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Discussion: Greatest Country Songs

hornbyBoys like me and Nick Hornby love lists. (I mean, Nick Hornby and I. Whatever.) Hornby, the author of A Long Way Down, How to Be Good and, most famously, High Fidelity, is known for his staunch organizational skills. The narrator in High Fidelity, Rob Fleming (John Cusack for all you moviegoers), is obsessed with creating lists on almost any occasion. He counts down his top five ex-girlfriends, his top five favorite films and his top five dream jobs—the only stable aspect of a life that’s filled with business troubles (the record store he owns sees little traffic) and romantic entanglements (he’s a commitment-phobe who struggles with his past).

CMT introduced its 100 Greatest Country Songs list in 2003, and it’s awfully fun to debate the inclusion (and the rankings) of many entries. Since I’m in the process of establishing my own list of best country albums, songs, men, women, ex-girlfriends, I’m asking for your help. Which country song is missed from CMT’s list? Which ranking is least justified? Which will it be: The Whopper or The Big Mac? Also, please stay tuned throughout 2009; the lists ain’t over here. Plus, Country Universe is a perfect space to express my adoration for the master of lists,¬†Casey Kasem. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars, folks. And debate, debate, debate!


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