Bargain Hunter: Johnny Cash, Sarah Buxton


February 23, 2010

In the Amazon docket today is the last recorded album by a country legend and the long-awaited first by a promising upstart.

Johnny Cash’s American VI: Ain’t No Grave is going for $3.99. Upon first listen, his voice and the arrangements actually sound a bit more alive than on previous sets in the series. Plus he covers the Hawaiian classic, “Aloha Oe.” Represent.

Sarah Buxton’s much-delayed debut album – featuring current single “Outside My Window”, plus “Space”, “Stupid Boy”, “That Kind of Day”, and the bridge of “Strawberry Wine” “Innocence” – has been released in two different versions.

First up, a regular version for $5.99, featuring an Amazon MP3 exclusive track called “Crazy Dream”:

And then a version including the regular album plus “The Pajama Sessions,” which appears to be acoustic versions of all the songs on the album. That one’s going for $10.99.

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  1. JLNo Gravatar says:

    You missed a good one! The mp3 version of Josh Turner’s “Everything is Fine” is available on Amazon for $5.

  2. Kevin John CoyneNo Gravatar says:

    Bought ‘em both (JC and the deluxe SB.)

  3. ChadNo Gravatar says:

    So which Sarah Buxton is the better pick for someone who doesn’t know her music that well?

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