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Caitlin & Will, “Address in the Stars”

caitlin-and-willIt was initially reported that Caitlin & Will, the victors of CMT’s Can You Duet show, were going to release “Even Now” from their yet to be released debut album. However, “Address in the Stars” has been chosen as their official lead single instead.

“Address in the Stars”, propelled by Caitlin’s lead vocals, is a heartbreaking first person account of a woman struggling to negotiate the feelings that accompany the death of a loved one. She can hardly breathe when she sees the person’s picture, she rails at the sky because of the overwhelming pain she’s feeling and realizes that while her friends tell her that all she needs is time, she knows “it ain’t nothin’ but a lie.” So, all she can do is write letters that cannot be sent, since “there’s no address in the stars.”

While this all sounds over the top with drama, Caitlin’s vocals identify the pain that one might imagine or understand to be associated with such a significant loss. There is feeling, there is sincerity and there is clarity in her voice that aptly captures everything that should exist in a song of this nature. While Caitlin does showboat in places, there is also a sensitivity that makes the potentially overwrought lyrics believable.

Where this song fails, however, is in the irritatingly bombastic production that begs not to be ignored. The combination of piano, wailing electric guitars and obnoxious strings turns this song that could have been cathartic into a melodramatic, Disney soundtrack spectacle. Sadly, in the end, this decent song has been all but ruined by a producer who refused to step back. While the producer was likely trying to breathe life into it, he over produced it so much that he snuffed the life right out of it instead.

Grade: C

Listen:  Address in the Stars


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