CMA Live Blog 2010


Entertainer: Brad Paisley

Female Vocalist: Miranda Lambert

Male Vocalist: Blake Shelton

Vocal Duo: Sugarland

Album: Miranda Lambert, Revolution

Vocal Group: Lady Antebellum

New Artist: Zac Brown Band

Song: “The House That Built Me” – Tom Douglas & Allen Shamblin

Single: Lady Antebellum, “Need You Now”

Music Video: Miranda Lambert, “The House That Built Me”

Musical Event: Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins, “Hillbilly Bone”

Musician: Mac McAnally

Correct Prediction Tally:

9: Dan,Tara

8: Leeann

7: Kevin


10:59 Brad deserved it last year, got it this year. Carrie deserved it this year, will hopefully get it next year. When the history list is written though, nobody’s gonna care which year they won in, just that they were acknowledged. So a good end to an okay night. – KC

10:58 Very, very pleased! And what a sweet, sincere moment. – TS

10:57 You know, I’m kind of relieved. Granted, Brad gave possibly the worst performance of the night and is generally not someone I like much, but I just didn’t feel like having to listen to a bunch of whining tomorrow about Miranda or Lady A or someone winning. – DM

10:57 Pretty much the best acceptance speech for this category since…Shania Twain in 1999? Or maybe Garth Brooks in 1991? – KC

10:53 Entertainer: Brad Paisley

10:49 Miranda’s inability to pretend to be enthusiastic about silly stuff cracks me up. – DM

10:48 Kind of falls somewhere in between all the performances tonight, I guess. Plus, Vince makes any song country stronger. Yeah. I said that. -TS

10:47 Gwenyth sounds great so far, but wtf with the creepy limp-fingers guitar-playing? Just grab the mic. – DM

10:46 So. Gwyneth Paltrow on the CMA Awards. Don’t know what to say about that. – KC

10:43 Man, weird how stuff shakes out, isn’t it? I remember seeing Miranda’s first video for the lame “Me and Charlie Talking,” knowing nothing about her, and thinking she’d be out of a record deal within a year. Who’d have thought? – DM

10:37 Female Vocalist: Miranda Lambert

10:36 Loretta Lynn on Female Vocalist of the Year: “we’ve kept it with the girls, haven’t we?” – DM

10:36 Fun Fact: Loretta Lynn was the first woman to win Entertainer of the Year.  Sissy Spacek was the first woman to win Album of the Year. – KC

10:36 I don’t even particularly like this song, but it is such a breath of fresh air tonight. It’s just nice to hear some country phrasin’, ya know? -TS

10:35 Um, Loretta Lynn is holding up better than Sissy Spacek. – KC

10:35 Called it. – DM

10:34 We’re into the tribute version of “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” and Miranda’s come out sounding good. I didn’t see if they showed Loretta in the audience, but if they didn’t, betcha she comes out and sings a bit. – DM

10:33 Boo! Miranda sang “born”, not “borned.” – KC

10:32 Yeah, I kind of just feel nothing. – DM

10: 31 Meh. – KC

10:30 Thirty minutes left in the show, and I’m overall pretty unimpressed. How about the rest of y’all? – TS

10:26 Still, he could be doing almost any other song from this album and I would be enjoying it even more. – DM

10:24 …and possibly everything else. -TS

10: 24 OK, you can already tell Dierks Bentley is going to be the coolest performance of the night. At least in camera angles. – DM

10:23 With Dierks Bentley going home empty handed this year, and Jamey Johnson significantly under-performing last year, I’m wondering if the traditional voting bloc doesn’t have much pull anymore.  Or has label consolidation just made it harder for the bloc to have a large impact? – KC

10:21 Crazy perceptive Carrie fans, did she seem really nervous to you, too? -TS

10:21 I do love Mama Underwood in the video for this song. Soft spot. – DM

10:20 Not the best vocal performance I’ve heard from her. Not by a long shot. – KC

10:20 Can we get a shot of Mama Underwood, please? – TS

10:19 Carrie, I know I said I liked the “spirit”-y background vocals on “Mama’s Song,” but you didn’t have to go all The Shining with ’em at the beginning. – DM

10:18 Not a big fan of the two performances per night thing, but can’t think of anybody who I’d particularly want to hear that would have a shot at a performance, so it’s hard to care. – KC

10:12 What’s up with all the blond curls these days? It looks like a Shirley Temple convention up in here.  – KC

10:12 Country music revelations: the boys Perry don’t sang that good. – DM

10:10 Somewhere, Collin Raye, Joe Diffie, Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, Tracy Byrd, and countless other platinum-selling male acts of days gone by are not pleased. – KC

10:09 WOW. And he’s the lowest-selling of the bunch! – DM

10:09 Wow. Shocked, really. -TS

10:08 Wow. First real surprise of the evening.

10:08 Male Vocalist: Blake Shelton

10:06 Oh, Lady A. Such a sincere attempt, but such a misguided attempt. -TS

10:05 This is like the soundtrack to a department store coma. – DM

10:04 I see…no reason to question my mediocre assessment of Lady Antebellum. – KC

9:58 “It’s been a wonderful few weeks for us of actually having music to promote. We’re proud to be your Vocal Duo of the Last Few Weeks.” – DM

9:57 So I’m getting left in the dust in the prediction derby, as Tara takes the lead! – KC

9:55 Vocal Duo: Sugarland

9:55 Cue the “WTF?” ABC presenters. But yay, JoAnna Garcia! – TS

9:54 I love Paisley for his wit and intelligence. This makes me sad. -TS

9:54 You know what was way, way better? Sugarland’s “Very Last Country Song.” But no, they’re prancing around in tutus. So we only have Brad’s take. Sigh. – KC

