Review: Keith Urban, “‘Til Summer Comes Around”

Urban’s recent output has been upbeat and bright, so it’s a sucker punch to hear him in full melancholic mode again.  But like John Mellencamp once sang, “It hurts so good.”

“‘Til Summer Comes Around” is  a sadly beautiful tale about a man who lives in a summer town and falls in love with a girl who’ll be leaving at the end of the season. Using the emptiness of “everything is closing down” as a backdrop, Urban’s heartbreak becomes one with the town. Just as the carnival rides are shut down and have to wait out the fall, winter, and spring, so does Urban have to wait for his love that promises to come back.

Only she doesn’t, making the summer somehow sadder than the seasons he’s already waited out.  Whereas he’s now surrounded by the town’s vibrancy and life that is there every summer, the hope that kept him going during the off-season has disappeared.

Written by Monty Powell and Keith Urban

Grade: A

Listen: ‘Til Summer Comes Around

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11 Responses to Review: Keith Urban, “‘Til Summer Comes Around”

  1. chrisNo Gravatar

    i really dont think keith could really do a bad song. i love when his voice is slow and sexy

  2. MichaelNo Gravatar

    Agreed. None of Urban’s recent singles have done anything for me, but I did download this one after hearing it. Great song!

  3. SheepNo Gravatar

    Great song. I’m not a big fan of Urban’s but this is one of his best single releases.

    I also find it interesting that this song will chart for most of the time “til summer comes around…” :)

  4. gailNo Gravatar

    Beautiful song and I agree with Chris, Keith doesn’t ever do a bad song. This song done live at Keith’s concert is beyond amazing.

  5. DonnaNo Gravatar

    I love this song, it is so beautiful. I can not wait to see the video. Keith is a fantastic entertainer and he doesn’t have a bad song!

  6. KNo Gravatar

    As much as I like Keith as an artist and person, this song does nothing for me. I see it as “just another song” about summer love. There is nothing particularly unique about the melody, production or lyrics. It’s dissapointing, considering how much hype there was from Keith’s fans to release it as a single; I was expecting so much more.

  7. JCHNo Gravatar

    Just saw Keith Urban last week and this track was definitely one of the highlights of the gig.

  8. alishaNo Gravatar

    this kinda reminds me of my summer this year…. but the love only lasted like a week.

  9. KristyNo Gravatar

    You have to see Keith perform this song live to have a better appreciation for it. Keith had to cut the guitar solo for the radio and video versions. Seeing that guitat solo live in concert is just simply amazing!!! Anyone that has seen this knows what I am talking about!!!

  10. GAILNo Gravatar

    You are so right Kristy!! Out of this world great!

  11. This is a good song and i love this song.