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Music Memories: Christmas Morning

My earliest Christmas memory is 1985.  I was six years old, still believed in Santa Claus, and like my older sister, I was on the receiving end of plenty of gifts that I never would’ve thought to ask for.

This particular Christmas, I had asked for a cassette of Soul Kiss, of all things. I had seen a video on HBO of a song from the album, and somehow my parents were able to figure out how to get that specific tape, which I hadn’t asked for by title. So it was in my stocking. No big deal.

Then my Dad did something strange. He insisted my sister and I go back to our rooms and get dressed for the day. We were annoyed, as Christmas means pajamas until church, but after getting gifts, you don’t want to seem ungrateful.

I heard my sister scream first, all the way from her room on the top of the stairs. Somewhere along the way, Dad had sneaked into her room and set up a television. I ran up and screamed along with her, probably thinking that now we could watch TV in there together. I doubt that’s what she was thinking.

So I go and get dressed, and come back out into the living room. Everybody’s staring at me with anticipation.  I’m flummoxed.  “Did you see what was in your room?”   I went back in. Somehow I’d missed a brand new stereo system that was right on the nightstand.  Two tape decks and a record player. What could be better?

Looking back at that Christmas, I realize how those two gifts shaped the interests of my sister and me.  She remains a steadfast television buff, and still watches it in her bedroom all of the time.  For me, two trademarks of my personality were firmly established: my love for listening to music, and my complete obliviousness to my surroundings.

What are your Christmas morning music memories?


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