9:53 Ahhhh, so THAT’s what “Too Country” sounds like without Bill Anderson to make it good. – DM

9:51 SO SICK of the straw man. I’ve never met a person in my life who doesn’t have pride and respect for fallen soldiers. – KC

9:50 I think it’s a lovely jingle. – KC

9:49 Fighting the urge to instantly hate this song based on the fact that it falls under the “I’M COUNTRY!!!!” category. But…it’s Brad. What do I do? -TS

9:44 I can see that someone making you get out of the car and walk home. – KC

9:43 Ha! Much as I don’t think Kid Rock belongs on this show, I’m kind of weirdly enjoying this “Born Free” thing. I can see myself laying drunkenly in someone’s backseat singing this. – DM

9:42 Every year, there are more and more people on the CMA Awards that yell at me. Why have I angered y’all so much? – KC

9:40 See…this is where we insert Clay Walker. -TS

9:38 Perfect. -TS


9:37 Album: Miranda Lambert, Revolution


9:36 NEW RULE: Taylor Swift writes, Little Big Town sings.

9:35 I’m personally glad just because for a few years there it seemed like Kelly might have lost some of her voice. If she did, she’s hiding it well now. – DM

9:35 Dear God. THAT is what singing is, stupids. – DM

9:35 And Kelly outsings almost everyone so far. Take that, Borchetta. -TS

9:32 Although…I guess it’s not a terrible song by Jason’s standards. By KC’s is another story. -TS

9:32 Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean duet. Be still my heart. -TS

9:30 Having Jeff Gordon be Brad Paisley’s doppelganger would be funnier if Jeff hadn’t given the skit away on the Black Carpet. Fool. – DM

9:27 I heard a song off the new Reba album called “The Day She Got Divorced” on XM yesterday. It was goooood. – KC

9:26 That wasn’t a very good performance, but she did well on it in some CMT live performance earlier this year. And I’m sure the album performance will be better, too. – DM

9:25 How is it that Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Reba McEntire – in that order – and the age appropriateness is going in reverse? – KC

9:25 I don’t. I didn’t like that at all. I wanted to, though. -TS

9:24 I think I get what this song is fundamentally getting at, but I’ve always found the lyrics kind of muddled. I like Reba (bring “McEntire” back!) on it, though. – DM

9:22 Ok, “If I Were a Boy” always creeps me out. Anyone? -TS

9:21 Man, I don’t know. I still enjoy the Keith Urban ear candy, but I just feel like he’s been running on autopilot since the final catharsis that was Love, Pain and the whole crazy thing. – DM

9:19 Shout out to Leeann for making me appreciate this song! -TS

9:10 Vocal Group: Lady Antebellum

9:08 No reggae breakdown, no peace! Not that I have any reason to worry after that intro. – DM

9:07 Oh snap. This is ridiculous. But I freakin’ love this song. – TS

9:06 Sugarland done lost their minds. – KC

9:05 Anyone see her mouth “what” just before the curtain fell?! Ha! I want to know what that was! – DM

9:05 The thing that bugs me about Taylor is that she changes her singing accent so often, even if it’s subtle. Like…which one is it? – TS

9:05 Taylor S. doing her Taylor L. song. Somehow this performance is really “whatever,” and not just because the vocal is so weak. It’s like she’s already graduated from the CMAs and is just here as a formality. – DM

9:04 Fun Fact – The “snow” falling around Taylor Swift is actually Rascal Flatts on the rafters, shaking out their hair gel. – KC

9:02 Spotted: Blair Waldorf at the…CMA Awards? -TS

9:01 He did release it as a single. He confirmed on the red carpet. – TS

8:58 Since we’re talking about the upcoming Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson duet in the comments: if he does release that as a single, which it sounds like he will, it’ll instantly become my second-favorite Aldean single after “Amarillo Sky.” – DM

8:54 Man, I’m just saying: Kenny Chesney’s football thing is starting to weird me out. I’d feel the same If Laura Bell Bundy kept releasing songs that referred to how awesome and life-changing high school theatre was, and I actually DID that. – DM

8:51 Wow, that was a cool set! – KC

8:50 How can you not get warm fuzzies inside when Alan Jackson starts singing in this song? It’s like seeing an old friend. -TS

8:49 Dude, I’m actually for this Zac Brown Band/Alan Jackson performance. This song has really grown on me. – DM

8:46 Wouldn’t it be nice to see Clay Walker back at these shows? He put out two great singles and one decent album this year. Just sayin’. -TS

8:44 New Artist: Zac Brown Band

8:43 From the Comments: “Does Jimmy Dickens live in Brad Paisley’s dressing room?” – Canadian Boy

8:40 Except, he sounds kind of off tonight. Is it just me? – TS

8:40 George Strait, you sing too pretty for Hallmark. – DM

8:39 Don’t like the song, but amazed at the irony that he sounds out of breath.  – KC

8:38 Is Carrie wearing a wedding cake? -TS

8:38 Totally agree, Dan. (Shocker!) – TS

8:37 I wasn’t sure how “That’s the Way the World Goes ‘Round” was gonna work out here, but I actually dug it. Makes more of an impression live than the sly “Only Prettier” would have. – DM


8:33 Agree with Ben from the comments: “All About Tonight” was a big hit, but a well-staged “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” tonight could have deepened his image some. – DM

8:29 I don’t like the song either, but Blake sounds terrific. I’ve always been on the verge of BS fandom, just waiting for some slightly better songs. – DM

8:28 Not that there’s anything too bad about Shelton or his music, but his Male Vocalist nomination reminds me of Terri Clark and Sara Evans being up for Female Vocalist in the mid-2000’s. They didn’t so much work up to it as back up into it. – KC

8:27 I swear “All About Tonight” is like air to me. I get absolutely nothing out of it. -TS

8:26 Maybe I’m a cornball, but I want full versions of these parody songs. Extraneous Paisley comments omitted plzthx. – DM

8:24 So deserved. And happy birthday to Miranda! – TS

8:22 Song: “The House That Built Me” – Tom Douglas & Allen Shamblin

8:21 Man, Tara and I never agree on this stuff! – DM

8:20 Vintage Flatts: great song, mediocre performance. I’ll take it. -TS

8:19 Rascal Flatts sounding more controlled on “Why Wait” than they have in quite some time. If I liked the song, I’d be onboard. – DM

8:18 Rascal Flatts song isn’t as bad as they’ve been, but I still say Faith Hill .

