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Aaron Tippin Starter Kit

aaron-tippinStarter Kits are Country Universe’s way of introducing country music fans to an artist that they might not be fully aware of. This Starter Kit features Aaron Tippin, who will soon enter his third decade as a country recording artist.

Tippin was a hit from the beginning, launching his career with a gold-selling debut album. Over the course of the nineties and early 2000s, he would reach that sales level multiple times, racking up several top ten hits along the way. He recently released In Overdrive, a solid collection of truck driving anthems.

The Starter Kit includes one track from this recent release, along with nine others from throughout Tippin’s career that are required listening. As always, let me know what was missed in the comments.

“You’ve Got to Stand For Something” from the 1991 album You’ve Got to Stand For Something

Tippin established his artistic identity immediately with his debut single. Pride in family, pride in country, and pride in your beliefs are themes that Tippin would revisit frequently over the years, making much of his best music in the process.

“There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With the Radio” from the 1992 album Read Between the Lines

Tippin scored a huge hit with this ode to his car radio, the only part of his vehicle that isn’t falling apart.

“I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way” from the 1992 album Read Between the Lines

One of his many hits to champion the underdog, the accompanying video clip has him playing a factory worker who rallies for better working conditions.

“My Blue Angel” from the 1992 album Read Between the Lines

Tippin’s only platinum album is also among his best, with his plaintive wail being used to stunning effect on this lonesome ballad.

“Working Man’s Ph. D.” from the 1993 album Call of the Wild

As the title suggests, it’s a working class anthem that explores the necessary requirements for high achievement in manual labor.

“Whole Lotta Love on the Line” from the 1993 album Call of the Wild

The musical hook of this song is so deliriously infectious that it’s easy to overlook that it also includes one of Tippin’s finest vocal performances.

“I Got it Honest” from the 1995 album Tool Box

Tippin’s finest expression of working class values.

“Kiss This” from the 2000 album People Like Us

Thanks to this snappy kiss off anthem, Tippin earned his first gold album in five years.

“He Believed” from the 2006 album Now & Then

Tippin pays tribute to his father once again. He celebrates his dad’s belief in God and country, but poignantly notes that he believed in his son more than anyone or anything else.

“Prisoner of the Highway” from the 2009 album In Overdrive

The centerpiece of his truck driving odyssey.


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Aaron Tippin, In Overdrive

Aaron Tippin
In Overdrive


Amongst the glut of faux traditionalists that populated the country airwaves during the nineties, there was one voice that cut right through the clutter, such was its raw verve and unabashed authenticity. Aaron Tippin sings with pure country conviction about the invisible Americans, giving voice to the working men and women who seem to have vanished from the collective national consciousness.

In truth, Tippin was their last great champion, scoring radio hits with such anthems as “I Got it Honest”, “I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way” and “Working Man’s Ph.D.” So it seems fitting that he has returned with a concept album that celebrates the American trucker, collecting most of the high-profile road songs in country music history, but also including some low-profile gems that give In Overdrive greater depth and resonance.

One of the reasons the album works so well is that Tippin sounds like he could conceivably be a truck driver. He restores the “little white pills” to “Six Days on the Road” that Sawyer Brown censored on their hit cover,  the distance between the narrator and the character is completely eliminated on his version of Alabama’s “Roll On”, and all the Urban Cowboy sheen is completely decimated when he tears into “Drivin’ My Life Away.”

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