Twelve Songs of Christmas: Day 10

Song #10: Christmas Time’s A-Coming

Sam’s Pick: Peter Rowan

Admittedly, this is a much more recent song that some of the other songs we’ve covered. But this song, written by Tex Logan, has become a standard in the bluegrass and country world. I heard this version from Peter Rowan on a Sugar Hill Christmas sampler album many years ago, and it’s still my favorite. It’s a very relaxed, low-key version, but it still captures the joy of coming home for the holidays.


Leeann’s Pick: Sammy Kershaw

There are a few fun recordings of this song, but my favorite is Sammy Kershaw’s Cajun flavored version. As the song is meant to be, it’s fun and bright and still holds up today despite not having a traditional production.


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4 Responses to Twelve Songs of Christmas: Day 10

  1. I agree with Leeann on this one. Sammy’s version of this song is by far my favorite.

  2. Erik NorthNo Gravatar

    Emmylou Harris’ is the one I’m most familiar with of all the versions of this song.

  3. Nick SNo Gravatar

    I too agree Sammy Kershaw puts out a great version on his collection of christmas songs

  4. Sammy Kershaw’s Cajun I think his version is best. whatever is your vision I love his Christmas collection. Kalka to Shimla