8:13 And Dan and Tara move ahead in the prediction count!  First time in CMA history that an artist wins Single of the Year twice in a row.

8:12  SINGLE: “Need You Now”, Lady Antebellum

8:11 A gay joke on the CMAs that isn’t completely offensive? Gotta be the Gwenyth. – DM

8:10 …OK, I’ll give him that one. That was pretty funny. – DM

8:10 I find this Lady A/Lady Gaga thing way too amusing. Maybe because I’ve had so many friends make the same mistake. Including my lovely mom. -TS

8:09 I would by a Brad Paisley Lady Gaga cover album. – KC

8:08 I say this as not a big fan of either of them: Carrie is way, way funnier than Brad. – DM

8:07 Disturbing and hilarious McGraw picture.-TS

8:06 Vince Gill ribbing Julia Roberts ’94 > Brad Paisley ribbing Gwyneth Paltrow ’10

8:05 he return of the Brad/Carrie musical parodies! Yessss. – DM

8:04 Never liked this song, but Carrie’s performances really have evolved. +10 for Keith Urban banjo breakdown. – DM

8:03 Cursing “Undo It” right now for stealing this song’s single spotlight. – TS

8:03 Nice to hear Urban rocking the banjo again. Well, it would be, if I could actually hear it. – KC

8:01 Underwood is rocking it out. Gonna be a loud night, I think. – KC

8:00 Crossing my fingers for the sweet “Single Ladies” ad lib that Carrie does when she sings this on tour. – TS

8:00 Ooo, Transformers-inspired new CMA logo. – DM

7:55 Let’s hope Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t as country as it gets tonight.  – KC

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261 Comments on CMA Live Blog 2010

  1. I was right about Musician and Musicial Event, but wrong about Music Video (I went out on a limb in going with “White Liar” anyway)

  2. That’s cool to see Keith and Carrie and Brad all sharing the stage. And it even sounded a little bit country (a little). But I couldn’t understand a word Carrie was singing.

  3. Hey, Brad and Carrie are funny this year!

  4. HA! “Paparazzi” and “Alejandro”!

  5. Look at that tan! Did we order Ty Pennington medium or well-done?

  6. Carrie is much more natural at the one-liners, I have to say.

  7. I would totally buy a BP Lady G cover album too.

  8. I’d be able to get more behind “Need You Now” winning Single of the Year if they hadn’t already won for “I Run To” last year.

  9. Dang! Should have guessed Lady A for single. I wanted to give the CMA more credit.

  10. Karl BenjaminNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:14 pm //

    Crap, LeAnn and Alan didn’t win Event? Arg.

  11. I’d have to agree that Carrie is funnier than Brad.

  12. Karl BenjaminNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:16 pm //

    As long as they don’t win Album I’ll be okay with them taking single.

  13. I loved it when Brad said “and one of country’s great voices” in regards to Ty Pennington.

  14. Rascal Flatts is performing, and for once I’m not cringing! But they seriously need to turn up the vocal microphones tonight.

  15. I’m having trouble hearing the voices too.

  16. Rodney in South CarolinaNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:21 pm //

    COULD Gary Levox be more out of tune?!?!?!?

  17. Thats more like it!

  18. Wish Blake was singing “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking.” That song is so much better than “All About Tonight.”

  19. Mr. Lambert, looks like a great night for you.

  20. Don’t like the song, but Blake still sounds good.

  21. I’m gonna lie, this is the first time I heard “All About Tonight”, not that bad but not that great either.

  22. Yay! Singing John Prine!

  23. Of all the great songs on Revolution, she choses to sing “That’s They Way That The World Goes”? Next to “Love Song” it’s my least favorite song on the album. It’s that great of a performance either. Sigh…

  24. Fun and energetic performance from Miranda, but way too loud… not that I didn’t totally see that coming.

  25. Does Jimmy Dickens live in Brad Paisley’s dressing room?

  26. That Little Jimmy Dickens bit was so funny.

  27. I really like “The Breath You Take”‘s production and George gives a rock solid performance, too bad the lryics are so mundae. Regardless, a solid performance from Strait as always.

  28. Calm down, George.

  29. Ah, the formal stocking cap for this one…

  30. I guess better late than never, eh?

  31. It just doesn’t seem right…ZBB winning new artist.

  32. Diamond, 8:40: “Calm down, George.”


  33. Nina-MarieNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:45 pm //

    apparently taylor swift’s new single is “back to december”, so that’s what she’ll be singing tonight… not my favorite off of “Speak Now”, but a great song nonetheless. some are reporting that the performance will involve snow, very fitting.

  34. I hate how the commercials are so much louder than the show

  35. Nina-MarieNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:47 pm //

    The Zack Brown Band is still considered “new”? Didn’t they break out in 2008 or 2009? Huh?

  36. Nina-MarieNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:48 pm //

    *Zac Brown, I apologize.

