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Single Review: Miranda Lambert, “Over You”

First, a disclaimer.

I like Miranda Lambert.  I really do like her.  She is a talented vocalist, and a smart, insightful songwriter.  She is among the most interesting and credible artists currently favored by country radio, and I await each of her new releases with a significantly higher level of interest than I do with many of her contemporaries.

And now the inevitable truth:  “Over You” is a really boring song.

I’m aware of the back story behind it.  Yes, it was inspired by the death of husband Blake Shelton’s brother.  That alone doesn’t automatically make it a great song.  “Over You” is clogged up with superficial, cliché phrasing and awkward, juvenile rhyme schemes (“February/scary, December/remember”) set to a clunky, uninspired melody.

There’s only one bit in the song that carries much poignancy: it’s when Lambert sings about the deceased one’s favorite records, musing “I know you didn’t mean to give them to me.”  Beyond that, the song offers precious little insight into the scenario, with the bland chorus vaguely declaring “But you went away.  How dare you?  I miss you.  They say I’ll be okay, but I’ll never get over you.”

This is Lady Antebellum-boring.  Miranda Lambert is so, so much better than this.  The fact that she wrote the song herself along with Shelton only adds to the disappointment.  Miranda’s songs are supposed to pop.  They’re supposed to stick with you – to have you attacking the replay button and scanning the lyric sheet to get the full meaning of the lyric.  This song is so forgettable that you can listen to it twice without it leaving any substantial dent in your memory.  I have to be honest here.  If Blake Shelton were the one singing, I would have panned this to the wall – I can’t give Miranda a free pass just because she’s Miranda.

There’s no point in dancing around it.  This is just a poorly written song.

Written by Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Grade:  D+

Listen:  Over You


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