Signed Copy of Randy Houser’s How Country Feels Up for Grabs

randy houser how country feels album

Contest closed.  Congratulations to winner Seth Isley, whose favorite Randy Houser song is “Anything Goes.”

Randy Houser’s third album How Country Feels, featuring the hit title track, drops today.  Country Universe is pleased to offer one autographed copy of this release to give away to one of our readers, courtesy of Girilla Marketing.

To enter, leave a comment below sharing your favorite song Houser has recorded.  A winner will be chosen via random number generator and informed via email, which means all eligible comments must include a valid email address.  Comments must be submitted by Saturday January 26, 11:59 p.m. EST.

So without further ado, go ahead and comment away.

Preview and Download on iTunes:
Twitter:  @randyhouser
Hashtag: #HowCountryFeels
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30 Responses to Signed Copy of Randy Houser’s How Country Feels Up for Grabs

  1. KeithNo Gravatar

    My favorite Randy Houser song is “Anything Goes.”

  2. Mine fave is probably “How Country Feels”.

  3. JakeNo Gravatar

    Definitely “Anything Goes”.

  4. AndrewNo Gravatar

    Gotta be “Anything Goes”.

  5. DevinNo Gravatar

    I’d say either “A Man Like Me” or “In God’s Time”. Haven’t heard this CD yet, but hoping for good things!

  6. Easily “In God’s Time.”

  7. Seth IsleyNo Gravatar

    “Anything Goes” or “In God’s Time” would be my two choices. I guess I will go with “Anything Goes”. Houser sounds kind of like Ronnie Dunn in that song.

  8. Nick SNo Gravatar

    Definitely enjoy “How County Feels” as well as “Anything Goes”

  9. Jordan StaceyNo Gravatar

    “A Man Like Me” and “Anything Goes” are really great songs.

  10. DebbieNo Gravatar

    It’s a toss up between Anything Goes, Will I Always Be This Way or Addicted and that’s not even an easy decision.

  11. RussNo Gravatar

    He did a solid cover of Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”

  12. DanNo Gravatar

    Mine is definitely “How Country Feels.”

  13. Paul W DennisNo Gravatar

    Definitely “How Country Feels”

  14. Matt M.No Gravatar

    “Anything Goes is definitely my favorite, but since everyone else is saying that, I’ll add that I also enjoy “Lie”.

  15. AngelaNo Gravatar

    Anything Goes is my favorite!

  16. RobNo Gravatar

    “Something Real” and “In God’s Time.”

  17. Michael A.No Gravatar

    I’ll have to go with “Anything Goes”. I do actually enjoy “How Country Feels” though.

  18. Kyle WardNo Gravatar

    Going to be tough for him to top “Anything Goes”

  19. ConnieNo Gravatar

    I love ‘How Country Feels’. Everytime it comes up on the radio, it just keeps my toes grooving amd it just speaks volumes to me for someone coming from the country.

  20. BrennanNo Gravatar

    “Anything Goes” without a doubt

  21. kyleNo Gravatar

    My favorite would have to be “Whistlin’ Dixie”

  22. alexNo Gravatar

    My favorite song by Randy Houser is “Boots On”. Video is awesome too.

  23. DustinNo Gravatar

    My Favorite Randy Houser song is a toss up between “Something Real”, “How Many Times”, “I’ll Sleep”, “Will I Always Be This Way” or “Lead Me Home” All are amazing songs, He sings with such emotion and conviction that you get hooked on all he does.

  24. JJNo Gravatar

    I love Randy and all, but when are you guys gonna review Gary Allan’s new cd? Been waiting on you guys for ages….

  25. AnnieNo Gravatar

    I’m going into this contest with my Boots On!

  26. JJ, I have to say, I love your comment. Unfortunately you forgot to leave your favorite Randy Houser title.

    BUT you seemed SO SINCERE in your desire to hear a review of Gary Allan’s “Set You Free” CD and I have one that’s bringing in readers and response over at Country Music Pride (dot com). We’ll have more from and about Gary over there so come on over and get acquainted.

    And I also reviewed Randy Houser’s “How Country Feels” CD and speaking from this CD only, “The Singer” left me covered in chills – and so did one of the songwriters after reading my review and contacting me !!!

    “How Country Feels” is truly, truly awesome ! Congratulations to Randy Houser.

  27. JJNo Gravatar

    Thanks Christine, much obliged!

  28. JJNo Gravatar

    Also, “anything goes” was heartbreaking perfection.

  29. In response to your original question, JJ, I’ll try to do a review of Set You Free if my schedule permits it.

    Also here’s the Country California review, if you haven’t seen it already:

  30. JJNo Gravatar

    No rush, Ben. I just love the site, and wanted to see your take on it.