  37. Ahhh, a performance that is not too loud and that is unmistakably country.

  38. Glad to hear Jackson getting such a great applause.

  39. *rolls eyes at ZBB winning BNA*

    They were nominated for BNA last year and lost. I didn’t realize that if they lose one year, they can be considered “new” AGAIN and end up winning the next year.

    Luke Bryan should’ve won this award had they kept ZBB out of there.

  40. OK I’ve officially been converted to ZBB, take that “Chicken Fry”.

  41. I liked “The Boys of Fall” on the first few listens, but I tired of it pretty quickly.

  42. Most unnecessary video montage of the night goes to “Boys of Fall”, Kenny Chesney!

  43. How can you not get warm fuzzies inside when Alan Jackson starts singing in this song? It’s like seeing an old friend

    If this were Facebook, I would click “Like”!

  44. The Chesney song still reminds me of the Friday Night Lights show, but the show isn’t nearly as boring.

  45. It is a sad day in country music when a act loses best new artist one year than can win the next year! sorry cma’s time to make a rule change and limit your ability to win BNA to one year or go back to calling it the horizon award

  46. Am I the only one who’s kinda interested in hearing the Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson duet?

  47. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:56 pm //

    Lol thanks Ben :) It’s so true. It makes my heart happy every time.

  48. Hello to everyone else who is commenting! You guys are awesome!

  49. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 8:58 pm //

    Canadian Boy,

    I definitely am. It’s a pretty good song, and I always root for a good KC performance.

  50. 8:54 Man, I’m just saying: Kenny Chesney’s football thing is starting to weird me out. I’d feel the same If Laura Bell Bundy kept releasing songs that referred to how awesome and life-changing high school theatre was, and I actually DID that. – DM


  51. I’m also kind of looking forward to the Aldean/Clarkson duet. I generally despise Jason Aldean, but I do like that song, and I like some of Kelly Clarkson’s songs.

  52. Maybe I’m over simplifying, but I don’t think that someone should be able to be nominated for both Entertainer and New Artist in the same year. That’s ridiculous.

  53. I haven’t listened to the Aldean album yet, but the clips didn’t sound totally horrible.

  54. Uh oh. Taylor is stealing Carrie’s piano gig.

  55. I actually like “Back To December”, but this performance is just tedious.

  56. “Back to December” was one of my favorite songs on Taylor’s new album. It almost seems to suit her voice.

  57. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 9:03 pm //

    I just saw the Keith Urban banjo jam on Youtube. I wanna learn how to play the banjo now!

  58. Stealing the piano gig … and the snow from Temporary Home … when are they going to realize this girl isn’t country? And btw … she still can’t sing.

  59. I think Taylor’s vocal is more positively textured than usual on the recording of this song, but I don’t like the song in general.

  60. I like here that the string section is a little more subdued than on the album version. It’s also cool to see Taylor on piano.

  61. Nina-MarieNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 9:05 pm //

    There’s the snow! Taylor sounds great IMO, Ben (above) is right, it really suits her voice.

  62. Did she just mouth “what”?

  63. Nina-MarieNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 9:06 pm //

    “Fun Fact – The “snow” falling around Taylor Swift is actually Rascal Flatts on the rafters, shaking out their hair gel. – KC”

  64. And that would be the steampunk thing we’ve been hearing about.

  65. Sweet! They’re doing “Stuck Like Glue”! Nettles is kinda crazy though.:)

  66. On the chorus, you can almost hear Kristian better than you can hear Jennifer. Huh.

  67. Kevin at 9:04: Ha!

  68. I love how half of Nettles singing is done through body language.

  69. Yes, they kept the reggae breakdown! I would have hit the roof if they had cut it out. What a fun performance!

  70. It’s just….so…..strange. But I can not turn away.

  71. Can someone explain to me why this Sugarland song is country? And Jennifer Nettles drives me nuts.

  72. I would have liked to see Sara present an award all by herself, but at least it’s nice to see her on the show again.

  73. Oh snap! Not ZBB.

  74. This is starting to look a lot more Lady A’s night than Miranda’s. Canadian Boy is not happy!

  75. The song isn’t country. It’s just fun and crazy!

  76. Standing O’s for winners, but not performers so much tonight.

  77. Did Dave just tell Little Biig Town and The Band Perry it’s an honor to be nominated in the same category, did he even now they existed two minutes ago?

  78. I’m not doing so great with my predictions so far.

  79. I kind of miss Carrie and Brad. More parodies, please!

  80. I love Reba’s version of “If I Were a Boy.”

  81. Has Reba just completelty dropped McEntire now?

  82. I agree with Dan. Keith Urban has definitely been running on autopilot lately.

  83. And I’ll take “If I Were A Boy” over “Turn On The Radio” any day!

  84. The production on the Reba song and over all album seems pretty generic.

  85. Tara, 9:19: Sweet!

  86. Standing O for Reba

  87. I prefer Sugarland’s cover of Beyonce.

  88. “Has Reba just completelty dropped McEntire now?”

    It’s not like she really needs it anymore.

  89. I feel like there’s a long time between awards tonight.

  90. It’s not another parody, but the identity theft bit is pretty funny too.

  91. I really don’t think that Jason Aldean is one of the most exciting voices in country music today.

  92. I wish Kelly Clarkson would make a country album.

  93. I should have known this would be one of the loudest performances of the night.

  94. Too bad this song is too power pop ballad-y for me. Clarkson sounds great though.

  95. I don’t think Jason is a particularly exciting voice either, but I can take it when it’s paired with a worthy song, which it usually isn’t.

  96. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 9:35 pm //

    Leeann: “I really don’t think that Jason Aldean is one of the most exciting voices in country music today.”

