Single Review: Gloriana, “(Kissed You) Good Night”

Proof positive that what T. Swift pulls off only looks easy.

Because in theory, this should work better. Very relatable – if vanilla – premise, and melody with some real hooks. And these vocalists could probably out-sing Swift technically, right?

But the humanity, the vulnerability, the joyful spark that could have driven this micro-romance home – they’re simply absent, in lyrics and performance. It’s fine, but it’s flat. It’s here, but then it’s gone, and it’s whatever.

Own the Night, thy legacy cometh quickly. (But not swift…ly. K anyway:)

Written by Michael Paul Cox

Grade: C


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8 Responses to Single Review: Gloriana, “(Kissed You) Good Night”

  1. TomNo Gravatar

    …fair enough, it’s ear-candy, it’s not memorable, it’s not more than a moment repeated two dozen times, but it sounds quite agreeable coming out of the radio.

    clearly, not a good song, but a good sounding tune. the “d”-verdict is way too harsh.

  2. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    I actually agree, Tom. I was feelin’ crabby last night. In the morning light, sounds like a C.

  3. You mean Gloriana is still around? Rats!

  4. You mean Gloriana is still around? Rats!

    Yes, they’re still around. But they’re down one cute blonde, so… it probably won’t be for much longer.

    When I first listened to this song, I just thought it was like air. I don’t even know if I could have written a 100+ word description of it.

  5. Dan MillikenNo Gravatar

    Now I’m imagining Gloriana is a superhero team and Razor is their archvillain.

  6. JoshNo Gravatar

    For someone who generally hates this kind of stuff (especially Gloriana)… I have to admit, I like this song.

    I don’t know why I vomit every time I hear Steel Magnolia or Thompson Square yet turn this up when it comes on (which I’m not proud of…), but I do. It’s not even all that clever – the “good night” pun is a forced hook if I’ve ever heard one – it’s just so damn catchy.

    Probably has more to do with quality the surrounding filler than anything. Did AJ’s people stop promoting “So You Don’t Have To Love Me”? That was having a nice climb last time I checked.

  7. Now I’m imagining Gloriana is a superhero team and Razor is their archvillain

    Actually, it is the other way around. ;)

  8. Adam JamesNo Gravatar

    I hate this band. Everything about them screams “We were put together by a committee, there is nothing organic about us. We’re just three pretty people with nothing to say but what they tell us to say.” Cheyenne Kimball is talented, so only time will tell what she ends up doing, but these guys are so sugary… I wind up with temporary diabetes every time i hear them, and I have to put on a Tom Waits record to scrub it away.