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Discussion: Stepping Out…To The Cinema

slumdogThis week, given the wide variety of views and superb taste of our readership – and yesterday’s Oscar nominations – I thought it would be fun to step away from country music for a minute and re-visit the year at the cinemas.

Like most movie buffs towards the end of December and during the beginning of the new year, I’ve been scrambling to see all the so-called great movies of the past year.  I’m sorely lagging behind.  The ridiculous number of critics’ lists have been mostly crowded with the same movies, including Milk, Doubt, Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road, The Wrestler, Gran Torino and Rachel Getting Married.  Sadly, I haven’t seen any of them.  (I initially chalked up my failure to see all of them to lack of time, but now that I’m looking at that list, I’m starting to think that maybe I was just waiting for the right time … to be incredibly depressed.)

Throughout the year, I did manage to see Oscar nominees The Dark Knight, Wall-E and Vicky Christina Barcelona, among others.  All of them were highly entertaining and had wonderful aspects but I wouldn’t go so far as to nominate them for a Best Picture Oscar.  I also tried to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button after Christmas, but it was sold out and I haven’t made it back. (Am I allowed to wish another actor had the lead role? I’m sick of Brad Pitt.)

The only movie I did see this year that I can’t recommend enough, up for multiple Oscars including Best Picture, is Slumdog Millionaire.  Best movie ever? No. But it reminded me of why I love the movies. It had that indefinable, irreplaceable *magic*. I can’t wait to see it again.

So, what was your favorite movie of the year?

To keep a toe in music…here is a link to some of the great music that supported and enhanced the movies in 2008: Amazon (I’m loving “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire, Springsteen’s “The Wrestler,” and Jamie Cullum’s “Gran Torino”)


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