    Definitely not…

    I thought this was the CMA, C standing for country, but not too many of the songs have not sounded too country so far…even the Gaga parodies sound more country than Aldean.

  97. Next up, Fantasia salutes Jessica Simpson…

  98. Huh… why are all of our comments italicizing?

    It actually took me a second to notice that LBT was singing a Taylor Swift song. How can they sound that good just on cue?

  99. Come on Miranda or Dierks!

  100. Yes! Happy Happy Birthday Miranda!

  101. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 9:38 pm //


    Good way to get the sound of Jason Aldean out of my ears…

  102. Hey, what’s Perez Hilton doing there?

  103. Miranda is about to fall out of that dress!

  104. OH snap, Kid Rock’s doing the piano thing too, at least him and Taylor didn’t do their hair the same too.

  105. Oh, it’s Kid Rock. Time for a bathroom break!

  106. Kid Rock always oversings. I won’t even harp on how he doesn’t belong on this show.

  107. I still don’t get why Kid Rock is all over the country awards shows just because of that one “Sweet Home Alabama” rehash he did a couple years ago. I get so sick of him.

  108. No problem, Leeann, I’m always glad to harp on Kid Rock for how he doesn’t belong on the show. ;)

  109. Awesome to both 9:36s…and Tara’s 9:40.

  110. Thanks for doing it for me, Ben. Saves me the trouble.

  111. Ah…Refreshing to hear some Hank Williams.

  112. “9:42 Every year, there are more and more people on the CMA Awards that yell at me. Why have I angered y’all so much? – KC”


  113. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 9:49 pm //

    I hear country music!

    It’s Brad Paisley!!! :D

  114. I hear country music too… on the CMA Awards show of all places. Did I flip the channel by mistake?

  115. Brad is sound pretty bad here.

  116. Maybe it’s the performance, but I’m not feeling this song, even if it is “country music.”

  117. I will say that it’s not a particularly interesting song, though I’d take it over Gretchen’s “I Got Your Country Right Here.”

  118. Thos lyrics were pretty pandering, even with the name dropping of songs that I like. And the pics.

  119. Brad should not be allowed to holed a high not for more than 3 seconds.

  120. “9:51 SO SICK of the straw man. I’ve never met a person in my life who doesn’t have pride and respect for fallen soldiers. – KC”


  121. Kevin I met some of them! They protested outside a former classmate of mines funeral. He died in Iraq and then these worthless people protested.

  122. Let me give my own yay to JoAnn Garcia. I miss the Reba show so much.

  123. Surprised. I was sure B&D had it. But a Joey + Rory win was obviously too much to hope hor.

  124. I know the Incredible Machine is experiencing some critical backlash but I’m glad they won.

  125. Luckily, I’ve never met those people.

  126. I’m glad Sugarland won, ’cause they were my prediction.:)

  127. 9:58 “It’s been a wonderful few weeks for us of actually having music to promote. We’re proud to be your Vocal Duo of the Last Few Weeks.” – DM

    In their defence they did release a Christmas and Live albumduring the eligiblity period.

  128. I think giving the award to Sugarland was mainly out of the force of habit. Brooks & Dunn are retiring, so now they’re the Vocal Duo of the Next Few Years Before Another Duo Unseats Them. But I don’t think they were active enough over the past year to deserve the award.

    Oh, this Lady A song is so boring.

  129. Don’t you just love songs that try to be more emotionally gripping than they are?

  130. Most pointless power ballad ever.

  131. CMAs 2010: Slide shows and pianos.

  132. Ha ha, I bet @DrunkenMartina is tweeting something hilarious right as we speak!

  133. Whoa, Blake. I so did not see that coming.

  134. Now this I didn’t see coming! I guess it pays to be engaged to Miranda Lambert!

  135. “Hello World” sounds like it was produced for or by U2!!!

    Blake gets Male Vocalist before Dierks Bentley huh most of all over Brad Paisley!!

  136. I didn’t pick him, but I’m happy for Blake!

  137. This might be a dumb question, but what is Blake’s connection to Mr. and Mrs. Reba?

  138. The Band Perry is feeling like a breath of fresh air right now after some of the performances I’ve heard… even if that particular song doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

  139. The Band Perry is a group that I can probably get behind. I really like this song and their album doesn’t sound half bad.

  140. Wow, way to interupt a perfectly fine performance.

  141. I didn’t pick Blake either, but I am happy for him.

  142. As the self proclaimed biggest Blake Shelton fan every, I’ve never been so happy for someone on TV before. Didn’t expect it at all, and maybe this year isn’t the best indication of his ability, but Blake is finally getting noticed and appreciated for the artist that he is. You could tell he wasn’t expecting it at all but was so honored and nervous when he got up there. Made this night so worth it!

  143. I still maintain that that song does make sense.

  144. Guess the Miranda/Blake/LadyA voting bloc is running strong. As far as I’m concerned this just cheapens the awards.

  145. I guess the song does make some sense when you think about it.

  146. Finally, a shake-up! This night has been so predictable and boring. Congrats, Blake!

    Now the REAL question is this:
    Will Miranda be able to match Blake with the vocalist award? Carrie is lined up to perform after this break, and the FVOTY award is scheduled to be after Carrie’s performance. Could Carrie pull this one out?

  147. Canadian Boy, I think Blake’s connection to Reba is just that they’re good friends, but I could be wrong.

  148. Kevin John CoyneNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 10:17 pm //

    I think Blake was managed by Mr. and Mrs. Reba?

  149. I imagine some crazy celebrating will occur if Miranda wins Female too.

  150. Female Vocalist is going to be a toss-up between Carrie and Miranda.

    Brad, that baby joke was stupid.

