Single Review: Edens Edge, "Too Good to Be True"


April 11, 2012

Emerging with the slow-blooming Top 20 debut single “Amen” last year, Arkansas trio Edens Edge introduced themselves to the country audience as one of the genre's brightest and most refreshing new talents.  Their follow-up release “Too Good to Be True” lacks the distinct lyrical freshness that made “Amen” a winner, but continues to showcase the group's unique, left-of-center musical style.

The character in this song is one we've seen before – You know, that one “Cowboy Casanova” whom every “Good Girl” would do well to steer clear of.  Similarly, the song's hook of “Too Good to Be True” is not particularly interesting.  However, it's a testament to this group's talent that they are able to elevate a somewhat average song through their fiery performance.  Dean Berner's dobro and Cherrill Green's banjo are each given a generous spotlight through which to imbue a rootsy, swampy flavor into the song, while Hannah Blaylock's lead vocal delivery is firm and commanding.  The song's sprightly, punchy rhythm makes for a fun, infectious listening experience.

A little added lyrical cleverness could have made the difference between a fun, upbeat radio hit, and a truly great record.  Still, “Too Good to Be True” displays a level of musicianship and performance value which reminds us that these are some talented kids who have great potential when paired with worthy song material.  “Amen” might not have been a runaway hit, but a #18 peak is still enough to get a foot in the door at country radio, and “Too Good to Be True” could be just accessible enough to build on that momentum.  Here's hoping radio holds onto Edens Edge, as they could make the scene a heck of a lot more interesting.

Grade:  B

Listen:  Too Good to Be True

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  1. Hard TimesNo Gravatar says:

    Ben — What’s a “left-of-center musical style?”

  2. Ben FosterNo Gravatar says:

    I meant it as in “outside the ordinary,” which I think describes Edens Edge fairly well. I’ve probably said the same thing about other acts like The Band Perry.

  3. Erik the PinkNo Gravatar says:

    Eden’s Edge is serving up distinct lyrical freshlessness

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