Say What? Classic – Carlene Carter


February 15, 2011

From an interview with New Country in 1995:

It bugs me when I do something that I really think is great and they don’t acknowledge it at all. It’s kind of weird for me, but I don’t slit my wrists. What would kill me is if I did something that I didn’t believe in at all, that I hated, just because they said you’ll have a hit, and then it wasn’t a hit.  That, to me, would be death.


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  1. ZackNo Gravatar says:

    words of wisdom for Reba McEntire.

  2. Erik NorthNo Gravatar says:

    Carlene really took the right attitude here, in my opinion. If you fail at doing something that you think highly enough of, it isn’t half as bad as being railroaded into doing something for the sake of a hit, and it doesn’t become a hit. I only wish more artists today would follow that mantra.

  3. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar says:

    That’s called integrity.

  4. GatorNo Gravatar says:

    LOVE IT!! That is the most amazing thing I’ve ever read!!!

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