Collin Raye

Collin Raye, “She’s with Me”

July 23, 2009 // 0 Comments

Collin Raye has always had a voice best suited for ballads. However, at times, he has been known to stretch his vocal boundaries with unique results that have ended up feeling like a signature vocal trademark that, ultimately, works for him. Likewise, he is most associated with his glut of sensitive love songs or overwrought message ballads with strong melodies if not saccharine lyrics.

“She’s with Me” is yet another Ballad, but it deviates from Collin Raye’s typical penchant for overdoing it. Instead, it is a slow, vocally restrained song with a message, but one that is worth exploring.

Collin Raye, “Mid-Life Chrysler”

February 12, 2009 // 4 Comments

With his new single, “Mid-Life Chrysler,” Collin Raye claims marriage and a motor vehicle as the ideal tonic for a middle-aged man. Raye’s new album, Never Going Back, is due in late spring, and its first track is a step back into the spotlight after a brief hiatus from the Arkansas-born singer. His emotive tenor earned him consecutive CMA nominations for Male Vocalist of the Year, but he’s taken a back seat to his younger counterparts this decade. That voice is an old friend, though, and a welcome relief from the deeper-than-the-holler baritones that dominate the singles chart. Raye is primarily known for his slow tempos, but he’s comfortable quickening the pace on this slice-of-life anthem. ZZ Top-like electric guitars kick “Mid-Life Chrysler” into high gear, and Raye digs deep into the groove. The story revolves around a farmer who doesn’t use fancy designer clothes or lurid love affairs to ease his self-doubt. Read More

Discussion: Legacy Recordings

December 27, 2008 // 2 Comments

Tonight, I turn over our discussion to one of our readers.    He suggested I write about this topic myself, but his suggestions were already far better than anything that I would have come up with.   Thankfully, he was willing to share them with all of you! Guest Post by Country Universe reader Jim Bagley: About a month ago, I discovered a website where folks can request reissues/retrospectives of artists who are part of the Sony/BMG Catalog.  When you sign up, you are also given 10 votes to show which suggested product you would like to see reissued.  Except for Johnny Cash, the suggested product has been decidedly uncountry and I think that the readership at Country Universe could change that for the better. Legacy does indeed review the board and some of the suggestions – a Lou Rawls retrospective for instance – have then been subsequently released. Here are Read More

CMA Flashback: Male Vocalist

November 1, 2008 // 6 Comments

For a look back at the other major categories, visit our CMA Awards page. 2010 Dierks Bentley Brad Paisley Blake Shelton George Strait Keith Urban Bentley and Shelton have never won, but they’re up against Strait, who has won five times, and Paisley and Urban, who’ve won three times each.  With the balance of commercial and critical success not significantly different across the category, this race could bring the night’s biggest surprise. But whatever happens, kudos to Paisley for earning his tenth nomination, and Strait for earning his twenty-fifth! 2009 Kenny Chesney Brad Paisley Darius Rucker George Strait Keith Urban Just like in the Entertainer category, 80% of this race for the past three years had been Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, George Strait, and Keith Urban. This year, Darius Rucker took the fifth slot that was occupied by Alan Jackson in 2008 and Josh Turner in 2007.  Brad Paisley went Read More

Collin Raye, “A Soldier’s Prayer”

May 17, 2007 // 24 Comments

Collin Raye, “A Soldier’s Prayer” Wow, talk about bad timing. Tim McGraw debuts “If You’re Reading This”, the most powerful soldier song I’ve ever heard, on the ACM’s and brings down the house. Then poor Collin Raye sends this pitifully earnest plea for soldiers to pray to God, promising He’s listening. They say nobody’s an atheist in a foxhole, so I can understand the temptation to proselytize the soldiers when they’re at their most fearful, but what a patronizing, clumsy attempt this is at doing so. In terms of my personal beliefs, Raye was preaching to the choir, and I still didn’t find it convincing. Grade: C Listen: A Soldier’s Prayer More on Collin Raye: 100 Greatest Contemporary Country Albums: #50-#41 400 Greatest Contemporary Country Singles: #50-#26 400 Greatest Contemporary Country Singles: #100-#76

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