As my first visit to Nashville in four years draws to a close, I’ve been immersing myself in the tackier elements of country music history. As we prepare for our visit to the wax museum (Game On!), I’m thinking about some of the most hilariously overwrought moments that classic country has to offer.

Is it Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton’s “I Get Lonesome By Myself”, with a plot line that should lead to child endangerment charges by the first verse?

How about the horrific cautionary tale “Drunken Driver” by Ferlin Husky?

Or, if you’ll just hand me my crayons, I’ll write down the reasons why the mental home classic “I Don’t Remember Loving You” is John Conlee at his best:

What are your favorite over-the-top country classics? Share in the comments. Remember, if you want to embed a video from YouTube, you need only add a “v” after the http at the beginning of the url. (i.e., httpv://…)

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6 Responses to Seriously?

  1. Mark Wills – Wish You Were Here

    And yes, I do actually like this song.


  2. I *love* I Don’t Remember Loving You, perfectly seriously.

  3. Cutting the TreacleNo Gravatar

    The moment country music crapped itself beyond redemption. “Double S” by Bill Anderson:

  4. Paul DennisNo Gravatar

    The bad part is that “Double S” sounds like authentic tradtional country compared to much of Nashville’s output these days. Fortunately ol’ Whispering Bill gave up on this country-disco nonsense after this

  5. sheldonNo Gravatar

    If you are going to that wax museum right close to the Opry, you are in for a hilarious treat! the sets are a hoot, and the wax figures are ghastly! For god’s sake, bring your camera!

  6. Cutting the TreacleNo Gravatar

    Paul Dennis: “The bad part is that “Double S” sounds like authentic tradtional country compared to much of Nashville’s output these days.”

    Me: I don’t know, man. Everything about this song nauseates me in a way that no other current (or any other) song does. But it’s like a car wreck: I can’t turn away . . . even when Bill Anderson whispers “You are a Super Sexy lady”.

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