A Conversation With Pam Tillis

June 13, 2007 // 13 Comments

As regular readers know, Pam Tillis released the best album of her career earlier this year: Rhinestoned. I had the wonderful pleasure of talking to her about this project that is so close to her heart, and I think I’m more proud of this interview than anything I’ve done on this site to date. I don’t have the discipline of a professional journalist quite yet, so this doesn’t have the normal structure of an interview. I don’t want to alter it in any way, so I’ll just call it a conversation instead. Hopefully all of you will get a sense of the sincerity and depth of her talent while reading it. Look for more interviews in the future with other great artists! A Conversation With Pam Tillis (Photo Credit: Dean Dixon) I’m very excited to talk to you today about Rhinestoned. Thank you so much. What a fantastic album! Well, Read More

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