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Favorite Five Game

You know that part of the concert where the artist tries to get some audience participation going?

We’re gonna give that a try here.

My original idea was to start a “Favorite Five” feature, where every week we’d ask a different question.  Something like Favorite Five Songs by Artist X, Favorite Five Opening Album Tracks, Favorite Songs About Rain, etc.

Instead, I’m thinking we might be able to set a comment thread record if we turn it into a game.

Here’s how it works.  Each commenter posts their Favorite Five in response to the commenter before them, then creates a new Favorite Five for the next person to answer.  Try not to repeat categories too soon!

Let’s get this started with…

Favorite Five Dwight

Yoakam Albums

1. Gone

2. Under the Covers

3. This Time

4. Blame the Vain

5. If There was a Way

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