Single Review: Gretchen Wilson, “I’d Love to Be Your Last”

What a beautiful lyric.

What an odd performance.

Gretchen Wilson delivers the song in this breathy whisper – not quite singing, not quite talking, and not quite lining up with the sparse musical accompaniment.

I kept feeling like it was off, and that it reminded me of something but I couldn’t quite place it.

Until I suddenly remembered, and once I made the connection, there was no going back to listening to this song with a straight face again.

Written by Rivers Rutherford, Annie Tate and Sam Tate

Grade: C+

Listen: I’d Love to Be Your Last

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28 Responses to Single Review: Gretchen Wilson, “I’d Love to Be Your Last”

  1. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    The similarity is funny, but I actually like this one a lot. She sounds strained on some of the “I don’t care”s, but otherwise I think the vocal’s really cool. First thing I’ve liked from her since 2004.

    My roommate two summers ago has one of the most Kermity voices you could imagine for an actual human. Tried to get him to sing “The Rainbow Connection” all the time.

  2. “Rainbow Connection”? That never even occurred to me. But I like this single pretty well. I’d consider it one of the best things Gretchen’s had out lately, not that that’s a huge compliment. It’s nice to see her stepping outside the box a bit, and giving us something that doesn’t smell so strongly of radio butt-kissing.

  3. I don’t hear the similarity, but thanks for the Muppets link! I love the Muppets.

    Regarding the song, I thought it was nice, but this is what all the Grammy buzz was about?

    I couldn’t help but think of this song being sung in the same manner by Martina, pre-“Whatever You Say.”

  4. Kermie is such a hippie. That’s why I love him.:)

    I like this song, but I hear what you’re saying about the phrasing. Didn’t Clay Walker do a version of this?

  5. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar

    I heart Kermit.

    I like the song, but not her performance. To piggyback off of the continuous Carrie Underwood discussion on the other post…anyone else hear her hitting this song on the head?

  6. KatieRNo Gravatar

    lol, i can hear the similarities. That’s so funny. Now, I’m going to try to not bring every comment back to the Chicks, but I have to here. They did a great version of “Rainbow Connection”

  7. Katie,
    That just made my night! Awesome.

  8. Tara– Carrie would most likely knock it out of the park. :)

  9. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    That’d be nice, though I don’t think Carrie would do a song in which she admitted to having slept with other people prior to her current love.

  10. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar


  11. But would she sing “Rainbow Connection”?

  12. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Hellz yeah she would! Let’s lobby for it!

  13. Yes, Clay Walker did do a version of this song. It was a track on his 2007 album “Fall.”

  14. Want a quick laugh, immediately following by some profound discomfort? Imagine it as the love theme to an animated feature along the lines of Disney’s 90’s output or Anastasia.

    In fact, I think it was a shallow vocal similarity to Deana Carter’s performance of “Once Upon a December” in the latter film that brought the parallel to mind, but the hardly-country-at-all adult contemporary musical production cinched it for me.

    Fortunately, Disney themes are my bread and butter; the original Broadway cast recording of the opening theme “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite song of all time.

    Instant purchase.

  15. Confessor,
    I’m not gonna lie…I’m so confused right now.:)

  16. Michael A.No Gravatar

    Thanks for the link, Katie. It looks like it’s from a various artist album called Mary Had a Little Amp.

    I must get that song into my iTunes library! But ack! It is not available on iTunes.

  17. I know, I looked for it digitally too. I want it.

  18. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar

    I’m confused, too, but true story: I still have songs from Anastasia on my iPod.

  19. BobNo Gravatar

    I bought the Clay Walker version about 3 years ago on i-Tunes so I’ll pass on Gretchen’s.

  20. TomNo Gravatar

    …lovely, talent in abundance, yet shown far too seldom.

    carry having sex? no way!?!

  21. Erik NorthNo Gravatar

    I think the C+ grade for this song is the right one. But I give Gretchen points for doing something other than a retread of “Redneck Woman” or “I Got Your Country Right Here.” And I would hope that this is a move away from the Muzik Mafia, which really has hurt her credibility with me.

  22. I kind of have a hard time imagining a Disney film including a song that references lovemaking.

  23. After listening to the song I get the similarities between this and “The Rainbow Connection.”

    It might be me, but this song is boring. I do give Gretchen credit for trying something new, but I prefer her ballads to be “When I Think About Cheatin,'” “I Don’t Feel Like Loving You Today,” and even “Come To Bed.”

    Odd is a very good word to describe this. I don’t understand why she chose to sing the song like she did – she’s does have an excellent voice and it isn’t on display here. What’s left is a shell of her former talent. I feel like she’s mailing it in and not even trying anymore.

    Maybe what everyone’s saying really is true – that the Grammys are out of touch. To give her a nomination for this song is in poor taste. She doesn’t even come close to matching her fellow nominees LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, or Miranda Lambert. Their vocals were all superior to hers by a long shot.

    But I do give her credit for creating something that isn’t another tired redneck anthem. She’s just done it better on every other occasion before.

  24. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    “Maybe what everyone’s saying really is true – that the Grammys are out of touch. To give her a nomination for this song is in poor taste. She doesn’t even come close to matching her fellow nominees LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, or Miranda Lambert. Their vocals were all superior to hers by a long shot.”

    I think there’s basis for the opinion that the Grammys are out of touch, though I’d sooner point to Jewel’s nom for “Satisfied” – a totally blah non-hit single – as evidence. The lame reality is that a lot – not all, but a lot of – the country nominations in recent years seem based solely on name recognition. Since Wilson’s song got into the Song category, too, I guess the voters actually just liked this record. But it’s annoying thinking that some alt-country gals were probably shut out of serious consideration for no good reason.

  25. Tara,
    I’d be a total hypocrite if I started judging Disney tunes on the iPod. I’ve got various songs from Aladdin and a couple songs from Country Sings Disney on mine.

  26. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    I won’t even get started again on all the “embarrassing” kids’ songs in my collection. (But I’ll plug one: check out Randy Travis doing “The Simple Things” on Hey Arnold!, if you haven’t – so cute).

  27. I also love Country Goes Raffi.

  28. Kevin John CoyneNo Gravatar

    Honestly, the last two years of Grammy nominees haven’t had enough on the first round ballot for me to pick five great performances, especially in the female category.