Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “She Never Lets it Go to Her Heart”

1996 | Peak: #1

There’s an old saying about cowboys who get the look down right but don’t have any actual cowboy abilities:

All Hat, No Cattle.

“She Never Lets it Go to Her Heart” is No Song, All Title.

Written by Tom Shapiro and Chris Waters

Grade: C-

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7 Responses to Retro Single Review: Tim McGraw, “She Never Lets it Go to Her Heart”

  1. bobNo Gravatar

    You’re right. This song is “all hat, no cattle”. So let’s listen to Gene Watson sing “All Hat, No Cattle”, written by Lee Bach, Billy Troy & Leroy Anderson. (The Trace Adkins song of the same title is not the same or IMHO as good.)

  2. lisaNo Gravatar

    i love this song. i i give it A

  3. I always liked this song, but could never quite pinpoint why (which is why I declined to review it myself). Maybe it’s in the melody or the way Tim sings it.

  4. I’ve always liked this song, too. This and “Maybe We Should Sleep On It” are two of my favorite Tim McGraw singles. I love the melody here. I remember hearing it for the first time in a great while when Tim (really Curb) put out the first Greatest Hits package in 2000 and it put a smile on my face.

    I was kind of surprised at the negative review since I can’t find anything not to like about “She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart.” I guess I have a nack for liking some fluff.

    Even though this makes no difference when reviewing a song, (every song is taken at face value for what it is in a review) but this is a lot better than some of his recent singles. I wish Tim would return to music on this vein. I’ll always say this was back when he was good.

  5. treedyNo Gravatar

    I like it too! maybe it just nostalgia but I Would give it a B+!

  6. SweetcheeksNo Gravatar

    I think this song is pretty good but timmy’s recent songs, like “Felt Good On My Lips” are better. “She Never” isn’t bad but listening to it now it seems soo dated, production-wise.

  7. I agree that it does sound a bit dated, but not really to the point of irritating me.

    Don’t get me started on “Felt Good On My Lips” though…