

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