Retro Single Review: Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton, “We’ll Get Ahead Someday”


July 16, 2011

1968 | Peak : #5

Porter & Dolly scored a double-sided hit single in 1968, with both sides establishing a subgenre within their catalog.

The A-side, “We’ll Get Ahead Someday”, became their first top five hit. It’s the first single of theirs that casts them as the playfully quarreling husband and wife.

It’s not quite as charming as “Two Sides to Every Story”, which appeared on their debut album, because the humor’s a bit too subtle.   Perhaps it’s too grounded in reality, as the duo of faults presented – she’s spending too much at the store and he’s spending too much at the bar – are delivered a little too straight for the lyric’s own good.

Their live performances of the song  capture the playfulness of the song more effectively.

Written by Mack Magaha

Grade: B

Listen: We’ll Get Ahead Someday



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