Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Lookin’ for that Girl”

Tim McGraw Lookin' for That GirlIt’s hard for me to not like a song that uses “Funky Cold Medina” and “Strawberry Wine” as adjectives.

But mission accomplished, thanks to a plodding mid-tempo groove that never gets out of first gear, and a grating vocoder effect that should’ve been left behind with “Felt Good on My Lips.”

Come on, Tim McGraw.  You’re Tim McGraw.  You took Bruce Robison and Rodney Crowell songs to number one.   Can’t you find some other should’ve been hits from days gone by, instead of recording weak sauce like this?

Tim McGraw used to be the gold standard.  I’m looking for that guy, that guy, that guy.

Written by Mark Irwin, Jimmy Slater, and Chris Tompkins

Grade: D

Listen:  Lookin’ for that Girl 

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12 Responses to Single Review: Tim McGraw, “Lookin’ for that Girl”

  1. Noah EatonNo Gravatar

    You were way too generous to this release, Kevin, even giving it a grade of D! ;)

    This is easily a sprinting contender for “Worst Single of the Year” alongside the latest from Florida-Georgia Line (“This Is How We Roll”)…….despite only being January. From atrocious lyrics that ring like lame attempts to mash “She’s Country” with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ad-libbing (“She keeps my dreams in her blue jeans…”, “she’s a sugar-sweet drive-by”, “body like a honey-comb”, etc.) to astounding and confounding amounts of Auto-Tune to weak sauce hip-hop production with nary a trace of any instrumentation remotely “country”…………this is a failure in every sense of the word (and I’m pretty sure listeners will agree when they inevitably turn this down as they did “Truck Yeah”).

    And don’t get me started on the bizarre lyric: “South Georgia Mississippi chick.” WHERE the frick IS this girl from, Irwin, Slater and Tompkins? You can’t have it both ways! -__- -__- -__-

    A flaming F from me.

  2. Michael A.No Gravatar

    Loving all the reviews from the last couple weeks. Thanks guys!

  3. bobNo Gravatar

    Disappointing. D seems right.

  4. Agreed with Michael, love all the reviews.

    This is easily an ‘F’ from me. Right up there with “Truck Yeah” quality wise.

    Seriously, everything about it is cringe worth.

  5. Motown MikeNo Gravatar

    It really took three people to sitdown together and right this garbage? Yeeeeeeeeessssh!!!

  6. Erik NorthNo Gravatar

    You have the feeling this is going to be a lousy year for the country music genre when grades below C are being given to singles with such frequency just 21 days in.

  7. Would have been a flat F from me. This song hurts my head.

  8. Noah EatonNo Gravatar

    All I know is, I’m banking on Weird Al Yankovic’s vastly-more enjoyable parody of this in the wing:

    “Lookin’ For Fat Girls”


  9. Paul W DennisNo Gravatar

    Just dreadful
    While I was never a big Tim McGraw fan, he did make many records I liked. I wonder whatever happened to THAT Tim McGraw

  10. Tara SeetharamNo Gravatar

    This is appalling.

  11. TomNo Gravatar

    …i blame it to wearing a plastic hat all these years.

  12. GloriaNo Gravatar

    Lol!! I’ve always thought his hat looked plastic! Glad it wasn’t just me! I just don’t know what to say about this song!