  151. Well that acapella opening was probably the coolest thing Underwood’s ever done.

  152. Whoa, Carrie can actually sing live! (I’m going to see her in concert on December 1. Can’t wait)

  153. Thanks Ben and Kevin, I just found it unexpected to call out to them during his acceptance sppech.

  154. Blake’s victory makes me almost positive that Miranda will win Female Vocalist of the Year.

  155. A little disappointing by her standards but far from the worst performance of the night.

  156. Ah…This is not my favorite Dierks song from the album.

  157. I like how they have the old theatre theme going on. Ha ha, the smoke part was funny.

    Yay, it’s Dierks doing… the boring bluegrass song instead of one of the cool ones. I was almost excited.

  158. I swear, all of the vocals sound kind of faraway.

  159. Rooting for Underwood for FVOTY, but it is impossible to find a real “moment” in “Mama’s Song.” So bland.

  160. I do like “Up On The Ridge”, but I would have perferred “Draw Me A Map”.

  161. I know that Blake and Reba are reported to be very close. She even told him that he needed to tone down his tweets.:)

  162. I did really enjoy the Dierks performance though.

  163. I so would have loved to see Dierks sing “Bad Angel” with Jamey and Miranda.

  164. I imagine that I’ll at least moderately enjoy this Loretta tribute.

  165. The whole tribute album isn’t great, but it’s better than I’d expected.

  166. Wow, Sissy Spacek! I really wish Loretta was performing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” with Sheryl and Miranda.

  167. For an Academy Award winning actress she is sure having some trouble with those lines.

  168. After the “Mama’s Song” performance, I thought Carrie had the FVOTY award.

    However, since Miranda and Sheryl are going right now, and the award will be presented afterwards, it will be Miranda’s without a doubt.

  169. “10:30 Thirty minutes left in the show, and I’m overall pretty unimpressed. How about the rest of y’all? – TS”


  170. Wow, they’re treating Sheryl like she’s a superbig attraction. It’s nice to hear another performance that acually sounds like country.

  171. AAAAHHHHHH it’s Loretta! I got my wish!!!

  172. A decent performance.

  173. Loretta still sounds great, in my opinion!

  174. Expected but none the less exciting :)

  175. I think Loretta sounds great too.

    It’s Miranda! I called it right!

  176. Sigh … I like Miranda … but this is getting ridiculous. Carrie walks away empty-handed and for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

  177. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 10:39 pm //

    Very glad for Miranda. Wouldn’t have minded Carrie either

    Well deserved! :D :D :D

  178. Nice to see Miranda so emotional. I think Loretta did it to her.

  179. Well it looks like it’s down to Miranda or Lady A for ETOTY.

  180. I do feel little bad for Carrie though. Even if I’m not really a fan, I still think she’s very classy and represents country music honorably.

  181. Congrats to Miranda on your win!

    Congrats to Miranda in advance for when you win Entertainer of the Year, as well.

  182. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 10:43 pm //

    I’m a little bummed about CU, too.

  183. I’m sure Carrie will make a comeback before long.

    After seeing Brad lose Male Vocalist to Blake, I think Miranda just might be the one to take home Entertainer.

  184. Random Vince appearance.

  185. I wonder if this marks the first time that the Male and Female Vocalists were engaged to each other.

  186. Carrie has done everything for country music that a performer could do this year. It’s bad enough to not get the EOTY nomination. I thought they would at least throw her the FVOTY award. Sigh … like I said before, the Miranda/Blake/LadyA voting bloc appears to be too much to overcome.

  187. The intro is good…actually…I’m liking it over all. Must be the Vince factor.

  188. I guess Blake and Miranda are the new Tim and Faith.

  189. I swear I saw Miranda mouth Carrie Underwood right before they called her name. Did anyone else see that?

  190. Ben my question is how can Carrie make a “comeback”? She was the biggest artist of the year and surely the biggest female of the year. Well the ACM’s are 5 months away and carrie will win her third EOTY award there :)

  191. Miranda deserved it. She deserves all awards she’s gotten tonight.

  192. This is definitely one of the better performances of the night. Even with Vince, I’m surprised.

  193. Paltrow sounds fine. Really. Song is pretty basic.

  194. I’d feel worse for Underwood if I liked her music more, but I do think she’s had enough success in the CMA’s in the years before to make up for it.

  195. Sounds like Gwyneth is getting some mic feedback. Not a huge fan of this song, but it’s nice to hear fiddles.

  196. Well Paltrow’s performance was actually one of the best of the night.

  197. I thought the same thing about Miranda Lambert with her first song too.:)

  198. When I said comeback, I meant in the sense that she might actually win a CMA award next year. And while Carrie is great, I do think Miranda was more deserving this year.

  199. Canadian Boy says:
    November 10, 2010 at 10:47 pm
    I’d feel worse for Underwood if I liked her music more, but I do think she’s had enough success in the CMA’s in the years before to make up for it.

    Ahh … so the success she had before should make up for the fact that she is the top selling female performer this year, has been touring all year, etc., and still gets snubbed by the organization that asks HER to host their **** award show? Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense.

  200. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 10:49 pm //

    Hey, is this the first time we’re hearing the Narnia track from CU? It is for me, at least.

  201. It’s the first time for me too, Tara. I had no idea she was even involved before now.

  202. Expecting Miranda, but hoping for Brad in the big one. He’s earned it over the last few years, if not in the past year. But the person who had the best year isn’t even on the ballot.

  203. Ben I don’t care about FVOTY as much as they are about to hand out the EOTY award and the biggest star in country music this year isn’t even nominated.

  204. Mary, Carrie doesn’t have to win every award you know. Dear gosh, so by your reasoning she should get at least one trophy tonight as payment for hosting? Geez.

