Single Review: Billy Currington, “Love Done Gone”


May 17, 2011

Rarely has a breakup song sounded quite as cheery as Billy Currington’s new single, “Love Done Gone.”

Rather than lamenting a relationship that has fizzled out for no apparent reason beyond things simply changing, all typical dramatics are discarded for acceptance and even celebration.

He compares their dissolved love to the vivid imagery of “snow flakes when the weather warms up”, “Leaves on the trees when autumn comes”, “dogwood blossoms in a late spring rain”, “disappearing bubbles in a glass of champagne”, and a “red kite lost in a blue sky wind.”

The most engaging aspect of the song, however, is the jubilant background vocals that simultaneously imitate the loose Dixieland-like horns. It could all be considered gimmicky, and perhaps it is, but it’s so delightfully executed that one can’t help but be entertained rather than bemused. This coupled with Currington’s signature smiling vocals makes for a fresh take on a sure fire summer hit.

Now, we can only hope that the other party involved in this relationship feels as nonchalant about its dissolution as Currington does.

Written by Shawn Camp & Marv Green

Grade: A-

Listen: Love Done Gone

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  1. TomNo Gravatar says:

    …if summer is living up to this summer song – bring it on!

  2. Hoggy from OzNo Gravatar says:

    This is the only song I purchased from the album. It’s definitely a highlight and it sounds so delightful. Great review :)

  3. Ben FosterNo Gravatar says:

    I love this one. It almost dares you to hate it, but the execution makes it very charming in its own way. It’s probably my favorite Currington single release in a long time.

  4. I’m never very keen on horns in country music.

  5. Leeann WardNo Gravatar says:

    I love them in country music (“Ring of Fire”). I don’t like them as much in other genres though.

  6. bobNo Gravatar says:

    Good review and song. It made be think of that sassy breakup song by the Chicks, “Let ‘Er Rip”.

  7. becky wootonNo Gravatar says:

    I love Billy Currington, he is gorgeous

  8. becky wootonNo Gravatar says:

    Billy Currington is one of my “FAVES”

  9. Walt RichNo Gravatar says:

    I really love this song, a definite highlight from Billy’s latest album. Great review, btw!

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