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Single Review: Easton Corbin, “Lovin’ You Is Fun”

Is it lightweight radio fluff?  Yes.

Is it good at being lightweight radio fluff?  Again, yes.

“Lovin’ You Is Fun,” our first preview of Easton Corbin’s second album, is a smooth, steel-heavy two-stepper, which Corbin effortlessly eases into with his signature laid-back vocal style that repeatedly draws comparisons to George Strait.  Not surprisingly, the lyrics don’t warrant much explanation, but the sonic packaging almost makes them seem inconsequential.  Corbin gives a rapid-fire delivery of the song’s wordy verses, while Carson Chamberlain’s ’90’s-esque production, ripe with the twangy sounds that spell “country,” makes “Lovin’ You Is Fun” an easily accessible, likable cut.

After emerging as one of 2009’s most refreshing new talents with back-to-back chart toppers “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll with It,” Corbin hasn’t had a hit single on the country charts since going Top 20 in 2010 with “I Can’t Love You Back.”  Like his previous hits, “Lovin’ You Is Fun” is poised to act as a pleasant mood-breaker on increasingly rocked-up radio playlists.  Of course, that’s not to say that I want to hear an entire album stacked with light romantic ditties.  Corbin would do well to balance out the lighweight fare with material of greater depth.

That said, “Lovin’ You” is indeed fun, and it’s more than enough to make me very happy that Easton Corbin is back.

Written by Jim Beavers and Bob DiPiero

Grade:  B+

Listen:  Lovin’ You Is Fun


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