  205. Ahh … so the success she had before should make up for the fact that she is the top selling female performer this year, has been touring all year, etc., and still gets snubbed by the organization that asks HER to host their **** award show? Yeah, that makes a LOT of sense.

    So just because she sold a lot and toured means she should get an award?

  206. Kayla, I do agree that Carrie deserved an Entertainer nomination, but like I said, maybe next year.

  207. Miranda, Miranda, Miranda…!

  208. You know, I’m really sick of hearing the whole bit about how Carrie winning CMAs in the past makes it so she is undeserving of it this year. It literally makes no sense and there’s no logic behind it.

    Am I bitter that Carrie lost FVOTY this year? No, but I’m pissed that the CMAs never recognized Carrie for the year she’s had. It makes no sense as to how people can say that this was “Miranda’s year”. In all fairness, it really wasn’t. This may have been HER BIGGEST YEAR PERSONALLY, but this was truly Carrie’s year, and nobody can deny it because the cold hard facts have been sitting in front of everyone.

  209. After “This is Country”, I’m not feeling it much for Brad tonight anymore.

  210. GP sounds better than Miranda. Enjoyed the ZBB-AJ and Lady A (Charles Kelley) performances the most. Liked the Band Perry in their short stint. Would have preferred BS singing a ballad like his new Joe Nichols cover.

  211. @Canadian boy

    Haha I know right, most stans share that Kanye kind of reasoning as to who should win awards. “I had the number one record!” “Taylor had the best year this year!”

    I mean, I like Carrie and Taylor but at least now the people have got it right and gave the award to more talented people.

  212. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 10:54 pm //

    YAY! BP WON!

  213. AUGH, it’s Brad. I saw that coming, but I was so hoping it would be Miranda.

  214. But I’m still happy for him for finally winning.

  215. Um … sold a lot and toured a lot typically equals an EOTY nomination, which she didn’t get. And Arkhamian, no one says she should get an award for just hosting. But if she’s good enough to host the show you’d think she’d be good enough for a nomination. No one said she has to win EVERY award – where did you pull that one out of of? oh … never mind … I already know.

  216. ould of liked to see Miranda win but I could see why she didnt win on her first nomination, good for Brad though!

  217. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 10:56 pm //

    For a turtle, he sure as well plays guitar quick!

  218. @Mary

    It came from yours. ^_^
    Haha yay congrats BP!

  219. Of course, as soon as I say that, Brad gets emotional, and makes me feel bad about it.

  220. YES BRAD!!! The only deserving winner from the five nominees!!!!

  221. Brad’s emotion is super sweet.

  222. Holy crap! Brad!

  223. What a speech! That was touching.

  224. Arkhamian, you are obviously a small person, and a CU hater. Not surprised, given your comments. Enjoy your ignorance.

  225. Nice tutu, Carrie.

  226. Wow, did they really just cut off his mic?

  227. Wonderful acceptance speech from Brad. Awesome spontanaity about Joe Galante too.

  228. Au contraire, I am not a Carrie hater. Just not a stan. :) I adored Some Hearts and Carnival, but didn’t care much for Play On.

    Enjoy your Kanye flavored rants as well, I assume they taste nice with that bitter flavor. :)

  229. Well this was fun, but I’ve got an early morning tomorrow so time to go to sleep. Goodnight blogging world!

  230. I didn’t originally think this should have been Brad’s year to take the top prize, but he made up for it with that awesome speech.

  231. Uhhh… sorry, but why is it that at every Country awards show this year, someone’s screwed up?!

    ACMS – Brooks & Dunn performance
    CMTS – Carrie performance
    CMAS – Brad’s acceptance speech

    C’mon, people.

  232. So glad to have a day off tomorrow!

  233. Still can’t get over Brad’s speech.

  234. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 11:03 pm //

    Thanks guys. Great blogging. I’m off for an exam now :(

    Keep the country music playing :D

  235. “10:59 Brad deserved it last year, got it this year. Carrie deserved it this year, will hopefully get it next year. When the history list is written though, nobody’s gonna care which year they won in, just that they were acknowledged. So a good end to an okay night. – KC”


  236. Good luck, Hoggy.

  237. Enjoyed my first time doing the live blog. Good night, everyone!

  238. Thanks to Kevin, Tara and Dan for a great live blog! Thanks to everyone else for joining in the comments. It was fun.

  239. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 11:12 pm //

    Thanks to all of YOU for reading and putting up with me for a second live blog :) I appreciate it…you guys are awesome.

  240. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 11:13 pm //

    Yes, thanks everybody for commenting! Having the thread to follow really does make these experiences more fun.

  241. Revolution was by far my least favorite Miranda album, but I’m still happy she won and that she’s getting some big time recognition for her talent.

  242. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 11:28 pm //

    Live press room coverage for those who also don’t sleep:

  243. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 10, 2010 at 11:29 pm //

    PS Do people really like the Paisley song?? I need to listen to it again. I’m so puzzled as to why he would choose to get behind something like that.

  244. That’s a wrap!


    Miranda’s wins. She deserved them all, and I love that she seems so humble and sweet, on top of the fact that she’s crazy talented. I didn’t understand the hype before buying “Revolution,” but I absolutely love her and her style.

    Carrie’s “Mama’s Song”- It wasn’t her best performance, but that acapella bit was awesome, and I think she has an incredible tone/emotion to her voice when she sings this songs, which makes up for the slight drop in quality.

    Underwhelming: Kelly/Jason: Kelly has incredible pipes, but the song was disappointing, and I felt like Jason was backing Kelly the entire performance, instead of it being the other way around.

    Lady A – Can this song be any more boring? I would’ve of at least liked it if they couldn’t brought some of their youthful energy into another song.

