Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, "I'll Try"

1995 | Peak: #1

As promises of never-ending love go, this isn’t terribly optimistic.

It’s like Alan Jackson didn’t get the songwriters manual that mandates flowery and unrealistic promises to walk a thousand miles and rope the moon and such.

So he wrote a plaintive

promise instead.  He’ll try.  That’s it.

And somehow, that’s more romantic than the most figurative metaphor could ever be.

Written by Alan Jackson

Grade: A

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4 Responses to Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, "I'll Try"

  1. I agree completely. I’ve always thought the more realistic approach to a love song was terrific. I also don’t understand why more writers didn’t try and duplicate this.

  2. I agree. This is one of my favorite love songs just for the sheer reality of it.

  3. Jordan StaceyNo Gravatar

    One of my favorite singles from any artist, this is easily one of the best from Alan.