Win an Autographed Copy of Toby Keith’s New Album, Bullets in the Gun

The good folks at Show Dog-Universal have given us an autographed copy of Toby Keith’s new album, Bullets in the Gun to give away to one lucky Country Universe winner.

This is my favorite Toby Keith album since 2006’s White Trash with Money. As was the case with that album, Keith seems loose and mostly good-natured, which results in a friendlier more relaxed album than we’re accustomed to hearing from him.

To enter the drawing, leave a comment to tell us your favorite Toby Keith album. If you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead and let us know the best songs from your favorite Keith album too.

All comments through Friday, October 15, will be entered into the random drawing.

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20 Responses to Win an Autographed Copy of Toby Keith’s New Album, Bullets in the Gun

  1. Julie ManniesNo Gravatar

    I have every one of Toby’s 15 Studio Albums -and this one is sitting right at the top for me. I was inDenver when he debuted “Somewhere Else” -and fell in love with it from the first time I heard it!! He opened his show this year from the tailgate of a Ford truck singing Bullets In The Gun – and again, loved it from the first show I attended in Cleveland! The Trailorhood video is one of the funniest video’s ever – and made me love the song more after the video was launced! I also attended his Incognito Bandito show in NYC – which is where the 4 bonus tracks were recorded live. That show was amazing – and it showed Toby’s breadth of an entertainer – and he had so much fun singing stuff that he and his session musicians wanted to play -instead of his regular set. However, When I first listened to the entire CD – I must say, Get Out of My Car had me rolling! It let’s Toby’s sense of humor shine thru – and brings back some crazy memories of youth! I would love to have this signed CD – I think it is his best!

  2. KeithNo Gravatar

    My favorite Toby Keith album has to be Pull My Chain. My two favorite songs from this album are probably “My List” and “Forever Hasn’t Got Here Yet.”

  3. RussNo Gravatar

    The “Unleashed” album is my favorite but oddly enough, none of the singles are really up there anymore (all have been overplayed). The entire back half of the album though is awesome. From “Losing My Touch” to “Rodeo Moon.” All of them showcase Keith’s interpretive abilities as a singer and his prowess as a songwriter. The songs showcase real emotion, which is something a lot of his songs have missed in recent years.

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  5. CelesteNo Gravatar

    There is one Toby Keith cd that has never made it out of my car’s cd player and it is “That Don’t Make Me a Bad Guy”. I love “Missing Me Some You”, which he wrote when he was on one his USO tours. Love the bluesy feel of it. Then there is “God Love Her” and “She Never Cried in Front of Me”, which are two of his #1 hits from that cd. I guess I should name them all because I love every track on that cd.

    His newest cd “Bullets in the Gun” has the same feel to me. Every track is great from “Bullet’s in the Gun” to the 4 tracks from his Incognito Bandito concert. I love how he sticks to his country roots. He is not only a great artist he is one of the best song writers ever!

  6. My favorite album is “Pull My Chain” because it holds one of my favorite songs from all artists, “I Wanna Talk About Me”.

  7. JeanNo Gravatar

    I have all of Toby’s CDs and they are all good but I think my favorite is Pull My Chain. There are so many fun songs on there. I really love Gimme 8 More Seconds except it’s not the greatest song to drive too, heavy foot. LOL. Really all of his songs on this CD are AWESOME, can’t pick out one bad one. Pick Em Up and Lay Em Down and The Sha La La Song are fun too. I just can’t say anything bad about this CD. Really love it.

  8. SeanNo Gravatar

    I honestly don’t have a favorite Toby Keith album, except maybe a greatest hits album. I usually find just certain songs on his albums good and the rest are just eh, but that’s just my opinion. I would have to pick Pull My Chain because “My List” is truly, truly amazing and “I Wanna Talk About Me” is pure fun! I will admit, that I enjoy a good amount of songs off his new album, so I might buy that here soon. :)

  9. BrendaNo Gravatar

    I will have to say that I love all of Toby’s albums but this one has taken Toby back to his Old School Days , and I just love it !!!
    Other than this one White Trash with Money is by far my Favorite !!!!
    I wore 2 of them out and just recently purchased my third !!!!

  10. Paul DennisNo Gravatar

    A definite step up from recent efforts. I don’t really have a favorite Toby album because the album tracks tend to be somewhat inconsistant but if I had to chose one, it would be 1994’s BOOMTOWN, which repeated the two hit singles from his debut album and had another 13 pretty good new tracks. A total of seven (7) songs on the album charted

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  12. KathyNo Gravatar

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, depends on what kind of mood I’m in at the time. If I’m going on a long drive and have to share cd space in the cd changer I always choose 35 Biggest Hits. You just can’t go wrong with that. I could have American Soldier, Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You and You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This on a continuous loop and never tire of hearing them.

  13. FracNo Gravatar

    My Toby Keith favorite album is, without any doubt, “That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy”. And my favorite song is “God love her”, in which Toby sing in his particolar way the love for the daughter.

    Thank you for this contest and I hope it is valid also for users outside the U.S.

  14. I don’t need to be entered, but my favourite Toby album is How Do You Like Me Now, and my favourite track on it is New Orleans.

  15. sheldonNo Gravatar

    I am a greatest hits fan for artists that don’t turn my crank all that much, as in Toby’s case. I do like “Who’s That Man” and of course “should have been a cowboy” since I can actually play it on my guitar after a few c&c’s.

  16. I am also like Toby Keith album. All the song of toby is really nice and favorite songs from his album is “My List” and “Forever Hasn’t Got Here Yet.”

  17. GregNo Gravatar

    Toby Keith is one of those mystery artists to me. You know he knows how to pick great songs, because he has some amazing ones out there. However, he then will turn around and pick such awful songs. However, he picks the good ones majority of the time. I have to say my favourite song by him is “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” or “God Love Her”. By the way, this new albums is much better than his most recent efforts.

  18. TomNo Gravatar

    …”wish i didn’t know now” from his self-titled album is still among my favourite tk songs.

  19. Congratulations to Scott B. He is the winner of this contest. I will contact you for your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who participated.