    Taylor: I’ll admit I love the recorded version of “Back To December,” but Taylor just continues to underwhelm me in every almost every one of her live performances. The emotion and valnurablity on the recorded track is what makes it Taylor Swift gold- it’s disappointing she can’t replicate that, no matter how hard she tries.

    Reba: I like her cover of “If I Were A Boy,” but she didn’t sound as good as she should’ve.

    Rascal Flatts: Is it me, or have RF’s performances been stronger since Lady A stole their thunder? Gary’s still not a great live vocalist, but I think he’s improved quite a bit considering they sounded decent on the last few award shows too.

    That Carrie/Brad parody of the Tiger Woods was scandal was definatly the comedy highlight for me. They both did a solid job, as usual, but I wish they could’ve been given a few more slots, especially because I think Carrie seemed much more relaxed and playful than she did on the last two shows.

    I wasn’t pulling for Brad for ETOY- but I expected it. Brad’s speech was one of the best I’ve seen in years. Kudos for keeping it classy, Brad!

    Tara: I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed Carrie’s song in the Narnia trailer. (:
    No, the version isn’t out yet, and it’s apparently being marketed as an “Itunes exclusive.”
    Considering it’s not on the soundtrack, I’m thinking they mean it. I was underwhelmed by the lyrics when I first saw them, but she sounds phenomenal (as usual), and I judging by that small clip, there’s a chance I could end up loving this.

  245. “10:36 Loretta Lynn on Female Vocalist of the Year: “we’ve kept it with the girls, haven’t we?” – DM”

    Totally noticed that.:)

  246. highwayman3No Gravatar // November 11, 2010 at 2:03 am //

    Wow, Gwenyth Paltrow can sing circles around Taylor Swift. I wonder how many Best Actress Oscar winners can claim that? Probably every one since Mary Pickford in 1930. I just caught the last half hour of the show repeated at 11pm on CMT, which is why I’m reacting so late. Thanks to this site for filling me in, enjoyed the comments.

  247. …blake shelton’s “male vocalist of the year” title is probably one of the most outstanding relationship-counselling measures in cma-history.
    you may be questioning their reasoning every once in while, but – boy – they sure have the heart at the right spot.

    on top of everything, that outcome should enable miranda and blake to stand in front of their future, new, big mansion purring: “…the house that built we, darlin’!”

  248. Someone got everyone stuck in italics mode! *waves magic wand*


  249. Missed the live blogging but that won’t stop me from adding my Carrie comments. lol!

    I love Brad and Carrie hosting. They’re looking so comfortable now, especially Carrie. I would have loved to see a few more song parodies. And you gotta love Little Jimmy, he’ll do anything for a laugh. :) Of course I loved Songs Like This but I wish she had done a mashup somewhere in there. Mama’s song wasn’t her best vocally but when I watched it back on YouTube I realized that she actually sang it quite well but I guess it’s just that we’ve come to expect perfection from her.

    The funny thing about the Entertainer award was that if they were going to give it to Brad anyway, they may as well have given Carrie a nomination and saved themselves a lot of backlash grief. No one would have blinked an eye if Carrie had lost to Brad. (Ok, well maybe they would have blinked half an eye.) Still disappointed as a Carrie Fan that she didn’t get that nomination. But I suppose after getting a network to give her two hours of primetime for her own holiday show, being asked to sing at the Superbowl, being asked to perform a Michael Jackson tribute on the Grammy’s, being chosen by the public to perform in front of 50,000 fans at the stadium of fire, being chosen by Olay to be the first North American brand Ambassador, co-writing and performing the song for the upcoming Narnia film, acting on TV and on film, selling out the Hollywood Bowl for 17,000 fans and performing for over 1 million fans by the end of her Play On tour….. I guess she’s beyond needing the approval of 6,000 CMA members. Well, a little venting was required after all as there’s no way she’ll be nominated next year as she won’t even be touring. I think Carrie was probably over the disappointment long before her fans will be.

  250. Danni, that was an awesome post. It reminded me how many great things have happened to CU in the past year. Awards are great, but careers are better. She’s going to be around for a long time.

  251. I disagree with the comments on Carrie’s performance of Mama’s Song. I think it was excellent and ranks among her best… vocally. The problem is Mama’s Song is a lousy song. Trite, bland, beneath her. She sung it beautifully but there’s only so much that can be done with such a dud. I think it leaves the impression that the vocal is subpar.

  252. Oops! Apparently, Brad was referring to LeAnn Rimes when he said “One of country’s truly great voices”, not Ty Pennington, as I’d thought. That makes more sense.

  253. highwayman3No Gravatar // November 13, 2010 at 1:21 am //

    ‘It reminded me how many great things have happened to CU in the past year. Awards are great, but careers are better. She’s going to be around for a long time.’

    Agreed, I feel the same way about Country Universe as well. Keep it up guys.

  254. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar // November 13, 2010 at 2:02 am //

    ^ Yes & yes, and thanks!

  255. Thanks, Highwayman.

  256. Fantastic, fantastic post, Danni!

    Although, I wouldn’t count Carrie out for EOTY next year. She’s already scheduled for lots of fairs and special events, she’s already scheduled a couple more tour dates on the east coast (she’ll be in Atlantic City, NJ on Jan. 1), and she’s in talks with Arista and Simon Fuller to do a small acoustic tour across the country and throughout Australia, the UK, and potentially Germany. Plus, she has the Grammys (which she will be very active at judging by her juggernaut year), she has “Soul Surfer” to premiere, and she will have a fourth album in the fall.

    I’m not counting Carrie out just yet for next year. Although, I might as well since the CMAs didn’t honor her with the nod this year, and her 2010 will be bigger than her 2011. One can only hope, though! :)

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