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Single Review: Andy Gibson, "Summer Back"

Coming on the heels of Top 30 debut hit “Wanna Make You Love Me,” Andy Gibson’s new single “Summer Back” continues to build him a reputation as a cliché machine.

Gibson is hardly the first nonthreateningly handsome thirty-year-old frat boy on the radio to be pining over a youthful summer fling. (Incidentally, Jake Owen is currently riding the charts with what might as well be the same song) Like many of its predecessors, the song fails to over any substantial narrative detail to help it rise above the feel of a generic paint-by-number template, while the spit-shine polish of the production likewise fails to lend any semblace of a distinct identity.  Why was this romance so uniquely unforgettable?  Why is this story even worth relating in the first place?

I just

don’t believe a single thing he says in this song.  Nothing about the story feels clever, urgent, revelatory, or sincere in any meaningful way.  All I hear is another carefully calculated bid for radio airplay, which is exactly what I’m beyond sick of hearing.

Grade:  C-

Listen:  Summer Back


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