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Single Review: Canaan Smith, “Love You Like That”

Canaan smith Love You Like That

“Love You Like That”
Canaan Smith

Written by Brett Beavers, Jim Beavers, and Canaan Smith

Do you want to write a love song or do you want to write a lust song?

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Single Review: Jon Pardi, “Up all Night”

Jon Pardi Up all NightStop me if you’ve heard this one.

It’s been a long week, girl.  It’s time to let loose.  Let’s get together everything we need, and take a dirt road out into the country.  Don’t forget your flip-flops, and don’t worry, we’re going to be all alone.   Hope there’s a great song on the radio.  Maybe a nice sunset, too.

Pardi has the most nasal twang I’ve heard in a good long while.   I look forward to hearing him sing about something else.

Written by Brett Beavers, Bart Butler, and Jon Pardi

Grade: C



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Single Review: Sunny Sweeney, “From A Table Away”

Due to lack of mainstream attention, not enough people know about Sunny Sweeney’s debut album, Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame, which was nothing short of a pure honky tonk delight. Her crisp nasal voice sounds as if it’s only meant to sing country music, which is probably, somehow, underselling her range of talent, but good for the prospect of permanence in the genre nonetheless.

For better or for worse, the first single from her sophomore album, this time produced by Brett Beavers (Dierks Bentley), has a slicker sound than that of her first album. As one can expect from a big name producer, the record is tighter both in instrumentation and vocal performance. Of course, these factors are hardly criticisms, but merely something to become accustomed to as someone who thoroughly enjoyed the looser nature of her more relaxed independent project.

“From A Table Away” is a perfect and interesting concept for a country song. It is from the perspective of “the other woman” who is forced to acknowledge that her lover is still in love with his wife. Gone is the naive fantasy that he will leave his wife as he had been leading her to believe he would. Instead, the scene that she witnesses, from a table away, portrays a loving relationship that she is unable to deny.

As an obvious attempt to aim for mainstream approval, this song is well positioned to reach that goal. It is traditional in sound while still being progressive enough to not completely stick out like a sore thumb on mainstream radio’s playlist. Moreover, Sweeney’s raw performance turns a decent song into something quite good.

Even with some of the compromises, it would be nice to hear a talent like the traditional leaning Sweeney on the radio. What’s more, with a song like this, we likely will.

Written by Bob DiPiero, Karyn Rochelle & Sunny Sweeney

Grade: B+

Listen: From a Table Away


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